Mar 9, 2013

Getting Personal with Black Dog Beauty | Love in March 9

[Continued from Love in March 8: More About Black Dog Variants]

Diane was so talkative only when the topic of conversation was something which she knew well. Otherwise, she always kept quiet. She just sat nodding to whatever we said, and looking curiously at us. She never showed any displeasure even though the subject was not related to her in anyway. During the two hour journey on flight, I saw her in the sunniest spirit only when she had an opportunity to talk about the most luxurious Scotch in India, the Black Dog! Even though she hadn't tasted it, she was the most articulated, only when the Scotch in India became the subject of discussion.

She asserted in an expert’s authenticity, that the aroma of Black Dog 12 years, the BD Deluxe, was typically malty, mellow woody, with a delicate tint of sherry and vanilla'. When she mentioned about the whispers of soft vegetables in Black Dog Deluxe’s aroma, I had an eerie feeling in mind. 

This Deluxe variant of Black Dog Scotch features a taste that is fully compliant with its scent. Diane was so sure that, it would taste the same as what it smells like. The taste would ultimately be malty, and as its smell implies, it would feature mellow woody, fruity sweetness with teasing light warm peat, she declared, with no chance of speculations. 

“And its finish is lavish and thrilling, luxurious and enticing, and its touch of cream would add warmth to its finish for long”, she said sans any apprehension.  

She moved her beautiful lean arms and delicate fingers, restlessly on air. Her movements, her presence, and her feminine smell excited me. 
Looking at her eyes mercifully, I asked her, “Diane, let me ask you one thing? Why do you travel alone?”

Showing a slight displeasure, she said, “travelling alone? Me? You also are doing the same thing, I guess!”

“I am a writer. I need to travel alone to get creatively inspired,” I said.

“Oh! you a writer! But in my case, I am a freedom loving person. Whom you would suggest to bring along to spoil the beauty of traveling alone?” she asked hilariously.

“Well you can bring your friends, parents, or any classmates”, I said suggestively, “since you are not married, there is not an option called family.”

That was a blunder, as I had been under the impression that she was too young to get married.

“Oh, but I am married. But why don’t I travel with him must be a too personal question, Mr. Writer!”, hiding the beauty of her eyes by shifting the position of the sunglasses that adored her forehead for long, she said in a very haughty manner. 

(To be continued)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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