Jul 24, 2013

Password – A Short Film

Vanity Moments completes 6 years in the Blogosphere today. This post is a dedication.

Six years back, when I joined the social media sites out of sheer curiosity, starting with Orkut, and later shifting to Facebook, while creating identities in many of the other popular social media sites, I never imagined that the online living was going to influence me in such a gigantic way. I never envisioned that there I could find a second world, a different way of living, encompassed with all the emotions and relationships that humans possess in the real world.

Six years back, on a July 24 just like today, when I created a space in the Blogopshere with such a silly reason of finding an online space to flaunt an amateur video that I created during my studentship days, I never guessed that the same blog was going to be a part of my life after that. I never knew, as my Blogging life progresses, I was also acquiring a second citizenship in the virtual world, with rights and spirits, with friends around to tease and get teased. I am personally thanking to all those in the virtual world, who have supported me during many occasions of hardships and adversities, with nice words of consolation, and soothing pats on my soul.  

My latest short film Password is a dedicated to my friends and experiences that I earned from the online world. It is completely inspired from my own personal experiences. Since the Blogging habit has led me to building great friends that I met only via online, this is the best day to post it in my blog.

Please take some time to watch the short film online, and let me know what you think about it. Also share with me if any of the incidents narrated in this has touched you in any way.

Thank You!

September 19, 2013: Update

There was a small write-up about the film in Deccan Chronicle on September 14, 2013

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