Mar 16, 2013

Some Passionate Moments with Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 16

“I always wanted to set up a mini bar at my home”, while walking through the sands after leaving Diane’s aunt and friends, she said. “This is my ambition to have a separate collection of Black Dog Scotches, because I am in love with it”, she added.

“I will be happy to help you”, I said. “We need to have all the variants of Black Dog Scotch, all should be labeled, Black Dog Quintessence for BD 21 years, Black Dog Deluxe for BD 18 years, Black Dog Reserve for BD 12 years, and Black Dog Centenary for Black Dog 8 years, etc.”

“Yes, and I am planning a six feet long bar, it will have all the equipment starting from ice bins, coolers, liquor wells, hygiene supplies, paper towel dispenser, glass racks, wine racks and dry storage, etc.”, she said dreaming.

“Apart from Black Dog Scotch, what else you would prefer”, I asked.

“Of course the perfect wines in the world. Initially I planned it as a collection of best Scotches in the world, but now I plan to add a few more top notch drinks, starting from Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Brandy and Wines”, she said.

“No beer?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes, sure! Because most of my friends prefer beer but only after Black Dog Scotch Whisky, the finest scotch available in India,” she said, “but without a beautiful bottle of Scotch in India, that is Black Dog, I don’t design anything like a mini bar at my home”, she continued, “and you know…”

Suddenly we saw a beautiful castle in front. We have been walking all the while sharing her black dog Scotch ambitions, and we might have trodden, perhaps more than a few kilometers. We haven’t noticed that sands had given way to meadows with one or more trees dotted here and there. Now we were in the middle of perfect scenic place, covered by green below, roofed by a blue blue sky, with a Gothic style castle standing majestically at a distance, inviting all our attention.

I felt that the Black Dog that I just consumed, was slowly livening me up.

“Diane, look!” pointing my finger to the castle, I said, “how beautiful!”

Suddenly, I felt her palm on my shoulder, a very soft, genuine touch, with all her womanly characteristics.

Surprised, I turned to look at her. I saw her passionate eyes staring wildly at my eyes, requesting silently my care and attention. When I was about to ask her about the sudden change in her manners, I felt her cold arms covering my nape and pulling towards her crazily. Her lips parted - the red hot rosy lips - that reminded me of the rose petals in the morning, all wet in the mist, and rain drops. They came closer to me, closer and closer; and then the next moment, her parted delicate lips touched my lips by creating a sensitive noise. I felt my lips becoming wet and friction-less in the captivity of her mouth. I felt the aroma of Black Dog Scotch in my mouth, and in her half closed eyes, I saw vaguely, the frothing golden amber colour, which is the specialty of Black dog centenary. Her lips were demanding my soul through my mouth more and more. I closed my eyes, and in the peak of the extreme enjoyment, I forgot my surroundings, and myself, for some seconds.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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