May 23, 2009

After Traveling Twenty Thousand Kilometers

It all happened on a day as a daydream when the rain was drizzling slightly. With the wind’s to and fro, the showering mizzles were stroking the shades of shops, open umbrellas and the speeding vehicles alike. I was driving slowly as I was waiting for one exiting thing to happen. Let us say that, I have been keeping myself ready to watch this incident, which is about to happen at any time, as I had a regret in my heart due to my failure to witness an almost similar incident, which occurred exactly 10000 kms back on my driving path. So, this time, I was all set to watch this special event. And, if I miss this incident this time also, I have to wait for yet another thousand kilometers (years and more) to witness it next time.
People, you don’t misunderstand me! I am not talking about any Olympics like incident, or an election or any such sorts of thing. I am talking about witnessing the most important thing in my ‘sincere bike’s’ life. Exactly thousand kilometers back, it recorded the meter reading as 10000. Yes! The digit one followed by four zeros. After traveling thousand kilometers more, now it is going to show 20000, that means, 2 followed by four consecutive zeros.
I again watched my meter gauge, it is now 19999 kilo meters and 4 meters, which was just two meters back when I started from my room after finishing my lunch a few seconds ago on the way back to my office. By this time I have just passed the byroad to enter another one. After driving through the second byroad for a few more seconds, I reached a main road. I know the route from my room to office by heart, as it is the route of my routine travel. I was in the second gear and I glanced at my meter gauge again to see that now it reads 19999 and 7. After driving a few more meters in the second gear, I took a rightward turn to reach another byroad, which leads to my office. Now I saw with my thieving left eye that the meter shows 19999 and 9. I was in my third gear and I shifted it to second to watch the incident clearly.
With my bumping heart I was watching the whole occurrence so clearly. When the 9 went upward and a zero came in place, I watched a 20000 slowly entering the view panel of my meter gauge by pushing the 19999 out, just like a newborn chicken breaks it eggshell to enter the outer world. It was a delightful sight to watch.

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