Mar 28, 2013

In the Chocolaty Company of Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 28

[Continued from Love in March 27: Winning Black Dog Reserve as a Gift]

The next day, we were fully busy. We traveled around the surrounding areas, taking photographs while posing with the Black Dog reserve that we were gifted by Rob Schneider, and meeting other tourists and travelers from different parts of the world.

We also found a shelter in a tree house, located very close to the resort. It was netted by the Black Dog organizers so that people can come there and unwind and relax in the company of Black Dog Scotch whisky.

Diane and I climbed the steps to the tree house, and we found that it was not merely a tree house, but a very luxurious place for people who want to savour the heavenly mix of Black Dog and the world’s best brands in chocolate candies.

We decided to spend some time there on one of the seats. While I opted for Debauve & Gallais, she picked a bunch of Richard Donnelly. We opened the Black Dog Reserve that we got as the gift from Rob Schneider the last day.

We invited some of our new friends who were in the Chocolate house to share our joy and chocolates on our winning the title of the best clad couple. 

“For the health and long time togetherness of Diane and her handsome and talented partner”, saying this, the gentleman in blue dress, helped us to share the chocolates among the others. 

“How many days you both will be here?”, asked a lady in yellow stockings.

We exchanged glances, I said. “Our vacation end here tomorrow. We have booked our flight for tomorrow!”

“Oh yeah”, the lady smiled and sipped a peg of Black Dog Reserve.

The combination of chocolates and one of the finest Scotch Whisky in the world, Black Dog was terrific. The chocolate was melted in our mouth, while the soothing quality of the Black Dog, took over its control. 

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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