Mar 24, 2013

Unified in the Spirit of Black Dog Centenary | Love in March 24

The evening was beautiful, as Diane and I were just back after attending the Black Dog easy evening. The taste of the Black Dog centenary that we just consumed was invigorating and refreshing.

But Diane was weeping terribly. I consoled her, and I took her face in my hands. I assured her that I would be with her. When I patted on her shoulder affectionately, caressed her face and jaws, and kissed on her lips deeply, she was turned on, and I knew that she was asking for my love.

Though we were in an air conditioned room, we both were sweating while making love.  I loved her with my soul, heart and with my physique, and I did everything that I could do to make her understand the intensity of my love for her.
Singer Madonna Performing for Black Dog Evening

Her skin tone reminded me of the color of Black Dog centenary, amber with golden shade, but a lighter version. When I kissed on her lips, on her neck and naked stomach, and everywhere on her voluptuous and seductive body parts, she smelt very wild, like matured wood, with the mingling aroma of wild flowers symbolizing Black Dog Centenary. She tasted like honey, just like the taste of Black Dog, with the sweetness of butterscotch carefully put delicately on a sugary, delicious ice-cream.

The frail amber golden colored narrow hair on every inch of her body parts projected out from her hair follicles, and stood straight in total admiration of the zest and vigor I exhibited while loving her. The intensity of our love was so deep, so vigorous, that it made her sometimes moan out of pain, or out of extreme pleasure. 

She was so sweet, her body movements were very vigorous, she appeared like a rich malted blend of Black Dog Scotch, and sensed in my mouth like the pure blend of rich malted and oak and sherry sweetness. When I kissed her lips, and when our tongues fought for domination, the wetness in our mouth, spread everywhere in our minds, tickling our body parts, like blue ocean waves.

We finished it, both at the same time. The finish was balanced, long, intense and bright, just how the last drops of a Black Dog Centenary appears to a passionate lover.

In the end, we both rested on the bed, hugging each other, in a perfect mood of satisfaction, and unified in love for each other.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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