Golden Rating by Indian Top Blogs

Indian Top Blogs had picked Vanity Moments as one of the Golden Blogs of 2011. To know more, visit their listings here. 

Thank You Indian Top Blogs

Top Writeup Badge Presented by WriteUp Cafe

WriteUp Cafe - Together we Write

The Legend of Hymavathy was chosen by WriteUp Cafe as one of the top writeups for the month November 2011. Thanks to the people behind the Cafe.

Liebster Award from Heena Shah-Dhedhi

maintains an awesome fashion blog at iCynosure. I love to flaunt the Liebster award that she has given away to me. To read the award post, go here:

The Eureka Award by Bikramjit Singh Mann

Bikramjit Singh Mann, who blogs at Me and My Random Thoughts presented me this Eureka Award, when I answered to one of his puzzles correctly. You can find the details of the puzzle and award here. Thank You Bikram for the award and for authoring such a wonderful blog.

Sunshine Award from Meera Sundararajan

This time I got a magical award from Meera Sundararajan who blogs at Chronicles of an Unknown Indian. Though I don't know much about her, her proficiency in the language English and her ability to write about a multitude of subjects, in a very intriguing and fun-filled way, make her blog a very interesting and informative read. I am very proud of being one of the two bloggers chosen by Meera for this Sunshine award.

Thank You Meera

Award from Deirdra Eden-Coppel and Rekha Seshadri

Ah, that was a surprising and unexpected award, which was given by the Arizona Blogger Deirdra Eden-Coppel. She found my blog a creative one, and presented me this beautiful Creative Blog Award. When I visited her back, what I saw was the world's most creative blog - A Storybook World. I am sure, you also will find it creative.

Days later, the same award is endowed upon me once again. This time it is Rekha, the master writer who blogs at A Chronicle of Dreams . Just reading a few of her lines would make you think that Rekha is more than a master writer. 

Thank You Deirdra and Rekha

Award from Irfanuddin

One of my latest blogger awards was from Irfanuddin, the matured Blogger from Bihar. I thank him for presenting this Versatile Blogger award. I am a regular reader of his blog Apniboli and I recommend you also visit this blog and find yourself what Irfan offers through his mesmerising blogging world.

Award from Babli

I got my first blogger award from Babli. I am very much greateful to her for this award and I love reading all her blogs especially Unique and Interesting and Amazing.
Thank You Babli

Award from Vandana

I got a blogger award from Vandy aka Vandana. I am very much greateful to her for this 'Blogger Buddy' award and I love reading her blogs, especially Passionate Stubborn and Nostalgia.
Thank You Vandana

Award from Holy Lama

The Holy Lama presented me a beautiful Magic Blog Award. It is to be mentioned that her blog The Holy Lama is an excellent manuscript drawn images from the life itself. Reading her blog will be worthwhile.
Thank You Lama

Swatantra's Award


I got a blogger award from Swatantra. I am very much greateful to her for this award and I love reading her blogs Swatantra Independenceand Sparash.

Thank You Swatantra


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