Feb 29, 2012

‘Filmy’ and Feminine Things

Before coming to the gist of today’s post, let me share with you a latest attempt made by me in the field of film making. It is a short film, (or at least I call it so), made using the high definition facility of my point and shoot camera, with artistic help of the friends and people around me. The short film titled ‘The Movie’ is the one you see below. It’s about film making actually. Though made in my mother tongue Malayalam, I have given subtitles in order to communicate with the non-Malayalam speaking blogging buddies.

Okey, after completing the works of the film, during the weekend, I went to Thrissur, a neighboring district, to attend a film festival, where you could see so many wonderful films – feature length ones, short films, and documentaries – from all across the world. When I reached the film festival venue after a one and a half hour long train journey, an open forum was happening in the campus of the theatre. I saw so many delegates including foreign people with cheer and vigour participating in the open forum by letting on their views about contemporary cinema.

But what I noticed more was a woman with a movie camera covering the entire proceedings. The reason why I noticed her was the fact that film making and camera operating is a less attempted area by women in my conservative Kerala (India in wider perspective) . The camera woman, called Lakshmamma, is an illiterate one, hailing from some rural areas of Kerala’s neighbouring state Karnataka. But the fascinating fact is that with her poor academic background, and little knowledge in film making, she had so far directed some 100 documentaries. This is the picture of Lakshmamma busy with her job, that I shot using my camera.

While travelling back to Cochin after watching one or two films, I chanced to notice another woman character at the railway station. She was a police woman, but more exactly the term police girl would have been apt for her. We have seen so many muscular police women. But, this one was actually a girl. In her khakhi uniforms, she looked a little more determined than any other girls.

So, I hope you have seen the short film made by me. I acted the lead role, though not appearing most of the time (a winking smiley). I will dedicate another post for this film, to detail about its making and themes, but the choice of such a post will definitely be based on the feedback from the readers cum spectators.


  1. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet as it is prompting for an Adobe upgrade on my Blackberry.

    As soon as I reach home I will watch it and share my comments.

    Thank you for sharing about Ms.L's camera skills; disappointed not to see a picture of Police girl.

    1. Yes..I wanted to take a snap of the police girl. Though public photography on girls is a sort of taboo in my place. But still I would have taken hers..but you know after all she was a police personnel. :)

  2. Just finished watching it! It is fantastic! I loved it all, except for the scene where Tomz is giving an intro in front of the camera - it was a bit too long I felt.

    One "mistake" I observed was: When you are climbing up the elevator with the camera, it zooms in to the display on top of the elevator like 1, 2, 3 etc; it should have been taken from the inside of the elevator, not out. (may be it was indeed taken from the inside but to me it looks like from the outside...)

    The best scene was where you introduce the excercising man; twirl around to show us the backdrop and when you turn back he is gone!

    The worst part was when you leave the restaurant and come back to get the camera. Also, no emotion in your voice when Ms.B tells you of what happend. Why so much panting when Deepu gets mad and you are running? Was Deepu chasing you? If so there was no sound of running or chasing or more yelling, but only panting which seems unrealistic.

    The narration was so good; I didn't check the subtitles.

    The end was disappointing as the hero loses everything, his movie and his love. Thought you would end it well like it was all a dream or something in those lines...

    But overall the theme was good; the cast played best; couldn't tell anyone was acting. India looks beautiful through the eyes of your camera.

    Good job and bring us more!

    When someday you become famous, still stay in touch! :))

    Best regards,
    Hephzibah Israel

    1. Thanks NRI girl for this long review..:)Yes, I too know my appearance in front of the camera is a bit long..But still everyone is a narcissus..you wont get tired how many times or how long you see if its you appearing in front of the camera..

      I am very happy that you observed so many things..and I also feel many of such errors I could have omitted or I could have made better..

      The end is not disappointing at all..Or at least I feel so..after the close, he surely might have gone to his girl to make a reconciliation..and surely he might have won her father's heart and her hands..because when it is related to the loss of a love, everything other would become secondary..:)

      and you know the scene you find as worst is the most favorite of mine..:)

      He he and famous..when I become famous, who could say that you wouldnt be writing more popular fiction..

  3. couldnt check your short cos im at work =(

    but read your post and about female presence in movie making. yay for that!

  4. Right saw the movie , you look good in front of the camera

    i found the picture shaking a bit at places and the subtitles were tooo long cud not read all of it as the movie progressed

    and mahesh does look uncomfortable in front of the camera :)

    the drive in the car I found a lot a traffic rules broken he eh he and yes what he said only a blind knows the true value of eyes :) or sight ..

    You said love is secondary oh my oh my

    I loved the room where your friend is having a drink a typical bachelor pad that is and oops she is getting married tomorrow .. now that is sad The argument and the fight could have been a bit more realistic .. but then i guess you did not want the camera spoilt :)

    and it did fall in the end how cruel .. so what happened ot the love story did the hero go and meet the father :) tell tell


    1. Oh thank you Bikramjit fr using that thick framed specs to find me good in front of the camera..:)

      The subtitles were long and the visuals were shaky (though it had to be shaky, since the story is like that), but I am happy that you spent ur time to watch all those..

      Mahesh looked uncomfortable, since I asked him to perform so, because as he says in the movie, he had to be uncomfortable..

      Hehe and the case of the blind..:)

      Yes..that drunken room scene is one of my favorite scenes of the movie..

      yes at the end of the story, leaving everything and his movie, he went for his love, and won it, with the support of everyone..

      I cudnt imagine any another better end..though the movie doesnt say it all..

      Thank You Biks..

  5. I've seen only 5 minutes of the movie. i think first of all applause for your great effort. Yes, the elevator, the stairs and the bike shots are too shaky. But, I liked the way you zeroed in on Shankarji and the shot of traffic was very good too :).

    1. Thak You Rachna..I knw the shots are shaky. But the theme of the movie happens to justify those shakes..At least I think so. You will agree to me if you see it complete

  6. Hi long time at your blog, the whole look is changed... Nice.

  7. boss..nice to hear abt yr ENTERPRISING attempt..sure u will do well as u have the wishes of all of us wellwishers..i coudnt watch but dear friend nri girl's comment says it all..nice boss keep up d good work:)

  8. A truly good effort and like our amateur efforts, it does look shaky in places but with practice it will get perfect...I loved the exerciser's interaction with you and his comment on madness. Overall a very nice concept but keep the stair shots to a minimum, my only advice.

    1. Actually shakes were a part f the theme of the movie..Thanks fr your ppreciations

  9. And can u remove the verification thing?...took me three attempts to get it right. Use comment moderation to avoid spammers.

  10. yet to see your short film, Tom. But you could have taken the snap of that police girl too...:D

    1. But I dont want to get caught by a police girl and get beaten up by her

  11. Hey Tomz,

    I saw ur movie..just 5 minutes...Now dont think that I didnt watch
    fully bcoz i got bored...it was sweet and hilarious..I luvd ur intro
    round..and the expression of shankarji..as if it s a Pause scene..and
    his lips were trembling...lol!!!

    I am at work and Youtube blocked...I had to use the Quota time to
    watch the video..and that was just 5 minutes...thts why...wud surely
    watch the rest once i am at home and free to do tht...

    U might b inspiring many others like me to things like this...I never
    know, if I can think of such ideas...Congrats for ur effort and keep

    1. I hope you have got opportunity and time to watch completely by this time J4m..

  12. Tomz I am yet to see your movie. But you are right there are not many women behind the camera. There is a NGO in Hyderabad called Deccan Development Society where many poor and illiterate women have been trained in video film making. Another NGO the Self Employed Women's Association also has done something similar. We have some great women cinematographers- Suhansini ( Kamalahasan's niece and Mani Ratnam's wife) being one of them.

    1. hello Meera,

      That is news to me that in Hyderabad we have NGOs to train women in film making. And Suhasini! Does she do cinematography too..I knw her as a director and actress..

  13. Dear Tom,
    Dude, I just finished watching your short film "The Movie" put up in vanity moments, along with my wife. Its quite interesting. The places that were shown in the movie happened to be familiar to us, as we have few moments of our life at those locations. Being characters is just a part of life. The 'spect' character who speaks to our protagonist, has done a good job. Of course you too... :)

    1. Hello Arun,

      Thanks for your appreciations. Delighted to know that you are familiar with the locations shown in the movie. In fact there are two characters wearing specs..Which one you actually refer?


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