Dec 5, 2010

First Impression

Since change is an inevitable practice for human life, I also had a recent shift from the capital city to the commercial capital of Kerala in connection with a new job. Reaching here, I felt as if I lost the thread for creativity and that’s what, which has been preventing me from writing anything for my blog and reading the fellow bloggers’ posts.  

Here in the new city, I began to live with X-En-Tric, and don’t ask me who is that, since he is familiar to all as the Decent Proposer of two of my previous posts. We here share a room just as the fictitious characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson did according to Sir Doyle. X-En-Tric often claims himself as Sherlock Holmes while I am his ‘my dear Watson’, whereas I often insist him to address me as ‘my dear Holmes’, and that is the only clash between us as per the present situation. 

We decided to visit a gymnasium in order to bring in some benefit from our teaming up. So, we went to a sports-wear shop nearby and purchased some new t-shirts and tracksuits. The next day after waking up at 5’O clock in the morning we both began to dress up to make our first impression at the gym the best.

“Which tracksuit is better, this one or the other?” he asked me showing two tracksuits one in each hand.

“The maroon one looks good. You would look great in that stuff,” I said frankly.

“Okey!” he said.

“And it is better if you would wear that blue striped T-shirt,” I continued.

“Hmm...” he agreed.

“Wear that white canvass shoes, it would give you a chic look,” was my next suggestion.

He nodded while accepting all my suggestions as he had trusted me. My suggestions continued and finally he finished the task of getting ready with all my suggestions incorporated. 

“Put on that cap which would add more superiority to your otherwise already superior stature,” I said my suggestion.

“You don’t have a cap?” while putting the cap on his head, he inquired.

“I have one, but today I won’t wear it. Because, if both of us wear caps, the gymnasium people would think that we are two detectives,” he did not smile.

Meanwhile, I also had completed dressing. 

“As far as I am concerned, I don’t need dressing suggestions. Because, when I finish with dressing, I would feel a comfort and that’s how I know if I am well dressed or not,” I said. “And now, I feel that comfort, which means I am totally prepared to make the best first time impression at the gym,” I continued.

Quickly he threw a glance at me. I saw his face assuming a grave look while his eyes watching me.

I said, “Come, let’s go. We are already late”.

He said, “Wait...wait...I think there is some mistake in your appearance”

“Err...well...mistake in my appearance? I don’t think so, I am comfortable now. I am okey with it. You know, we together went and purchased this T-shirt, tracksuit, shoes and everything. And you found a mistake now in this last moment? Don’t tell me anything, let’s just go,” I said furiously.

“But no, I have to be frank and open to my friends. I will say the truth. I want to tell...” he said.

“Don’t tell...don’t break my confidence,” I insisted.

“I will tell it...the problem is with what you are wearing, your T-shirt,” he gasped.

“What’s with my t-shirt?” I asked.

He said with a grin, “You are wearing a girl’s T-shirt”

I sat sometimes in silence.


X-EN-Tric said...

Don't explain this much about our dressing etc...
If you explain my bath room dressing and whatever you watch... Oh my God... How do I face others... You are a dangerous blogger and now we are room mates too...
Haa... haa... Another beautiful description of an actual incident... Keep on Writing dear... (But not my dress changing things...)

Harish said...

lol. :-) funny.

Anonymous said...



Rek said...

well Dear Watson...atleast you had a t-shirt on....besides with unisex clothes around u c/d have gotten away with it...a lot better than going out shopping with your salwar inside out and getting it pointed out by a stranger as ur's sincerely experienced in her young oh so young days.... ;)

Babli said...

Very nice, funny and interesting post. Loved and enjoyed reading it.
You are welcome at my new posts-

Rachna said...

hahaha. How come you had a girl's Tee in your wardrobe? Did you buy one by mistake :)?

Renu said...


Tomz said...


So beware f me



@Anonymus Kiran

Thanks for ur comment.

@Rek really u went outside wid ur salwar inside out...but i think u r still in ur teenages


Thanks ..i will check em


Don't misunderstand me..I purchased it by mistake


let me also join wid ur laugh

R. Ramesh said...

haahaha good one..

Bikramjit said...

really but how did it fit.. he hehehe

loved the story :) nice one matey...


walk2write said...

I hope that T-shirt wasn't left behind by some young lady leaving in a hurry--who just dropped by to say hello on her way to do her laundry, and the shirt happened to fall out of her basket, of course. You two characters!

My word verification is "prose." Good one.

Babli said...

You are welcome at my new post-

Nona said...

he he he!

Hope the new changes bring in a lot of activity in the blogosphere.

By the way, Dr Watson is not bad if you see the newest version of Sherlock Holmes. Dr Watson is played by Jude Law, one of the handsome hunks in moviedom!

Sh@s said...

Lolzz...nice one :)

Tomz said...




somehow it fitted

@Walk2write walk2write, it was never done by any young lady. I purchased it by mistake. ANd i am happy that my word verification gives u such fantastic linguistic coinages.


Thank you will visit


hmm...i am not worried being watson or holmes..anyway, watson is the representation of doyle himself, who is the creator of holmes. so which one will be better? being the creator or being the creation.?

Tomz said...


Thank You..i am happy to see smile on your face

Jzt4me said...

Gosh, u purchased a girl's T shirt???

I was imagining maybe u had a wardrobe malfunction with a broken zib or an upside down t shirt or smthing..but...not a Girl's T Shirt


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