Oct 21, 2010

The Injection Enigma

About twenty years back, when our protagonist guy was just a small boy on shorts, a team of nursing students visited the school as part of social health check-up. The kids were asked to go to the staff room one by one to receive injection to get saved from any sort of fateful diseases that might have caught them. While standing in the queue at the door of the staff room, waiting for his turn, he heard his friend who had just gone inside, screaming out of pain while the injection needle piercing the vein. Already he had seen many of his friends coming outside of the room weeping forcefully and wiping their tears.

It was his turn the next. As soon as he stepped inside the room he faced the sisters who were filling up the syringe. In a proud manner with boosted up chest he declared,

“I won’t cry!”

Curiously the sisters looked him, and one of them asked him with affection,

“Ah, that’s good, but why don’t you cry dear?”

He had no answer to that complicated question. However there was a soliloquy, (I am Tomz! Tomz doesn’t cry!!)

He was telling the truth. He didn’t cry that day.

******   ****** ******   *****  ******  *******  ***

After twenty years, our protagonist grew up. He came to the capital city of his State and became a Blogger! One fine morning, he started to sneeze and cough. He felt that he too was caught by viral fever, and so decided to visit the hospital.

At hospital, he peeped at the doctor’s diary while he was writing the prescription. He got worried seeing the doctor writing for an injection to be administered to his young client. As soon as he stepped out of the doctor’s room, he immediately ran to the pharmacy. Meanwhile, the young nurse who was guided to give injection to our protagonist got worried without seeing him. She chased him and finally found him at the pharmacy in a hurrying mood.

She asked him,

“Don’t you want the injection the doctor prescribed?”

“Oh, was there an injection? I didn’t notice. Was that so much important?” he asked creating an innocent expression.

“Yes, the doctor marked that it was highly important. Please come!” 

He had no other choice except to follow her unwillingly. At the injection room, he cried and screamed, whenever the nurse made a move to inject him with medicated syringe. 

“Oh...God...Jesus...help me...help me...!” he cried when the needle pierced his vein on his hip.

The nurse mocked him, “heee heee, this Tomz brother is too afraid of injections!”

So, one can’t go on with his pretensions for long is the moral of the story.


  1. enjoyed reading it. for me the moment just before an injection or dressing of a wound was like a year. butter flies inside stomach..

  2. I liked the moral of the story the most!!!

  3. You didnbt write the ned of your last story:(.

    Moral of the story is good and true too.

  4. Was that the cry you stifled for twenty years? :p

  5. Hahahaha it seems you procrastinated to weep for 20 long years :-P

  6. he he..injections and medico's scare me even today..:P

  7. Injections are scary to everyone. Nice point.

  8. Good one there ....
    It took you 20 years to organise your tear ducts??? Actually, I am surprised the clinic was not flooded. ;P
    Point to ponder: why do brave kids grow up into snivelling adults?....

  9. congrats on 40th post buddy...u r a good guy and will go a long way boss..best wishes always:)

  10. You presented the idea neatly and of course very well... dear...
    I love you...

  11. You presented the idea neatly and of course very well... dear...
    I love you...

  12. It took 20 years to release all the pent-up tears! Well, I hate injections, medicines, hospitals, docs and all of that. I would perhaps never go voluntarily to get an injection ;p

  13. i hate injections tooo... if i can avoid i will...
    excellent way to put it all :)

    Bikram's blog

  14. @harish
    Thanks. Butterflies in the stomach. Thats a nice way to express ur feeling. congrats


    Thanks. Also welcome back to my blog after a brief interval. How goes d business?


    He has not contacted me. As you already know, I am not experienced to write anything from my imaginations.

    Thanks for the comment.


    Excellent Qn..Now I also feel so

  15. Good boy Tomz finally says the truth and becomes a man

  16. @Insignia

    You could say it was procrastination. To me it was pretension.


    Thank You


    So, we share that quality also.


    You too share my fear?


    And thats the second moral of the story.


    Thank You


    Thank you. I know it takes a year to get an appreciation from you


    Same here


    Don't scare! be a man like me :D :P ;)

  17. @Holy Lama

    Eh..what..I feel that I give u a stick and got back punishments..

  18. seriously?? so much racket?? :D
    u must have made the nurse's day :P


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