Jun 13, 2010

One more achievement, 30,000!

“Time runs fast, yet no changes made”

This was also a day similar to the one described in one of my earliest posts titled “After Travelling 20,000 Kilometers”, in which I drove my bike after lunch from my room to the office anticipating an exciting thing to happen. Just like the climate described in that post, this day also was marked with slight drizzling and wet breeze.

It was in the last May, on a rainy day, my bike’s speedometer registered 20,000 kilometers. After which, one year has passed, and on yesterday, while returning by my bike from my office to room in the evening, I saw with my ‘thieving left eye’, the sight of a digit 30,000 appears to the view panel of my speedometer by pulling up a hesitant 29,999.

I don’t call it an achievement, but still the choice of the title of the post is a question. I got a comment for the post narrating the one year back incident from one of my occasional readers. The blogger friend congratulated me for my ‘achievement’ and when last day I noticed a 29,997 on my bike’s speedometer, I thought about recording it in my blog, since at present I am really running out of subjects.

At each point of this ‘achievement’, I stopped my bike and took different photographs using my mobile cam. I planned to take the snap of the moment when my speedometer shows exactly 30000 – 0, of which the last digit denotes 100 meters. If you travel 100 meters more, the digit will be 30000-1. But, unfortunately, when I stopped my bike, the reading was between 0 and 1 after 30000 kilometers. I thought about pulling my bike a little bit backwards, so that I can take the snap of exactly 30000-0. But you know! Speedometer is like Time, there is no going back and hence the so called ‘Time travelling’ is not possible.

It’s the time of a self analysis. What changes have happened to me during the 10000 kilometers time? To tell frankly, no changes at all! Expect my job shift to a new company, I am using the same jacket, staying at the same place and hanging out with the same friends.
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