Mar 1, 2013

An Evening with a Black Dog Beauty | Love in March 1

That was a day to remember. I was sharing my time with a woman of my dreams.  She always appeared only in her charming enthusiastic spirit. I was never unfortunate to see her in a low spirited dejected look. She was truly elegant, and wise, looked very attractive, and her calm and composed posture often had the capability to create stir among a pack of any sort of people, as I had assessed. Here is the woman, I admired, and I had often dreamt.

I was transcending through some magical times, may be the most magical times of my life. I was alone; the trip was to a place (of which I don’t want to reveal the name), and on my journey, I met this beautiful creature. As she too was alone, we made each other a natural company. At our destination, we stayed in the same hotel, a luxurious hotel, may be the most luxurious place on earth, which was rated 5-star by the authorities.

In the evening, I had a curiosity to have some drink at the hotel bar. It was the most sophisticated and a truly exotic place of the hotel, and she suggested the brand, yes, the Black Dog, one of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky. Her knowledge about Scotch and its history was commendable. The brand was famous for its internationally acclaimed luxurious charm. Its soothing quality had the ability to refresh ourselves on any occasion. I found it as the greatest experience in life to taste the exotic blend of Black Dog, while admiring the beauty of the woman of my dreams.

“Do you know anything about its specialty?”, she queried while taking the first sip by throwing a secret glance at me.

“At least you should know, why I suggest this particular brand for you”, she continued noticing the eagerness in my eyes.

(To be continued ) (An attempt to write online novels)

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Written as part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience,

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