Dec 22, 2009

Mysterious Affair at Thina Island

When sighted the rustic arch shaped bridge that connects the infamous Thina Island with the outer world, I stopped my bike for a few seconds hesitated. My comfortable travel ends here, I thought. Now I have to travel through the forest like terrains of the isolated Thina Island.

The Island was encircled with foul smelling dirty waters of the nearby backwater. The only connection between the Thina and outer world is the aforementioned bridge and it swayed in a dangerous way making some horrible echoing sounds as my bike climbed through the slippery surface of it.

A small cut road opened before me as I passed the bridge and with an agitated heart I turned the accelerator to ride my bike over the ups and downs of the broken path.

With my staring eyes I found myself inside a forest and the calmness of which was broken by the chirping of crickets in equal intervals. Three things my senses caught as queer were:

- A smell of blood mixed with the stinking odour of decayed dead body, which I took as coming from the centuries old huge dark trees

- The feeling of the presence of some unnatural things, though I had no clue on where this feeling was coming from

- The feeling that I had been keenly observed by some one, but I had no evidence to prove it

I drove further through the broken path of the isolated island searching for my hermit like friend. A writer himself, my friend had told me the way to reach his settling place and he had showed me a drawn map of the island. As he had told me, the Island is inhabited only by a strange race of fishermen, who have very different physical figures with dark complexion and powerful limbs and absolutely huge stature.

Following his hand drawn map, I reached a seemingly endless curve at the road. I saw something white moving at the end of the road in front. Within the next moment, it vanished. I stopped my bike. With some made up courage, I carefully drove my bike slowly and as I turned the curve of the road, I saw what scared me. It was a white goat with long beard. Surprised by the sound of the bike engine, it stopped grazing and stared at my eyes with no fear. With a relief I moved forward looking for my friend. ‘What thing on earth makes him to choose such a queer place for living?’ I asked myself.

Finally, a tiled old fashioned house was sighted at a distance. I was amazed seeing no other houses in the neighborhood. The house was in an absolute decayed condition. I stopped my bike in front of the small door of the surrounding outer wall of the house, which too was decayed and degenerated. As I stepped inside the compound of the house by pushing open the door of the outer wall, at the exact moment, my friend too appeared in front of the house by opening a cave like ancient door. He greeted me with glittering eyes and his usual cheerful manners.

We entered his room and I noticed him carefully locking the door. We talked about his new stories, and the films that he saw in recent times. Our conversation went on with no particular aim and I was not conscious about the passing time. When I felt that it was too late, I made up my mind to go. As a claustrophobic, I became suspicious about the locked door. I sensed something strange creeping inside the room and I frequently felt the presence of some unnatural things there.

“Am I being suffocated by something alien?” I asked in my mind.

I asked him, “You are staying here alone. Have you ever been encountered with the things that we call in stories with the name ghosts or superhuman?”

Hearing an unexpected question, he slowly raised his head and changing his look to the floor he said in a careless manner, “ha… something, sometimes, not frequently”.

“What?” I startled.

He cleared, “I usually feel something beats me while I am sleeping or writing my stories”.

I was mum and was staggering with no words. I noticed that he was not looking at me.

Suddenly, I heard some sharp thudding sound from the closed window at the left side of the room. I stared at the window and there was nothing. I looked at him and it was clear from his unchanged looks that he was unaware of such a sound. But, as far as I was concerned, not hearing such a sound inside that room was impossible.

While I was looking for a possible reason to prove this sound phenomenon, my friend raised his head and looking at me with twinkling eyes he said, “Have you seen an old mango tree there in front of the house? It was happened there!”

“What happened there?” I asked without a breath.

“The murder of that beautiful pregnant girl. It was nothing, happened a few years ago!” he said.

I startled. I saw a strange and queer smile at my friend’s face. With no further explanation I said, “I have to go, it is very late now”

“Want to go now? Spend a little bit more time,” he said.

“No! It is already late now,” I said trying to conceal my trembling sound.

“Okey!” he stood up and I hurried to open the bolts of the locked door with my shaky hands.

He helped me to open the door and after collecting my cap I stepped outside. When I turned back to say him goodbye expecting his usual twinkling eyes, I saw his eyes were covered then with a pair of glowing specks.

With no word, I ran through the open courtyard of the house. There was raining outside till a few minutes ago, I thought as I felt wetness on the ground. I jumped outside of the surrounding wall opening the locked small door. I was relieved seeing my sincere bike outside. I hurried to unlock the handle and my tension was not lessened till I started the engine by kicking the starter several times.

After driving a few meters away, I stopped my bike and looked back to see some eerie air escaping through the opened chimney of the house in the backdrop of an intense light.

NB: 1. The post is roughly based on a real life incident
2. I believe that the reported encounters with ghosts and inhuman things are manipulated by the human emotion called ‘fear’.

3. You can read the verse form of this same incident here in my Little Lyrics blog. I think the lyrics version is more


  1. interesting...what do u mean its based on real-life incidents?

    n cool comment before me ;)

  2. That picture is very fascinating..I also believe that all that ghosts are an imagination of our mind in fear.

  3. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year !!!!

  4. @Anonymous
    I don't love anonymous persons :(

    @Blunt Edges

    By writing that the story is based on real life incidents I mean that this has happened to me exactly how it is narrated except the fact that there were many other houses in the island.

    n I first thought about deleting the previous comment, and now I changed my mind after ur comment and my reply to the anonymous ;)

    @Mama Zen

    Thank You Ms Zen,
    and now I confess that I am not so frequent on blogger like you are.


    The same was my point of argument behind writing the story,
    and thank you very much
    Wish you a lovely new year to you also.

  5. I enjoyed your video but wonder if you could provide a transcript of your remarks in English? The visual effects were stunning, and I love the contrast of the ancient images with more modern ones.

  6. Thanks Walk2write, but this comment should have been posted to the post above..don worry..i can help u by reposting it there..


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