Dec 16, 2012

Spending with Bloggers, a Winey Evening

One thing that worried me much during my five years long blogging life was the absence of networking platforms for bloggers in Kerala. Bloggers who opt to write in Malayalam language have a huge fine-bound network here, but the bloggers who prefer a foreign language to express their ideas are very timid here in networking comparing to the other group.

But recently I have been invited along with a few Cochin bloggers for a meet, and you know, it wasn't a usual Blogger get-together, but was a wine tasting event, that too only for bloggers. The event was sponsored by Four Seasons group, and was organized by Ginger Claps, a social media marketing company. 

The event was hosted by Mr. Amit Chavan, who surprised us with his knowledge in wines, its varieties, history, uses, and all. Wine can be classified in many ways in different varieties. Based on its color, wines are prepared in red, rose and white variants. A different classification categorizes wines into still, sparkling and fortified. Wine can be dry, medium or sweet, according to a third classification.

There is something called Responsible Consumption, when the alcoholic attribute of wines is taken into consideration. World Health Organization sets some standards for men and women regarding wine consumption. The prescribed amount of wine consumption varies for men and women.  310 ml is suggested for men, while 230 ml is prescribed for women. This means, roughly 3 glasses and 2 glasses for men and women respectively.

Looking back to the history, previously wine production was prominent in Europe, (especially France) and some parts of Mediterranean, and hence the production from these areas is called Old World Wine. In contrast with this, the New World Wine refers to the production in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States, where wine production relatively claims very short history. 

Don’t think we were sitting all the time listening to Amit’s speech on wine varieties and the way we need to taste wine. Initially 'Chenin Blanc’, the white wine variety was served, and the way he demonstrated sipping it was funny. We were asked to create a smacking sound using our lips after taking the first sip. I don’t think any of the bloggers was successful in creating that sound. Red wine was served next. It was too unique with its peculiar name 'Shiraz’, but the taste of it did not come out as good as we expected. Many felt that white wine was better in taste than the red one, quite reverse to the impression we had in our mind automatically formed based on their colours. 

It was a great opportunity for me to meet and spend quality time with some of the heard and unheard Cochin bloggers. Time passed quickly with Nevin, Shrijith, Ousu, Santhosh, Jamie, Liz, Shalet, Anisha, Brian, Debs and others, in the chic ambiance of the AVA Lounge of Hotel Dream in Cochin. We all had some wonderful memorable moments getting to know each other and sharing the individual blogging habits. Never knew that Cochin has such a wonderful pack of creative bloggers. Before leaving, Amit gifted each of us a bottle of Four Season’s white wine variety, Chenin Blanc. Now, that is what I have to preserve for the coming Christmas.

Thank You Ginger Claps for organizing such a wonderful event!!
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