Mar 23, 2013

Black Dog Scotch and Revelation of More Secretes | Love in March 23

[Continued from Love in March 22: Love Confession at the Black Dog Easy Evening]

Diane and I remained in the banquet hall for some hours, listening to the soulful music arranged by several international artistes on behalf of Black Dog easy evening. When the program was nearing its closure, Diane asked me to fill her glass with Black Dog centenary one last time.

Accordingly, I filled our glasses. The concluding music from Kenny G was something melancholic. It was a sad version picked from the early Blues style, but it went completely in harmony with the ending sensation brought to us by the Black Dog centenary.

The claps and appreciations were gradually sinking down, as it was melancholic.  But the involvement from the art loving, enthusiastic, luxury seeking audience was great, though it was subtle. Everyone completely submitted their hearts and ears, and even the rest of the senses to music, while tasting the delicacy of Black Dog Scotch.

When the music was stopped with an ending punch, everyone automatically moved from their seats in order to give the artistes who performed at the Black Dog Easy evening a standing ovation. The artistes in that customary manner, bowed in front of the audience.
“Let’s go up”, Diane suggested.

Leaving a beautiful Black Dog easy evening behind, we both caught the lift.

Reaching the fourth floor, Diane embraced me and said, “I loved this. Thank you for giving me a great company.”

I decided to take her to her room. She unlocked her door, and while she switched on the lights, I caught her from behind, and surprised her by giving a passionate kiss on her neck. When she tried to escape from my grasp, I lifted her from the ground and carried her to the bed. 

“Don’t spoil such a Beautiful black Dog evening, so mercilessly”, she pleaded me. 

“No Diane, I need you”, I said.

I caressed her from top to bottom, patted affectionately on her seductive legs, and pulled up her knee length skirt upwards, and I saw as expected, some dark marks tarnishing the beauty of her thighs.

She didn't expect that. Initially she was disturbed. But when I insisted, she replied,

“These are the marks of my dark past. The reminiscences of my two year long cursed marital life. These marks are the results of wounds gifted by my sadist husband. The wounds are cured. But, still there are wounds in my heart, uncured.”

I understood the cruelty that fate made to an innocent girl. I wanted to console her with everything I have.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.


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