Mar 18, 2013

Lesson on Black Dog Scotch Recipe | Love in March 18

At the end of some passion-filled moments, in which we both explored each other’s lips, there was a total calmness. Our lips separated, and I could see her lips were again desiring for and more such passionate kisses. 

Some hours after spending life in the calmness of the island, we found ourselves back on the yacht, all set for our return trip.

It was afternoon already. She said, “Let’s go fast, we can unwind and relax with Black Dog Easy evenings today at the hotel.” 

I agreed and replied, “And tomorrow also there is something connected with Black Dog. I think it is something funny. If so, tomorrow also we can unwind and relax with Black Dog Comedy evenings. By the way, Diane, you stopped in midway when we were talking about the recipe and preparation method of Black Dog Scotch. Why don’t you tell me it fully?”

“Yes”, lying on my lap, she looked at the sky and continued, “so we stopped at the beginning of drying the sprouted barley. Hot air from a kiln is actually employed to dry the seeds. This process actually stops the growth of germination at the beginning. And you know, the fuel used to dry the grain for making Scotch is peat, which is a smooth thing formed when plants and grasses are decomposed in water, and it is carbon rich.”

“Oh so it seems that you are an encyclopedia of Black Dog Scotch”, I commented.

She loved that comparison. Bust simply laughing at it, she continued her description, “Now, the barley is taken for grinding. The ground barley is soaked with hot boiling water, and the mixture produces a liquid which is sugar-rich, and is called, wort! ”

“Wort?”, I exclaimed.

“Yeah, and the mixture needs to be cooled down before proceeding to the next step of preparing Black Dog Scotch”, she said.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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