Mar 10, 2013

A Luxurious Morning with Black Dog Beauty | Love in March 10

The shriek from the unknown bird in the silence of the night woke me up from my thoughts. I was standing on the balcony of the 5-star hotel looking outside. A cold winter suddenly came into the suite, and when it covered me fully, I missed Diane very badly. I wished if she was with me at that beautiful moment. But, she is already tied to someone; that thought came into my mind injecting a piercing agony into my heart.

On the next morning, I was woken by a calling bell, and when I opened the door, scratching my eyes, I saw Diane standing there, clad in a very different dress, perfectly stunning as ever. In her morning’s avatar, she looked like an embodiment of luxury. Her perfect white, linen mixed, AllenSolly shirt; Green, and black mixed, knee-length Amanda Chelsea Ponte skirt; Aiva footwears; Rolex watch; and FastTrack red tinted black sun glass, that embroidered her silky hair, all of which said about her luxurious choice in apparels. 

With a good morning note, she entered my room. I became very uncomfortable, being caught by a woman of my dreams in such a completely unprepared situation. She sat on the sofa, and asked me about our plan,

“We had planned for a sightseeing trip today, right? I am all set for that!”

“You look very beautiful Diane, in these completely mesmerizing costumes”, I praised her lavishly. Seeing her smile at my harmless comment, I added, “You could have carried one vanity bag with a Black Dog Reserve 18 years in hand. Because, Black Dog Scotch would only be a perfect match for your appearance today!”

She laughed heartily hearing my mention on Black Dog. “I know you are right. I just had a thought on posing in this costume for a photograph with Black Dog Quintessence in hand. Won’t that be a good modeling photograph?” Crossing her legs, she said laughingly.

I laughed at her question, sitting on the sofa opposite her. My eyes accidentally caught the grace of her shaped long legs; fair and flawless, adorned by the soft Aiva.

She suddenly reminded me, “Get ready babe! We need to unwind and relax with Black Dog Easy evenings today at this hotel, right?”

(To be continued)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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