Dec 25, 2013

Murphy’s Law

Happy Christmas and New Year wishes to all!

Today I want to write about Murphy ’s Law! What is Murphy’s Law? It is an adage or witty saying that people usually take as true as they have seen its application in their own lives in one way or the other. If giving a definition is necessary, the Murphy’s Law has been stated as 'Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!'

'Anything that can wrong, will go wrong'? What is that? Well, I was expecting that question. I first happened to hear about this curious law some years back, even before I started blogging. That time, the person who initiated me into blogging had written a post with the same title, and then I also thought it was true, especially since I am a pessimist, yes! I also believe, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, especially when we madly need a situation in which everything comes right.

I can just cite an example to explain this theory. Suppose you go to college (or office) everyday by your scooter. You daily start your journey from home at a routine time. Your scooter is your best trustworthy companion, it never puts you in trouble, and you had never faced a situation in which you are stuck at road side because of any malfunction from your scooter. But this evening your professor asked you to come class the next morning one hour earlier, as he had to complete his portions a bit faster since semester is coming to an end. The professor had already noted you, since you had failed many times in that subject. So, in case you do not attend his class, you will be facing some earthquakes.

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But, you are not worried, you plan to be awake in the morning one hour earlier and set alarm accordingly. But alas! the next morning the alarm failed to ring you on time, and you have only a few minutes to get prepared. You complete your bathroom affairs in haste, skip your breakfast and jump upon your scooter just like a warrior on horseback, and kick on kicker, but, there is no response. The scooter is not working, may be due to empty fuel tank or any other technical problem. May be due to an unknown wire in its complicated mechanism that lost its joint. But you have no time to waste! You run to the nearby bus stop. You know a bus that goes through your college door, which has a stopover in front of your house. You look at the watch, which shows 8:37am, yes the bus will be there in five minutes. You wait and wait, but no buses come. You don’t know what went wrong. After fifteen minutes waiting, you plan to go a pinion ride by requesting someone coming that way on a two wheeler. No one responds to your waving arm. At last you get someone’s lift, and it is the noisy scooter of the fish merchant. You travel with him, and he drops you at a point where you need to walk five minutes to reach your college. 

You practically run, and reach your class room.  The class has already begun, and the Professor looks at you with his furious eyes. You apologise and enter the class room. Everyone’s is preying eyes fall on you with an impish smile. The professor comes close and asks you to show him the last days note. You search in the bag; all books are there, except the one your teacher has asked. 

I can see you everyone is smiling. Yes this is a typical example for Murphy’s Law. Now you all are agreeing with me that you also have faced the same situation many often. 

Sample ImageLast week, when I was spending some moments with my friend, I mentioned Murphy’s Law. My smart phone has trouble in displaying the messages. When I touch on the message option, it appears and closes automatically in one or two seconds. I said my friend that I have this issue, and touched on the message button for a demonstration. The messaging option opened and we waited for some moments to see it automatically closes. But nothing happened, it didn’t close. That’s why I say, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

I said about Murphy’s Law to some of the artists at my third short films location (yes, currently it is happening). When I explained it with the help of the aforementioned examples, everyone was smiling and nodding in an approving manner, admitting they too had faced it many times. By the way,have you seen the space film Gravity? Yes,they say Gravity has some application of this wretched theory.

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