Mar 8, 2013

More About Black Dog Scotch Variants | Love in March 8

Our heated discussion on Black Dog, the finest scotch available in India, made a middle aged man who was sitting in the back row of the flight come forward. Exhibiting a BD Quintessence to all of us, he asked while flaunting a hearty smile,

“Gentlemen, I am curious to know that you were all talking about this bottle. I happened to unpack some of my bundles, and that’s how this invited all your attention. I am sorry for letting my Black Dog steal your peace.” 

He was a European with blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes. Becharmed by his friendly nature, I said him,

“Stealing our peace? In fact you and the Black Dog have melted the snow between us. As you can see, everyone is happily participating in a conversation sparked by the flirtatious, seductive aroma that the Black Dog Quintessence brought among us.”

Within no time, Mr. Luke McCain, a professional wildlife photographer also became our gang member.

Black Dog ReserveWhen everyone was chatting in a joyful mood, I saw Diane sitting in her seat silently. Seeing that my seat belt sign off, I slowly stood up and walked towards Diane, who was sitting next to an empty seat. 

“Hi Diane, can I sit here?” I asked smiling at her. She nodded with a return smile.

Naturally, our talk diverted to Black Dog Scotch varieties. Black Dog 12 years and Black Dog 8 years have the same colour, amber with golden highlights, she said.

“Black Dog 12 years is called Black Dog Deluxe. Do you know that?”, she asked me in a quizzing tone.

I said, “Yeah I know! And Black Dog 8 years is Black Dog Centenary. But, I forgot the name for Black Dog 18 years!”

“It’s Black Dog Reserve!” joyfully she said. I sensed the child like joy that a matured woman exhibits, when she feels totally liberated and free. 

She kept on talking about the 130 years of unwind and relax, the history of Black Dog, and I curiously kept on looking at her dreamy eyes, her long prettily curved nose, her ravishing red hot lips, and her silky sort of blackish golden hair. 

Why this pretty woman travels alone? I asked to myself.

(To be continued)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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