May 1, 2011

Dine Time Love Tales

While having lunch from outside today with my colleagues, the Workaholic described how his friend wooed a girl during college days. I remembered some similar occasions when my friends shared me some interesting love stories, which they had heard. 

The first such tale comes to my mind is the one told by X-EN-Tric. One evening, while waiting for the supplier to serve those usual junk items, he told me about his friend who settled now in Hyderabad. When appointed to a company during his initial days of career, he had an instant crush on the girl who interviewed him. If such a fancy ever occurs to him, he never hesitated to reveal that. He began to woo her and finally won that special place in her heart. By the time they became man and wife, he had acquired a superior position than hers in that company with his hard work and efficiency.
The second such story happened during the initial days of my college. Though it is not exactly a love story, I like to write it here simply because of the fun factor. While having lunch during the noon time inside our class rooms, we had a general discussion on girls; the way they dress, the way they talk, or the way some one was winked at. One of my friends shared an interesting thing about a special girl, who was our batch mate.

“Hey,” smilingly he invited our attention, “do you know the girl in the second batch who usually appears with a cheerful pretty smile?”

Anxiously I listened to him.

“Who? The bubbly one with curly hair?” someone asked.

“Yes! During the camp, she had a small doubt. When she shared it with other girls, they told her to ask it to a particular boy,” he said.

“And what was the doubt?”

“Well, she was open-minded and innocent. So, she didn’t understand that her friends were pulling her legs. She straightaway approached that boy and asked him with no introduction”

“Hi buddy, I have a small doubt. My friends said you know it well,” she said.

Happily he greeted her, “Hello girl, and what’s that small doubt?”

She said, “Well...err...what’s a condom?”. He shocked for a while and stood speechless for some moments. It is a well known fact that the conservative Indians do not appreciate any talk between man and woman, if it is related to sex. Unfortunately, this girl didn't know that condom was related to sex.

“Eh...what did you ask?” unable to believe his own ears, he asked.

“Condom? You know that well, right? Condom? What’s that?" she repeated her question. 

He said, “Well, that’s a funny thing. To tell the truth, it is your friends who know it well,” and thus escaped from the embarrassment.

Now let’s get back to the tale told by Workaholic. Though the Workaholic always wanted to be referred to as the Corporate Communist, I prefer to call him by the former name as it is easier to write. 

Workaholic told this tale while we were having lunch with Creative Guy, Full Moon Girl, Talkative Techie, and Practicing Clairvoyant.

According to his tale, his college mate had a crush on a girl. So, one day, gathering all the courage, he approached her with a smile.

He said, “Hi, I wanted to tell you something. I thought a lot, and for the last a few days, I couldn’t even sleep. This feeling is so disturbing. The moment I saw you for the first time, it began to hurt my heart. I don’t know what this emotion is, or how I can express it. And I don’t even know to narrate this special feeling in words. I have only one way to show you what I feel in my heart. Let me tell you frankly, I love you my dear girl”

She looked at him and stood still for a moment as if she was taken aback by his words. He saw a special grace on her face.

Stretching his arms he said, “Here is my bleeding heart, my love. Please accept it, won’t you?”

He saw a disdainful smile on her face, “But, I’m free of such emotions,” she said haughtily.

The Workaholic finished his tale.


  1. Hi,

    Very interesting stories. The first one was quite laudable. The second one is humorous. The third one is one sided love.

    In school days and college days we fall into so many one sided love and finally end up marrying some one else.

    But to read love stories is always thrilling.

  2. Very interesting. I'm so glad I found you through the A to Z challenge. I look forward to visiting again.

  3. lucky are those people who see the one they love and then are together for the rest of there lives :)

    good stories ...


  4. You have such interesting friends, Tomz! So many fun stories they have. I do feel sorry for that girl who was clueless about the condom. She made quite an impression on that young man, though. He will probably think of her every time he, well, you know...

    Thanks for being such a faithful reader and commenter, especially while I was participating in the A to Z Challenge.

  5. vallah...lov stories...always interesting..haha

  6. When it comes to Love story my idle mind starts thinking so many know i am "Naughty @40"...... hehehe

  7. @NRI Girl

    Thank you very much fr ur analytical comment. Though i dont find love stories as interesting read, sometimes I like to talk about them


    Welcome to my blog..I am honoured by ur visit n comment



  8. @Bikram

    Tell me if u r that lucky :)


    I also consider myself lucky to have such friends with wonderful tales to tel..and coming to the condom girl, Not only he, but also everyone who have heard f that girl might think of ...yes..u put it wonderfully..

    and I find it always wonderful to read ur posts


    Thank u


    Wow..thnk u very much..m honoured..


    Hehe..everyone is naughty when it comes to love..

  9. Some guys like girls who go straight to the topic. (but identifying such guys is the big problem)

  10. lol
    enjoyed it
    yes your friends know it well

  11. Nice to visit your blog after a long time. Wonderful and interesting. Liked it very much.


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