Dec 28, 2015

Kashmiri Dolls - A Whodunnit Short Film

Many of my long time readers might remember the advances I made in writing fiction related to the genres like suspense thriller, horror, and detective in this blog. As part of my stints in short film making, a work dealing with detective fiction was made in 2014 and was circulated via YouTube, apart from screening in some reputed festivals in Kerala.

The short film is titled 'Kashmiri Dolls'. But ironically it has nothing to with Kashmir, but it is related to dolls a lot. As we know, kids love dolls. In this story there are plenty of dolls in a house, and the kid in the house likes to play with them. But, what if she notices something irregular in the dolls? She will be worried right? In our short film, everyone in the family rather got scared.

I am not spoiling the suspense of the story, I suggest you watch it yourself, and let me know your comments. Apart from handling the story, screenplay, and direction departments, I have done the lead role, that is of a brainy but lazy character. I think I have done justice to the character in portraying him as an amateur detective, to a certain favorable extent. Up to you.

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