Mar 30, 2013

Long Live Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 30

[Continued from Love in March 29: Fine Dining with Black Dog Deluxe]
While packing my things on the next day morning, I wondered about the supreme quality of Black Dog Scotch Whisky, one of the finest scotch whiskies in the world. It was Black Dog Scotch, and a heated argument about the quality international brand, which connected me and Diane together. We became friends, and even more than that.

We started our friendship by talking about Black Dog Scotch Whisky, its varieties, qualities, taste and aroma, and gradually we got attracted together, became more than friends. Hats off to the international brand, for its ability to keep people glued to each other, especially in the backdrop of a very luxurious settings.

I heard a knock at the door, when I opened it, Diane smiled at me with her bag in her hand.

“Diane, what is the plan?” I asked.

“Same as your plan”, she said and continued, “I am going with you. I will follow you, wherever you are going.”

I was really happy. Living a life with Diane was like a dream-come-true.

The hotel had arranged a car to drop at the air port. While on the car, she said,

“I am leaving this beautiful place with lot of memories. The moments I spent with you in the evenings, sipping a Black Dog Scotch, can never be forgotten. I am going to associate your memories with the aroma and taste of Black Dog Scotch.”

“That’s wonderful Diane”, I said. “Even I have your memories when I sip a glassful of Black dog Scotch. The aroma of Black Dog Scotch is so invigorating and soothing, and I feel your presence when I see a bottle of it.”

She unzipped her bag, and pulled out a pack of four of the Black Dog variants. One bottle of Black Dog Quintessence, Black Dog Reserve, Black Dog Deluxe, and Black Dog Centenary each are neatly arranged in it.

“I am bringing it with us in order to keep our beautiful memories alive forever”, she said.

We saw the airport approaching a few yards away in front of us. 

(The End)

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