Dec 7, 2011

The Forgotten Playmate

Nineteen Nineties. The place, as I envisioned, is where one can be in the ambiance of the suburban pastoral beauty, while having the nearest town just a call away. There you see kids in uniforms walk in a sympathetic haste through muddy roads, and you hear the giant bell of the nearby church toll intermittently.

Our protagonist is a small girl of the house, who had been celebrating her tender age under the care of her parents and the love of grandparents. The elderly people at her neighborhood were also not stingy in showering unfathomable affection upon her. Though she never felt lonely in the nearness of her dear ones, what she loved most was the occasional visits by the little kids from a distant place at her favorite neighbor.

Those kids used to be there on visits at their grandma, especially during vacations. She made good friendship with them, and it became a habit for her to wait for their visit during the long holidays. Once they came home, they used to involve in several games, like, hide n’ seek. Imagining the shades of the big mango tree at her patio as the kitchen, and treating mud as rice and coconut shells as pots, they had mock cookery practices. When the grandma of that house went to the feast of the church with her visiting grandchildren, clinging on the wrinkled palms of that elderly woman, she also had accompanied them.

Years passed by. Our little girl grew up. The changes happened to her during the passage of time, made her aware of her womanhood. Just like any other girl from Kerala, she also had to censor her movements, behavior and interaction with the opposite sex. When finished her college, she went to India’s Garden city, Bangalore, for higher studies. 

Bangalore, as always, was a dream. There in that big city, she found the meaning of freedom. For the first time after those long forgotten magical childhood days, she felt that she was liberated. Finding herself walking even in the late hours through the pavements of the city, she enjoyed that kind of freedom, reserved till then to the male category only. But alas, soon maturity overtook her sense of freedom.

She returned to her native place after the studies, and later found a job in a company in Cochin. It was the same company, where this Blogger also joined later. One day, as part of new appointments, she happened to interview a young guy. Despite of his timid nature, she found him capable of doing the tasks; but his candidature was rejected by some other means. A few months later, he was interviewed for another profile by some different people of the same company, and he was selected.

Several days after his joining, one day, he showed up at her desk, and asked,

“Do you remember me?”

She said, “Well, you were there for the interview!”

He said, “Apart from that, don’t you think we had met before?”

Though she had found some familiarity in the hesitant nature of the boy, she couldn’t recollect in what way he was familiar to her. She admitted her failure.

He breathed slightly, and after a pause, said in melancholic tone, “We used to play, during vacations, when we were children, on my visit with my sisters at my grandma’s house. We used to play hide n seek, under that giant mango tree, beneath which, we had cooked rice of mud in coconut shells; we used to go to church festivals, with my grandma…”, he searched for words.

She stood still electrified, while taking time to identify the youngest one of the neighboring grandma’s grandchildren.

One day, desperately thinking about the topic for the next post of Vanity Moments, this Blogger met her. During the normal conversation, he asked her to contribute a topic. When she reminded him of the story of her Ouija board experiment, which she told him a few months before, he encouraged her to tell another story, since he had already written enough number of horror stories.

And, then she started to tell him the story of her forgotten playmate from the beginning.


  1. Nice Story Tom, Does your story have life?

  2. Good one! Didn't quite get the last paragraph though...

  3. Tom....I would always love to read your blog post.I agree with NRI girl...last para? Keep on writing...

  4. meeting childhood friends after a long time is really a pleasure..and good luck too:)

  5. @Dileep

    Thanks. I write everything inspired from life, either mine or of some other one I know..

    @NRI Girl

    Thanks..Thats nothing particular. She had told me another experience related to Ouija board. I asked her to tell a defferent story. So she told me this one..


    Thank You


    I am happy to hear that. I hope you read my previous horror posts also..:D

    Last para is simple. refer to the comment above..


    Yes..thats a pleasure. Have you ever experienced that pleasure..?

  6. Meeting a friend from childhood is like flash back where we see ourselves as we once were at a time and place we can never go back to..! What is the last part of the post?Did not understand...!

  7. WOWWOW .. I am sure you know my takeon this friendship and childhood friends ..

    so what was the story she said :)


  8. wow, nice one...pity she didn't remember him while he did.

  9. @meera

    Yes..yes..yes..what u said exactly is defining that feeling..and about the end part, sorry I was not much relaxed while writing the end part, so that was an abrupt cut. I asked her a topic for my blog. She had told me earlier her Ouija board experience, but I asked her to tell me a different

    then she started to tell me the story of her forgotten playmate from the beginning.


    As a regular follower of ur blog, I certainly know what do u think about childhood days and friendships..

    yeah, I think I can tell the Ouija board story later..


    Now..she also feels pity for not identifying him

  10. as everyone here said..nice story indeed..buddy thanks yar...

  11. Wow.... good one.... that playing as kids with coconut shells brought back memories :-)

  12. With all of your interesting thoughts and experiences, I can never imagine you desperately thinking of a topic for your next blog post. Does this story of the young lady and a certain young man continue?

  13. Good story and interesting coincidence. It is always wonderful to meet someone from days gone by especially those we never expect to meet again.

  14. nice..quite interesting ,,,..
    but my question is do you recognise?
    ...or its jus natural..

  15. Nice one indeed. And this one again brings back memories for me too. Very well written.

  16. Very beautiful and interesting story. Its always nice and a moment of joy to meet with our school and college friends after a long time.
    You are welcome at my new posts-

  17. A rather melancholy and nostalgic story, I liked it very much. Although the bit abut the job interview reminds me that I should really be writing my covering letter again...

  18. Good one Tom....

    A nostalgic post...:)

  19. hii.. Nice Post

    Thanks for sharing

    For latest stills videos visit ..

  20. hi boss long time no post what ya..

  21. @rameshji

    Thanks yar..sorry for my late comment


    I am happy to know that u have similar memories


    U wont believe..but that's some how the truth..At least in some phases I need to search topics for my posts desperately..and do u think I need to continue this story?


    Thank you.and yes that surely be a wonderful u have simlar experiences..??

  22. @harman

    I think I need to clarify some points..Its not me who recognised her..I am just a story teller. is a third person narrative..I am the narrator..there are two other characters..and he could identify her because he was very sharp


    Thank u..tell me ur memories abt the same topic..pls..


    hello buddy..thnks fr the visit..


    yes that will surely be a wonderful reunion..and I will ur visit ur blogs soon..because they are wonderful..

  23. @Emily..

    Thanks fr the comment..yes..and only now I come to think about such an odd perspective of my post..yes the case of the covering letter..


    Thankyou Irfanji


    Thnk You


    coming more


    Wishing you back..thanks fr informing ur post updates


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