Jun 21, 2011

One Day in Heaven

God was taking a rest in heaven. Seeing him unusually despondent, his assistant asked him,

“You look very depressed today; what is it that makes you so much sorrowful and tired?”

With a sigh, God said, “Nothing particular buddy, you know, it was me who created the human beings. But, now they say, I don’t exist!” 

Thoughtfully the assistant replied, “That’s true, many people are nowadays becoming atheists. You created many religions to make the human beings turn towards you. But, what we see is them fighting for religions.”

“I’m totally depressed buddy, now I feel that my decision to create the mankind was wrong,” disheartened the God said.

“Sir, if you sit here without any action, you will be plunged more into sadness. Aren’t you visiting the Earth for your routine rounds?” the assistant queried.

“I’m going. Actually I’m waiting for that young man, who is travelling on his ‘sincere bike’, to pass that traffic block,” pointing to the earth the God said.

Leaning and looking carefully at where the God was pointing, the assistant suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, him? Isn’t him the author of Vanity Moments?”

“You know him? Do you read really the stuff that he writes in the internet?”

“What is this God? I’m his regular follower. It seems that you also read his posts”, the assistant replied.

The God said, “No, Actually I don’t wait for him to publish the posts. I usually read his articles before he writes them”.

“Now, what is with him?” the assistant inquired.

“Nothing! He is basically good. In the beginning, he was attached to me very much. But, now he is slightly becoming an Agnostic. He is doubtful about my existence,” the God said.

“So, what are you going to do today?”  

“His bike is running on reserve, and for the last four days, I made him forget about filling his petrol tank. When he reaches in front of that empty building, his bike will stop. You know, the nearest petrol pump is three kilometers away. He won’t get any auto rickshaw there. Or at least I will not let any taxi pass that way,” the God said with determination.

“Are you going to punish him sir?” sympathetically his assistant asked.

“No, I’m going to help him so that he will never question my existence. Meanwhile, please look after the affairs of the next worlds,” saying so the God disappeared.

Once landed on the earth, he entered the new building of the Deccan Chronicle and waited at the underground parking area with a bike. Before going inside, he did not forget to drop an empty bottle of Sprite at the door step.

As the God had predicted, I reached there with my stalling bike. Cursing my forgetfulness, I tried several times to start the bike and finally got disheartened without even finding a rickshaw to go to the nearest petrol bunk. 

Finding this as the right time, the God in an inadvertent manner, came out from the parking area driving his bike.

“This could be someone who is in charge of the construction works,” I thought and waved at him signaling to stop. He stopped.

“Do you know where the nearest petrol pump is? I’m left with an empty tank. What direction should I take to go to the petrol pump?” I asked him.

He said, “I think you have to travel at least three kilometers.”

I explained to him what happened and in the end I said, “Alright, thank you. I will manage it myself.”

He said, “Do you have a bottle? I could have given you some petrol from my bike’s reserve.”

“No, thank you, don’t worry. I don’t have a bottle,” I said.

He asked the security if he would get a bottle. Meanwhile I made a quick search through the vicinities and found the disfigured Sprite bottle.

I picked it up and called him. He collected some petrol from his tank and helped me to pour it into my bike’s petrol tank.

 In the end I thanked him. When offered him some money as the price of the petrol, he refused it.

I said, “I don’t know if God exists. But in every such critical situation, someone used to appear to help me”.

Smilingly he drove away. While travelling to the nearest petrol station, I thought, “Still I am not sure about the existence of God. God may exist or may not exist. Perhaps, what happened today could be a mere case of coincidences. It may be the curious case of Randomness,”

Back in the heaven, the God was questioned by his assistant.

“Sir, you helped him a lot. But still it seems that he does not care about you. Look what he is thinking!”

The God said, “To tell the truth buddy, I never had a thought even in my wildest dreams to change his mentality”

“What do you mean?” The assistant exclaimed.

“Do you often hear him complaining about the lack of proper subjects to write upon in his blog?” God asked.

“Yeah, so what? He calls it the Blogger’s Block”, the assistant replied.

Smilingly the God said, “Buddy, my aim was to give him a spark for a better blog post, so that he would stop writing his usual craps and start writing some quality posts”.


  1. That was interesting... More than anything I truly admire your bike which ran 4 days on reserve! That is quite something...

  2. wonderful write up Tom.....

    an interesting read, enjoyed it thoroughly.....:))

  3. What a delightful and entertaining conversation! At times, HE just doesn't show up(at least, not the way we want HIM to). I guess thats when we become non-believers. :)

  4. Hey....an interesting post I have read in a long time....loved it....I do beleive firmly 'HE' exists....


  5. A new style of writing...
    Really appreciable... Good change buddy...
    Keep on writing.

  6. Very nice. Great twist in the end :). Your writing has definitely improved over the period. And, you have the penchant for self-deprecating dry humor :).

  7. :) I am not sure if my comment came so writing again..

    good story.. so you managed ot get out of bloggers block and get petrol , what do you think then does god exist :)


  8. @NRI Girl,

    That's because I don't need to drive more than ten kms a day, normally, according to present living situations..


    Thank you Irfanji


    Hmm..true, that may be actually making me an agnostic..


    I wish and I want him to exist. But I'm not convinced

  9. @Mahesh

    Thanks buddy


    That's the comment which I actually wanted to hear..Thanks fr identifying that improvement..I also think I have improved..and yes I am very happy to be able to belittle me..don't laugh, everyone may not be able to do that..


    I am still on the side of randomness..nothing happens according to a plan or a destiny, everything happens randomly..and don't think I'm a strong follower of this belief..God may or may not exist, but we can't analyse it with our own senses..

  10. tom...its really amazing post...especially the climax....the ever best blog post you've written

  11. Tomz, wonderful post and really enjoyed reading....

  12. Wonderful and very interesting. I enjoyed your post from beginning till end. Your bike is amazing. Nice pic.
    When time permits visit my new post-

  13. An interesting post... keep on writing

  14. Excellent post!! You are improving post by post!

    I would rate this as the best one ever..

    Hoping to write the same comment for your next post too.

  15. @Anju

    thank you very much anju


    Thanks Gobish


    Ah, thank you


    Thank you. sure i will visit them..


    Thank you..sure i will..


    Thanks for the wonderful comment. I also consider this one my best..and you know my blog is where I honestly feel relieved..are u trying to give me an extra load..? :)

  16. Excellent one.. this time u dint cut ur story abruptly for the start of another one. It has a good flow in reading. Once again ..good work!!

  17. Good job..love the post...
    I couldnt stop laughing...

  18. hi tomz,this is really beautiful and touching ,

    this is something i will never ever want to miss,
    thank you so much for such lovely sharing god is always with you just need to feel him
    god bless tomz

  19. That was REALLY nice. We constantly question the existence of God but he is there everywhere. Often showing up in simple people and situations. Yeah sure, he must be reading all those blogs before any of us post them. And I am sure he is now sitting on my fingres as I type this comment :-)

  20. @Meera Govind

    Thank you..yes i remember, in one such a time, i forgot to continue my story in an interesting way and instead i cut the story abruptly..u know it was because, that was a not a story..simply some broken pieces frm my own life..


    Thank you, happy to give u a smile


    smile some times..its good..and thank you fr the comment


    I'm happy u reached here the right time to read it and comment..m blessed..


    thnaks fr hearing that..I want everything that you have written to be the truth and reality..But, unfortunately, I'm not sure..

  21. Wonderful post, Tom! Love your style of writing! And yes, God does exist. I'm a living example. I was not supposed to outlive the bike accident I had back on the 15th of May, 2008. You know how people in kerala respond to the victims of a road accident. No body bothers to even help the injured and often by the time the police or ambulance reaches them, it will be too late. I will explain to you the events which took place before and after the accident.

    I was in a similar phase like yours where I was unbelieving in God and often used to ask Him to show me in one way or either that He exists. I used to ask Him to talk to me or come visit me in a vision. I received none. I was in a period of depression at that time due to a few personal issues I've had. I wanted to believe in Jesus but I was the doubting Thomas who wanted to see and touch Him in order to believe. And yes, I did have my request granted from above.

    On the night of 14th May, 2008, I had traveled to my friend's place in Pullad, Pathanamthitta, to attend the church festival there. I reached there by 10 p.m. The next day morning, we decided to go to kottayam to buy a few things required for the church festival.. We were travelling on a pulsar with no helmets on either one of us.. On our way, in the kottayam - chenganaserry route, there was a maruti car which was parked on the gravel side of the road. There was no indication of any sort that it was about to take a U-turn, no indicator shown, the tyre wasn't even turned in that direction. As we came near the car, the driver suddenly swerved his car and got into our track. We sounded the bike's horn and the friend who was driving the bike changed his lane to the right, which is the wrong side for us. Hearing our horn, the driver who was an old guy, got afraid and thought he would try to U-turn faster so that he could complete it before we reach him... Well, it ended up us crashing his car in a 'T ' manner. The old guy was in a shell shock and was unable to move. I was thrown from the bike and fell atleast 15 metres away from the scene of accident. I had landed on my forehead and then my back. I was conscious and though I wanted to lift myself, I was unable to move. I was crying for help, though I doubted anybody could hear my raspy voice that I guess only I could hear.. All those articles I have read about accident victims dying while onlookers stared without extending any help flashed through my mind.. I cried to God that I wanted to at least talk to my parents and sister for one last time. Suddenly, I was lifted up and put in the back seat of an Ambassador car where my friend was already sitting. He too was bleeding on his head but was able to move his body.

  22. Now, here is the miracle and the way God showed me His existence. The accident had taken place right in front of a new Tata motors showroom, at the exact time when its inauguration ceremony was taking place. The ceremony had just got over and the then MLA of that constitution who had come for inaugurating the showroom was getting out to leave when the accident happened. It was him and the police escort that was present there who had taken us to hospital. We were taken in the ambassador's personal car, and it was the car's siren blaring which cleared the traffic ahead of us and helped us reach the nearest hospital, Pushpagiri.. If not for them, we would have been stranded at the accident scene and by the time help reached, things might have been late that I wouldn't be now typing all these things to you now. I was bleeding profusely from my head, a patch of flesh from my top head where I landed was missing and my hands and legs where I was dragged upon the tarred road were bleeding... On my way, I prayed to God, that if given a second chance at life, I would make my life worthwhile in His eyes. It was a pledge I had given to Him and He fulfilled His part. And I am alive to fulfill mine. The doctor told me that if I had landed just 2 inches away from the injury I had on my head ( 4 stitches and a patch missing altogether), I would have had no chance of survival. I was hit at a point which by God's grace and planning, was the hardest point in the skull, the top skull, the densest and hardest bone in our body.. Two inches away, the back of the skull, which would easily disintegrate on impact, and I would have been dead or as good as dead... And this was the miracle I was looking for, this was the proof of Good I had been seeking and I got it in a painful yet miraculous way. God knew I wouldn't have accepted a lesser miracle than this..

    I do not know whether this would convince you whether God exists or not, but when I read your post, I felt this sudden urge to tell you about it. Maybe my accident had a different purpose too. Maybe it was planned by God that one day I would read your blog post out of nowhere ( I found the link you posted in Mr. Sunny Joseph's facebook status , I was online at the time ) and tell you about my experience and how I changed from an unbeliever to a believer... Keep writing, brother! Stay blessed!! :)

    Alwyn George

  23. Hello Alwyn

    My experience was a small one. You know, I'm always in search of something to write fr my blog. Whatever I experience, will usually become my subject for a blog post the next day, if it is not too embarrassing. And for a few months back, I started to doubt the existence of God, I am an agnostic now, though not a formal one. SO this incident I had, made me think to merge the compassionate behavior of a passerby and my agnostic beliefs. SO that's how I made this post.. and you know, I'm proud of being able to write this post. I consider this one my best so far..

    and thank you very much for narrating your experience here. People who read my post will also appreciate your experience, i'm sure.

    Thank you

  24. Good to know there are some good samaritans out there sent by god or otherwise.

  25. yes...there r some good samaritans too..v mostly forget abt them..

  26. Dear Tomz,
    that is a witty post! I never read what the other bloggers have written in the comments before me (and as I saw while scrolling down, one has almost written an essay :-), but I am convinced that they all admire it! Synchronicity is a very interesting phenomenon (see Carl Jung), and as a Taoist I do see sense in it.
    You used a good change of perspective in your tale - that gives it interesting movement. Love that!

  27. Very interesting and clever post...don't we all want him/her to exist? but the world around shatters that possibility little by little.
    A mature post with humour in its premise...a delight to read. Loved the twist in the end.

  28. @Petty Witter

    Yes exactly that's my point, by god or by otherwise. But, We can't give a proof for anything..




    Hi britta, thanks for that wonderful comment..I'm not so much learned in taosism and carl Jung..though I heard a lot about them..Synchronicity is what that called, rite?

    And special thanks for identifying the different perspective treatment, which i used...


    Thank you rekha..I am happy to know that u liked my post..Yes, to the best of my knowledge and conscience everyone wants him to exist..

  29. awesome awesome awesome!!!
    that was too good , thoroughly enjoyed it.
    atleast what have you decided- god exists ? yes or no? me=yes.


  30. @Vjay

    Thank you very much fr the appreciation..Happy that u enjoyed it thoroughly..

    Well..I've not yet reached any conclusion, God may or may not exit. But we can't sense it our intelligence, better we may turn our brains to religions..

  31. I too think its your best blog so far... you developed a nice story and an interesting POV from a simple incident...

    Keep it up bro,

  32. hey buddy yr blog header is so nice yar..teach me na..wish i was not tech illiterate..:)

  33. You are welcome at my new post-

  34. Haha, this is hilarious. Looks like you were truly inspired from heaven for this post. I'm an aetheist myself, but I do appreciate the odd bit of divine inspiration!

  35. @Joms

    Thanks bro..it has multi-POV


    thanks fr that appreciation..but actually there is nothing tech


    thank you


    sure, will visit them


    I dunno actually, if I was inspired frm heaven..u r an atheist? I'm curious to hear what makes you think like that..but i'm against nobody's views..and I love the last sentence u wrote..

  36. I hope God doesn't mind, but I beg to differ with Him. I have never read any "usual craps" here, and I don't think it will ever be written here. It's all good, every word.

    I'm glad the man with the Sprite bottle paid attention to the Spirit who prodded him to help you. Have you found an opportunity to do the same kind of thing? What am I saying. Of course you have!

  37. Wonderful imagination....very different...really enjoyed reading your story :)

  38. @Walk2write

    That's such an encouraging comment. I feel I am already elated to heaven :) yes and that's a question. Do we people really care about listening to the Spirits who prod us to help others? Thoughtful one.


    Thank you Tan. I am happy that you enjoyed it..

  39. Good imagination! That is what I call 'a twist in the tale'.

    Belief in God is a personal experience.No point in much arguments.

  40. @Doc

    Only the case of the God is imagination. The rest is actual happening.

    yes, I too think, it is a personal experience..

  41. Yeah Tom I remember this.. God is guides us in whatever we do.!

  42. LoL this was fun to read... :)


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