Mar 17, 2013

How Black Dog Scotch is Prepared? | Love in March 17

Before the story goes forward, let me add a note on how one of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky, the Black Dog Scotch is prepared. The primary ingredient is the supreme quality barley grains, the purest of the whole lot. The greater quality barley is treated with special care in the world’s best Black Dog distilleries, with utmost care and protection, under the guidance of the learned and scholarly master blenders. 

Black Dog Scotch is prepared in a very natural way, using the best of amenities available in the Black Dog distilleries.  The soaked and naturally treated barley is put in shallow metal cooking trays, for weeks. The process called, malting, occurs during this period. After two to three weeks, the barley will start sprouting, small green colored growth will start appearing. This is the germination process, and in this time, the barley undergoes several chemical processes, the starch in it will get converted into sugar. So, then starts the next phase of the celebrated preparation of Black Dog Scotch whisky.

The malted barley can be collected after draining the water from it. For the next step, it needs to be drained. 

Coming back to the story, after some long passion filled minutes, when I was freed from Diane’s clutches, I asked here with shivering voice, why are you testing me Diane? You are tied to some other one. Your these actions are giving me pain and ache in my heart,

She listened to my emotional voice. But with a playful mood, she asked, how long have we been kissing, ah?

I don’t remember, I said, but you didn't answer my question. You are trying to cheat on your husband?

She was silent. After some moments of calmness, she faced me. Her femininity, with all its charm and appeal, stood against my worried posture, treating me as a child. Her inviting look, the passion in her eyes, love for life lingered on her lips, her beautifully curved breasts, which were moving rapidly according to the rhythm of her breaths, all made me weaker and weaker.

I don’t cheat on my husband, breaking the silence, she spoke in calm manner! I don’t have a husband. I had one. But, now no one is there to claim that position.

She again pulled me towards her, holding my hair forcibly. Her sudden revelation came as a relief to me. She is a free woman. I can’t underestimate her.

This time our kiss lasted longer than the last time, lustfully.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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