Dec 29, 2012

5 Methods to Get Permanent Straight Hair

My hair and hair cutting experiences have become themes for posts in this blog many often. When I was little boy, I had very straight hair, almost golden colored, that used to fall on my forehead, in a disobedient manner. Though my parents and elder sister tried to set my hair with a side divide using a comb, they used to have often failed. So, they ultimately stopped combing my hair.

But while growing up, my hair slightly began to change its inherent nature. My hair used to become wavy, and if I let it grow more than usual for a boy, it displayed very intrinsic and complicated curls. Many often I used to think about the advantages of straight hair, just like the type of hair I had during my childhood days. Often I thought about making my curls straight using modern mechanical means. But, I never had attempted it, by going beyond the innocent day dreams of having straight hair.

Blogger with his curious curls
Smoothening using creams and medicines, straightening, ironing, etc are some of the modern methods to make straight hair out of curls or wavy ones. But, to my best knowledge, none of these methods would give you permanent straight hair. So, I used to think in a crazy manner about the various techniques by which we can possess permanent straight hair. Many of them are brilliant ideas, and so, you can choose the one among the following, which looks the most appropriate for you.

Experience goose-bumps. Have you ever noticed your hair on your body stand straight when you undergo extreme emotions, such as, fear, nostalgia, pleasure, euphoria, etc? Yes! Find the chemical that causes goose-bumps, and inject them to your hair follicles, so that you will always feel goose-bumps, and as a result, permanent straight hair.

Be a child once again. From my own life story, it is clear that, kids used to have straight hair. Going back to your childhood and remain a child forever is one of the best methods to have permanent straight hair.

Have a lifelong bath. When I bath, I used to notice my curls get straightened. Bathing is one of the rare occasions when I see the optimum length of my otherwise entangled, curled up, and knotted hair. So, keeping yourself under the shower lifelong is another method that I recommend to get permanent straight hair.

Blogger trying out his life long bath method 
Manipulate dictionary. This is one of the easiest methods to have permanent STRAIGHT hair. Take your dictionary; expand the meaning of the word 'straight' in your dictionary. Add terms such as,wavy, curly, frizzy, permed, etc as synonyms of the word 'straight'. Also go to the word 'curly' and its synonymous words, and give the word 'straight' as its meaning. Now you can freely tell anyone that you have straight hair. If someone expresses doubt, show your dictionary and you are the ultimate winner.

Goebbelsian Propaganda. This is also another effective method to get permanent straight hair. According to the belief of German Nazi Politician Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, if we repeat a lie thousand times it will become a truth. So, just tell everyone a thousand times that you have straight hair. You can propagate the same lie by sticking posters, by advertising in newspapers and televisions, by recording it in your on sound using a recorder, and by keeping it playing on to people who suspects you; so that they will eventually begin to believe that you are telling the truth, that you have permanent straight hair. 
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