Mar 15, 2011

Interview Experience and Two Ghost Tales

Before going to Bangalore to attend a conference last week, I had a plan to post two ghost tales, which were very popular in my region in Kerala. I don’t remember, how many times had I heard these two tales with slight modifications from many local human sources and also there is no count for how many people had heard those two tales from my own mouth.

But while on my two days trip to Bangalore, NRI Girl, a popular blogger mailed me asking my participation in an ongoing interview series that she conducts among her Blogger friends. Being a blogger, who, during the last two years, produced some posts, which were received well by my good Blogger friends, I was also considered by the NRI Girl as an eligible candidate worthy to be interviewed by her. Here is the link to the interview in which I answered to some of her nice questions. Thanks to her for giving me an opportunity to explain the reason for my interest in blogging.

Here are the horror stories as promised. In the first one, a man was walking in midnight through the isolated country sides after watching the second show from a theatre in town. In Kerala, you can see at least one town associated with a village in most of the areas, and thus the whole Kerala state is counted by many as a semi-urban settlement.

While walking to home, he met a guy. Since our man was alone, he thought about walking in the company of the other chatting something so that none of them would feel the boredom of travelling alone in the night. At a point, the fellow traveler took out a cigarette and match box from his pocket. While trying to light the match stick, the match box toppled and fell on the ground. Seeing this, our man bent down to help the other to get the match box. While picking up the match box from the ground, with a shock, he noticed the feet of his fellow traveler. His feet were actually those of a buffalo. 

Horrified, our man soon escaped from the spot running. After covering many furlongs, he saw a person wearing a dhoti walking at a distance. He ran to him and tried to explain what had happened between him and his fellow traveler,

“There…there...a man...the buffalo-footed man…”, he said while panting heavily.

The other one watched him with inquisitive eyes. With a mysterious smile, he raised his dhoti a bit and asked our man,

“Didn’t his feet look like mine?”

Our man looked at what was the new person pointing and with a chill in his heart found this new person also had the feet of a buffalo….!

Ok, now the second tale. It was a moon-lit day and two fellows were travelling on a jeep in the midnight time. On the way, they had to drive through the steep hair-pin roads that went uphill. When took a new curve, they saw in front, a woman with a new born child, waving at them. These guys stopped the jeep and inquired her how was she left alone with her child at that late night time. She replied that she lost her way and requested a lift on the jeep till the forest ends. 

They agreed and continued driving with her and her child at the back seat of the jeep. After travelling a few more distance and covering some more dangerous hare-pin curves, they heard some noise from the back seat. One of them turned back to see what’s the source of the noise. With a startle, he saw the woman with a horrid look, with viscous blood oozing through the edges of her mouth, was eating her own child sitting at the back seat.

The police inquired about the mysterious case of the mother eating her own child and came up with some interesting findings. This hilly region was where some illegal activities like prostitution and woman trafficking used to take place during the night time. The child eating mother’s was a story fabricated by the criminals behind the illegal activities to stop the night time journeys through that area.  
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