Mar 4, 2013

Tale of the Black Dog Fishing Fly | Love in March 4

Time passed quickly, totally without our knowledge. Diane and I had been walking through the granite pavements of the hotel garden, uniformly, by putting steps rhythmically. It was very late, around 9 pm. A partly discolored half moon was standing at the sky in a timid manner, radiating dim beams of light through the falling snippets of snow.  I put the shawl from her shoulder, and helped her to cover her beautiful hair with it. She smiled, reflecting her love for the display of affection that I showed.

“Let’s go back! It’s already very late. Now, it’s going to shower snow, perhaps in bundles, she said, carefully. 

We stopped and started to tread the return path. On our walk, she slowly leaned her head on my shoulder. With my left hand I held her very closely and gently by her hip. 

“Do you know the specialty of the year 1883?”, she asked. Without waiting for my answer, she began to say musingly, in a magical tone,

“It was in 1883, Walter Millard discovered the tantalizing taste hidden in this unique blend. So, from then, the history of Black Dog Scotch was started.  Later, when James Mackinlay, the second generation scion of the Leith Scotch Whisky blending family began to produce and market the unique mix by the name of Millard Black Dog, the industrial history of it started”, she said.

“Don’t forget to mention Millard’s attachment with the fishing fly”, I suggested, partly hilariously.

“Yes”, she agreed. “Millard was fond of angling. His favorite fishing fly was Black Dog. He named his newly discovered malted Scotch with the name of his favorite fishing fly. That tradition still goes on. World’s one of the finest Scotches is known by the name of a fishing fly,” she said and stopped.

I was busy with searching YouTube for a video that I had seen on the history of Black Dog Scotch. When it is loaded, I played it in my I-Pad. We both saw the beautiful video by holding each other tightly.

(To be continued)

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