Mar 22, 2013

Love Confession at the Black Dog Easy Evening | Love in March 22

I filled my tumbler with one more crystal golden Black Dog Scotch Whisky, and also helped Diane fill her second. The Black Dog Centenary 8 years, has a special aroma that usually ends with a fragrance resembling that of a full blossomed flower. After sensing its aroma, Diane also had commented the same thing regarding the smell of Black Dog centenary.

“By the way, you didn't answer my question”, she reminded me, “how much do you like me?”

I looked at the Black Dog Centenary Bottle that was carefully placed in between us on the lavishly set table in a luxurious manner, and after shifting my eyes to her face, I said,
Kenny G Performing at Black Dog Easy Evening

“Diane, you ask me, how much I love the special feeling that I get when we both share a beautiful romantic evening in the company of a virgin bottle of Black Dog Scotch Whisky! I will answer that I like that feeling as much as I like you. But, you still call it a like? Why don’t you call it love?”

“Are we in love?” Lifting the Black Dog Scotch glass and closing it to her lips, she asked while winking impishly at me.

“I am also hesitant Diane. But what I understood from the way we treat each other is that I am seriously in love with you”, I said frankly.

Diane blushed. Blood gushed to her cheeks giving them a light red colour, partially reminding me of the shade of an untouched Black Dog scotch bottle. A pretty smile germinated at her lips, attributing a special look on her face.

She raised her eyes and smiled at me in agreement of what I said.

The Black Dog Easy Evening was in full form. Some famous singers including the famous American contemporary musician Kenny G was also performing at the event. His performance made the event a wonderful and remarkable one, especially since we both were savoring the luxury and romance brought to us by the Black Dog Scotch Centenary.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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