Mar 2, 2013

Black Dog Beauty's Quest | Love in March 2

[Continued from Part 1: An Evening with a Black Dog Beauty]

While patting her silky sort of hair with one hand, and sipping the supernal Black Dog Scotch with desirable red hot lips, she raised her beautiful eyes and curiously looked at me in an inquisitive manner, while measuring the colour change that her historic question attributed to my face.

That was a perfect evening designated just for me, I guess, in such an exotic ambiance of the bar of that 5-star luxurious hotel. Well, but her question was something like testing my knowledge about the Black Dog Scotch. I don’t belong to any erudite league as far as Scotches are concerned. But, when it comes to Black Dog – the world’s one of the finest Scotch Whiskeys – any signal or gesture from my side that might prompt others to misinterpret as my ignorance about the brand, would be embarrassing. My eyes caught the curious look of her eyes for some moments, even without the slightest flutter of our eyelashes. Testing my knowledge in this quality international luxury brand was like an insult, at least for me.

“See, Ms. Diane, if you think I am not knowledgeable about the Black Dog discipline, you may be wrong. But, I may not be a connoisseur of the art of Scotches, like you,” while saying this, I suspected that my tone was a bit emotional. 

Her face changed, she put the glass on the table, and patting my arm, she said, lovingly, “Hey sweetheart, don’t take it as an insult. I know you are learned, knowledgeable, and a scholar in everything. I was just talking you casually”.

Those words and the smoothing touch of her delicate fingers on my palms pleased me. Flaunting a smile of satisfaction that sprouted at my lips, I hold my glass, and took one more enticing and refreshing sip of the tantalizing Scotch smoothly, by putting it close to my mouth.

When I looked her, she also was doing the same. Our eyes crossed again, gently. This time, that universal lock of four eyes lasted for a few more moments, perhaps for minutes. While admiring the quest of her eyes, my tongue was experiencing an ethereal liking for the celestial and exotic taste of the Black Dog Scotch that was gradually melting in my mouth.

Written as part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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