Mar 3, 2013

Through the Pavements of Black Dog History | Love in March 3

[Continued from Part 2: Black Dog Beauty's Quest]

We might have sat there hardly an hour in the magical and mystic, unique sensation that Black Dog Scotch brought to us. 

“I need a walk”, she demanded. 

We both were aware of the existence of a beautiful garden close to the front yard of the 5-star hotel. With no delay, we headed to the garden path.

Outside the hotels comfort, it was a desirable climate. Slightly cold, slightly warm! The garden was full of evening flowers; all those welcomed us to the comfort of it, emitting a fragrance of romance, and glory.

We slowly walked through stoned pavements of the garden for some minutes silently. At the peak of the silence, I suddenly hold her hand gently. My action stopped her breathing process just for a second, which I understood from a gulping sound I heard from her mouth. Without looking her, I felt her inner smile; I could feel the joy of her heart at her fingers. 

“It was during such a beautiful evening, closely 130 years ago, a great Scot named Walter Millard had the initial idea of finding the perfect Scotch Whisky in the world”, these words were uttered from my mouth, even without the knowledge of mine.

She suddenly looked at my face, “you know all those history? The way the Black Dog Scotch came this far?”, unwilling to believe what she just heard from my mouths, she asked.

“Yes, that was a great story, just like an old Treasure Island story”, I said smilingly looking at her sparkling eyes.

“Walter Millard was truly great in this sense. He had the tenacity to find the perfect blend in the genre of Scotch whiskys. A traveler, and an adventurous one... just like you…”, she paused, prettily winking at me, and continued, “had the curiosity to travel all those islands, to finally reach the misty shores of Scotland, where he found the great mix of the perfect Scotch in the world, that is what we call Black Dog today”, she said eloquently.

I was silent. I stared at her face being curious at the great knowledge she possessed regarding this quality international luxury brand.

(To be continued)

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