Jul 22, 2014

Interview: Satisfashion and its Girls

Today, I would like to introduce an interesting website run by a group of young people from Brazil. The website is called Satisfashion, which is primarily available in Portuguese language. This blog has French and English versions, which are also simultaneously running, making it an interesting and successful entrepreneurship. Let’s meet today the three Brazilian belles who are behind this work. They are Roberta Valadão(27), Kamila Frutuoso(23), and Babi Bernardo(25), editors of the blog. 

Girls, welcome to Vanity Moments

Tomz: About your venture, Satisfashion Brazil, what does it mainly deal with?

Roberta: Satisfashion is a very different website, because it is one of the few bilingual websites here in Brazil dealing with fashion, beauty, culture, and lifestyle.

Tomz: How did you come to the idea of starting a blog for Brazilian fashion? Personally, I run a fashion webstore myself at TripAttires.com featuring travel fashion clothes for men and women. Is your website a similar one? Or, is about only the fashion industry in Brazil? Or does it cover world fashion too? 

Roberta Valadão
Roberta:  The blog “was born” after a brainstorm session with Babi. We wanted a place to share our ideas and everything that we believe as cool on internet. Satisfashion was released in February this year.

Satisfashion is not just a fashion blog, because we speak about different issues, like the upcoming movies, art expositions, books, etc. But when it comes to fashion, we have a concern of speaking about the fashion all around the world, not only from Brazil. Thus, we really like to introduce new designers and brands to our readers; one of them is Bonita Cor from the fashion designer, Márcia Braga. 

Tomz: How did you bump into the curious title, Satisfashion? What does it mean? 

Babi: The name was inspired from the song Satisfaction, by the British group The Rolling Stones.

I was singing and playing with the word Satisfaction. Suddenly, I thought that the word Satisfashion would sound very nice for a fashion blog. I personally interpret the beginning part Sati as encompassing of all kind of topics that make us happy!

Tomz: Is Blogging a mainstream career in Brazil? Are the bloggers in Brazil well accepted? 

Kamila: Yes, here in Brazil it is very common to be a blogger and the career is growing more and more every day. But still, there are many people who do not consider blogging as a job, but overall we are well accepted here. 

Tomz: For Vanity Moments readers, could you please share a few of your nice memories and bad experiences as a Blogger? 
Kamila Frutuoso

Kamila: I encounter pleasant moments daily. We can see the appreciation from the readers through their comments. I feel really touched when the readers comment that they enjoyed our posts, or when they reply to our posts that they now know an issue because of our website, which they were previously unaware of.

We had one bad memory also, which happened due to misunderstanding, during the beginning of our blog. That time, we had just started the business. But now everything goes perfect. We are learning a lot daily. 

Tomz: Do you have any hobbies? Tell me about your pastime activities. 

Kamila: I do not have a specific hobby, but I usually go out with friends, watch movies and walk along the beach. I like skating, and I hope to soon get into a roller derby league 4!

Roberta: Reading, and watching TV shows!

Babi: Reading, going to the movies with my fiancé Thadeu Rodrigues, and hanging out with friends.

Tomz: You have lots of fans, friends and followers from India (I am also one of them). How did you start to connect with your Indian friends? 

Babi: I started interacting with my foreigner friends through Orkut (May rest in peace). I really love all of them. They were always very supportive and caring and now they extend that support to Satisfashion also :)

We have a huge audience in India!

Babi Bernardo
Tomz: As a fashion blogger, what do you feel about Indian traditional costumes? If you feature any costumes from Indian fashion world, what would be it? 

Babi: Sari, no doubt! I love this Indian dress! It’s so mysterious! 

Tomz: Can you share a few details about the film industry in Brazil? Do you think your fashion blog can do something for Brazilian film industry? 

Babi: The film industry here in Brazil needs attention. We have been producing many good stories for the big screen but we have some cultural problems, because our people prefer American movies to our native ones. I think it’s important to share and support our native productions. Nowadays, Satisfashion commented about an upcoming an independent production called Me + You. All the money for the movie has been raised through the crowd funding.

Apart from Roberta, Camila and Babi, a few more youngsters are part of the venture, including Babi’s fiance Thadeu.

Members of Satisfashion:

Thadeu Rodrigues – Financial Director; 23 years old
Lívia Araújo -  Books Columnist; 21 years old
Jefferson Alves – Music Columnist; 20 years old
Bruna Andrade – Humor Columnist; 21 years old

Vanity Moments wishes good future to Satisfashion Brazil!

Jul 15, 2014

Chat with Shetall Ramsinghani

I happened to meet Shetall Ramsinghani a few months back through social media. Shetall is a Delhi based blogger and a writer, who has published two books, “Love beyond Veils”, and “The Golden Hour”.

Shetall’s writings appear to me as ‘a soothing, and silent celebration of solitude’!

It’s surprising to see her thoughts mix melancholy with romance; and sometimes with an additional tinge of fantasy. On certain writings, I found her thoughts courting with the nature. Her writings very unexpectedly take us from present to past in a very swift shift through the memory lane.

Here she is talking about her latest work, “The Golden Hour”.

VM: Who is the author “behind” the book?

Shetall: Hi, I am Shetall Ramsinghani born and bought up in New Delhi and presently working for a Diplomatic Mission i.e. for a foreign government for their office in India. I have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University. My first book Love beyond Veils was a book of poems which was created with my thoughts and with the guidance of my higher self.
Shetall Ramsinghani

Later on I started participating in various competitions also and won U.K pet poetry competition in 2013.

VM: Do you have any particular literary influences that have helped you develop in your genre, subject and style?

Shetall: No, I write my heart out 

VM: Please briefly describe your book. 

Shetall: The Golden Hour is my second book which was released on 06th June, 2014 by Partridge India publication. It has short imaginary stories of what I have seen and observed in my daily life. The Golden Hour is a varied and exciting collection of short stories with situations we face in our daily lives in cities. Some have the irony of life and some give you the strength and positive energy to move ahead no matter how life treats you. I have dedicated this book to my late grandfather Shri Gopal Das Ramsinghani, who passed away in August, 2013. The one who taught me how to live life with morals.

VM: What inspired you to write your book and how long did it take you to finish it? 

Shetall: My grandfather was very fond of reading short stories and he enjoyed reciting them to me every evening after I returned home from work. After I lost him in August 2013, I recalled how he used to divert my mind from daily humdrum with the stories he used to read during the day after retirement. It  took me an year to finish this book as I am a working woman and when priorities gets mixed with passion it does take time.

VM: What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

Shetall: Logic can take you from A to B but imaginations can take you anywhere and everywhere. Come join my imaginations while reading my stories and for a while live in your own world. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

VM: Are you working on a sequel to your book? 

The Golden Hour
The Golden Hour Cover
Shetall: No, I would be working on a different project now. It would be a totally different experience for me and of course a new era with learning for me and the readers

VM: Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

Shetall: I have been promoting my book through social media and recently got my book reviewed by a journalist also. Please find the link here.

VM: What advice would you give to aspiring authors? 

Shetall: Live your passion, you have only one life 

Thank you Shetall for the time spent with Vanity Moments.
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