Mar 19, 2013

The Classic Smoky Taste of Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 19

While our yacht moved rapidly through water to reach the other shore, Diane was explaining me the recipe and preparation method of one of world’s finest Scotch whiskey, Black Dog. The journey with the most luxurious scotch in India, Black dog Scotch in mind was one which helped us to unwind and relax a lot.

The yacht reached the shore, and when we walked to the parking space where our Audi was parked, she continued her long story of Black Dog scotch, “While letting the sugar-rich mixture cool down, yeast is added to it. The yeast will change it into alcohol. This process is called fermentation.”

“Oh, I heard about it. But never thought Scotch was made through these sophisticated procedures”, I said.

She continued, “And now is distilling process. The alcohol is kept for several days till the fermentation process completed. And, now the most important part. The alcohol is put in wooden barrels, specifically barrels made of oak. ”

“Oak?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Yes! Oak”, she said, “and the barrel is sealed and kept undisturbed for a particular period of time. Can you guess the average period of time the alcohol is kept in oak barrel? ” She raised a question. 

“Two weeks, three weeks, may be some months,” I said hesitantly.

Laughing away my answer, she said, “it is years honey. Minimum three years it should be kept like that.”

I was wondering at the wisdom and knowledge she possessed. I wanted to test that one more time.

“Diane, but how there is a smoky taste in Black Dog Scotch? Do you have any idea?”

She said, “I said about peat no? The fuel used to dry out the soaked barley grain. This peat is what gives Scotch its classic smoky taste.”

We saw our Audi parked at front. 

“Let’s be fast”, she said, “or else we will be late for Black Dog Easy evening.”

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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