May 30, 2012

Something Special

“What was that aesthetic factor which had drawn your attention to her in the initial state of your blooming love?” I asked.

Finding my question as a complicated one in terms of its construction, and linguistic style, I rephrased it, to make the question a simpler one and thrown it once again at the brooding brain of my friend who was scratching his head thinking deeply about it.

“Err...I mean, what quality or characteristic of that girl attracted you in the beginning?”

“Oh…! Yeah…,” he nodded as if he understood something, and continued, “Well, it was the way she arranged her hair”.

“The hairdo?”, I exclaimed. “And in what special way she arranged her hair in order to make it an appealing one to a complicated guy like you?” I asked him, who had earlier identified me as an average guy just like him after reading my story which detailed how I found the Fragrance of Love

“Yeah, I agree, her style is neither Monroeistic nor Taylorian, but the way in which she clipped her hair at back by taking a portion of the hair from each side was what I found as attractive”, he said deeply reflecting.

"Oh, that is romantic, I presume," I said.

"And there is one more thing," he continued, "that her eye brows are very thin really, and she used to wear an Indian bindi, in the exact middle of both her eyebrows."

Here is someone who falls for a girl's eyebrows and hairdo, I thought. Everybody will have a special interest like my friend has. Perhaps, you might like the way she walks, or the way she talks, or the way she puts her specs. I had a special liking for her smile; I am talking about the girl who appeared in My First Love and in the Fragrance of Love. I am not sure if we can call it fetish. Well, fetish will be a hard word to describe these kinds of special affinity that one feels seeing a girl for the first time. Fetish, as described by online dictionaries, is a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on some object or item of clothing or part of the body. Mine was not fetish, neither was my friend’s, I am very much sure.

You might be remembering my recollections about my Cross Eyed Classmate. Well, that girl was cross eyed. But what acted as the root cause for my attraction towards her was not her disability. She always had her own dignified way to deal with everything. Her charming nature with full of confidence, though subdued with silence, was what attracted me, that you know (My new readers are requested to read those posts also). 

I am seriously trying to think about the number of friends who revealed their intimate feelings with me. Someone was attracted to his love interest thinking her as the most innocent kind of the whole lot of girls, (initially I also had a similar kind of feeling towards the girl whom I liked, making me once again the average guy as described by my friend). On another occasion, I liked a girl thinking her as a sophisticated kind; well she was sophisticated, but was too sophisticated to make a match for me.

I actually do not know what specialty of a girl makes a man of my kind feel attracted to her. If you like a girl because of her smile, the next day you might like another girl because of her choice of dress, and after a few years your reason for attraction for a third girl might be her degree of maturity.

In Pictures:

Picture 1: An early photograph of Marilyn Monroe

Picture 2: A young Elizabeth Taylor
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