Mar 14, 2013

When Secrets Get Unfurled with Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 14

[Continued from Love in March 13: About Angling and Black Dog Fishing Fly]
Two hours long sailing through the water brought us finally to the other bank of the lake. While the yacht slowly approached the coastline that appeared almost like an ocean bank, we both saw several tourists basking in the sunlight under different beach umbrellas. 

I first stepped on the beach when the yacht set ashore. I offered my hand to her in order to help her to climb down. When she found it difficult to descend, I offered my both hands. But, she tried to clutch on my shoulder, while stepping down, and since it was an unexpected move from her, my feet tipped, and I was knocked down on the ground on my back, making her fall on my body. 

I laid down flat for some moments carrying her pleasurable weight on top of me. Her soft and fleshy curves rubbed on my chest, when she tried to get up from such an embarrassing plight. 

“Are you okay?” Sheepishly she asked, while taking care of her bag containing the Black Dog Reserve Bottle.

“Diane!” We heard someone calling her name from among the tourists.

A lady wearing a sun glass and beach dresses waved at us. 

“Hey auntie”, Diane greeted her back. She introduced me with her. “By the way, what you were doing here?”

“I was with some of my business friends, spending the summer here, with a bottle of Black Dog”, showing us a glass with amber coloured Scotch in her glass, her aunt said.

“Black Dog? That was exactly what we both were talking all these time”, Diane said cheerfully.

“Yeah, it is the perfect choice to unwind and relax, being the finest Scotch available in India”, her aunt agreed.

“This glass with Black Dog Scotch looks picture perfect, a snap of this glass would make a great memento of our trip”, I said.

“Well, you are creative person, I guessed it right when I saw you first with Diane”, her aunt told me smilingly. Diane and I exchanged glances at this mention. Her aunt continued in a sorrowful tone, “Diane was good with the company of artists; I knew it well. It was her parents’ decision to send her with a business person, and ….”

Diane suddenly stopped her, “Auntie please, let’s change the topic.”

“Okay, by the way”, her aunt said turning to me, “you can find lot of Black Dog centenary and Black Dog deluxe images in the net.”

Diane smiled, cheerfully.

 (To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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