Mar 27, 2013

Winning Black Dog Reserve as a Gift | Love in March 27

We enjoyed Rob Schneider and the Black Dog Quintessence in the air conditioned interiors and the plush settings of the banquet hall of the five star hotel. Just like any other attendee who was attending the Black dog comedy evening with the stand-up comedy maestro Rob Schneider, we also found ourselves in a very cheerful atmosphere, filled with fun and joviality. 

Some men of repute saw me and introduced themselves at me, saying that they had read some of my stories that I wrote in the social media as well was in publication materials and appreciated me for the way I approached some delicate issues in the recent past. I was happy that I was being recognized, which made Diane also happy. She smiled at me, and sipping the Black Dog Quintessence with her delicate lips, she said,

“I knew that you were actually far beyond than how you appear to everyone”, and I found it as a compliment. I was happy that Diane could understand my true nature as a normal human being.

When we filled our glasses with the Black Dog Quintessence, for the second time, Rob Schneider was saying, by showing us all a handsome bottle of Black Dog Reserve,

“I want to gift this pretty Black Dog Scotch Bottle to the best clad couple among you all”; that was actually a part of his conclusion speech.

We all looked at each other, while Rob continued, “our Black Dog organizers were evaluating your appearance today, and they have unanimously chosen the couples…”

Pin drop silence.

“…the celebrated writer and his partner the beautiful Diane!!” Rob announced.

Everyone looked at us with admiration, and a cheerful clap followed the declaration.

Rob Schneider invited both of us to stage. He appreciated us for winning the award and gaining the admiration of the organizers and reputed audience of the function.

We spent some more time among the admirers, and when we returned to our room, we both were really happy about the new happenings.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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