Mar 11, 2013

A Drive Through the Black Dog Destination | Love in March 11

[Continued from Love in March 10: A Luxurious Morning with Black Dog Beauty]

We had an Audi booked prior to joining the resort, foreseeing our upcoming sightseeing trips. It was a customized one, without the roof, so that we could have traveled freely enjoying the beauty of the sights around. We avoided the service of a driver, as we both felt very comfortable with driving, and the problems regarding the routes could have been solved by the GPS system.

I took the control of the car at first, while Diane sat on the passenger seat. We traveled through some flat-lands seeing the destinations; it was a great place to spend vacations together, misty, scenic, and having a very pleasant climate. 

We saw flowers, and trees on both sides of the path through which we rode. It was a straight path, just like the one we see in Western films. The path was all solitary, except some pedestrian tourists, and some occasional passing of tourist vehicles. 
It was a perfect trip, through the heart of a typical Black Dog Quintessence destination. As we both felt, it was the perfect destination to live with a beautiful bottle of Scotch in India, of course, the reference here is the Black Dog Quintessence or the Black Dog Reserve. Because, best things in the world are to be enjoyed in the ambiance of the best destinations. Considering the heavenly climate and the beauty of the surroundings, the only match there would have been Black Dog scotch. A perfect place to unwind and relax. 

Diane wanted to test her skill in driving. I asked her to come to the driving seat. Initially she had little trouble in handling the steering. On her request, I helped her by controlling the steering with her for some time. Sitting close to her, I could feel the fragrance of her perfume, Euphoria by Calvin Klein!

Hey, you are making me drive wrongly, she shouted. I startled. Her fragrance had made me hallucinated for a while. So, I forgot to control the vehicle, I apologized.

After driving nearly fifteen kilometers, we finally reached a beautiful blue lake. Yachts had been prepared by the travel organizers for us already.

(To be continued)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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