Mar 20, 2013

Why Celebrities Prefer Black Dog Scotch? | Love in March 20

While driving back to the hotel by our Audi, Diane reminded me about her aunt and their friends whom we met at the island. When she asked me about my opinion about her aunt, I said,

“They are nice people, your aunt and the actress, and the other business people. Did you say that your aunt had won an international award for her innovations in cooking?”

“Yes”, Diane said, “she is now a correspondent of an International tourism magazine. And you know? She had done a story on some of our celebrities and their interests. Majority of the celebrities had picked Black Dog as their favorite Scotch Whisky.”

“Well, the actress Subhadra Devi also was full of praise for Black Dog. I wonder what charisma is there in a Black Dog Scotch bottle, to make every famous people crave for it,” I wondered. “Diane? Subhadra Devi and you were acquaintances, right?” 

She said, “yes, in fact I had learned classical western dance in her academy. At that time, she was at the peak of her fame. But, I didn't imagine that she would be remembering me, after all these years! I remember, she used to attend the business get-togethers and Black Dog Comedy evenings those were organized as part of my dad’s business meets. That time also, I heard she praising the quality and international appeal of Black Dog Scotch Whisky varieties.” 

“But Diane, before leaving your aunt and the actress, your aunt said something like your marriage with a business man, and you stopped her. It was at that time, your aunt mentioned the availability of Black Dog centenary and Black Dog deluxe images in the net. Well, what was it that you both tried to keep very secret?” I asked her after a pause.
Our car was entered the patio of the hotel. After parking our car, when we stepped outside, she said, “I didn’t want to let you know that I was once married, and later divorced.”

“Sorry for asking Diane, Was there any reason for your separation?” I asked.

“Oh, those were all tragedies. I will tell you later. Now, let us go up and get fresh. The Black Dog Easy evening is going to start soon”, she said.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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