Nov 3, 2010

The Great Sequel

Combined Sequel to The Love Messenger and A Decent Proposal

The desperate lover of the tale of the Love messenger called me from gulf countries some days before, just one day after the decent proposer called and conveyed me the reply of the girl. When I saw a strange, yet familiar kind of number blinking on my mobile display, I understood that it was the desperate lover from the gulf. I asked whether he had tried that number, which I gave him. 

He said, “Yeah buddy, I contacted my teacher using the number. But, when I called him, he was busy. So he asked me to call next day.”

“Did you call him the next day?” I asked.

“You know the nature of my job! I could not even just rise from my seat the next day. And two days after when I contacted him again, he was still standing somewhere else. I really felt that he was not interested to give me her number,” he said.

“How pitiful! So you were not able to contact her. And the tale of the Love Messenger is now at a dead end. What would I tell my Blogger friends?” I got worried. 

“No, but I contacted her....,” he started.

“What?” I shocked.

“Yeah I talked her on phone...that’s what I am telling,” he continued.

I was silent. For a moment, I thought about the decent proposer. He always had nice thoughts about his love interest and considered himself as not worthy to have her as his life partner. But, this girl’s nearness had made him happy and delighted, which I had witnessed on that day when he proposed her over phone. He had got the reply from the girl the very next day that he proposed her. I had asked him over phone,

“Tell me buddy, what was her reply? From your voice, I am truly unable to deduce her answer. My friend in gulf has not yet contacted me. That means, I have no second part for the love messenger. Tell me your story. Let me give my Blogger friends at least an end to the tale of your telephonic proposal, be it happy or sad!”

“Calm, calm, I’ll tell you,” the decent proposer said.

The voice of the desperate lover from gulf over the phone woke me up from my thoughts, “Hey! Are you there? Are you listening to me?”

“Yeah, I am eagerly waiting to know how you contacted her!” I said.

He said, “Yeah, I had known that she would soon join a specific bank as an employee, since she had already cleared the qualification exams.”

“I remember. You had mentioned such a thing,” I said.

“Well! I googled to find the website of this particular bank and picked up the phone number of its local office. I rang up there and asked whether a girl by her name is working there. After a few moments, I heard that nostalgic well-familiar voice of my beloved,” he said.

“Wah! Wah!” I clapped forgetting everything and my phone fell down freeing itself from my loose clutch. While picking up the phone from the floor, the previous-day telephone conversation which I made with the decent proposer again bobbed up to my mind.

 “Whatever be her reply, I still feel that she deserves better than me,” he had said.

“Oh, that much humbleness is not suitable for great personalities,” I said hilariously.

“What happened to your phone? Can’t you hear me?” as soon as I retrieved my phone I heard the desperate lover’s voice over the phone.

“Oh, nothing! You tell me then what you both talked together?” I dint go for an explanation of my cell phone accident.

He said, “Well, as I said before, we still are good friends. We asked each other about the new happenings around us. Nothing was mentioned about the short term flirtatious affair that we had.”

“So, that’s it? The story of Love Messenger ends there? My efforts to collect your institute’s number have no value?” I became slightly furious.
“Life is like that,” the desperate lover said. 

“What would I say to my Blogger friends? Do they need to wait for further sequels,” I asked out of excitement.

“That’s your job. Mould our characters in whatever ways you like. But as a living man with blood and muscles, what I can say is that this is the end!”

As I switched off the phone, the decent proposer’s curious case again popped up to my mind. As he informed me, the reply from her girlfriend to his proposal was negative. As she told him, unless she had another on-going potential affair, he would have been her first choice. Being slightly philosophic, the decent proposer had opined that, ‘beautiful girls are half married,’ which is being disagreed by me. Though he was of the opinion that she deserves better than him, as a friend who knows him well for the past a few years, I am of the opinion that he deserves better.

So, the tales of the decent proposer and the love messenger end here without much hype. Unfortunate for many of the readers, partially due to my helplessness, both stories ended unpleasantly. But, as long as I stick on to the policy of writing only the truth; all such life-stories are likely to end with a sad connotation. 

(The End)


  1. When there is a will, there is a way! So, it was very easy to contact her?

  2. thats fine..all do not have a happy ending right..:
    happy diwali..:)

  3. Dear Tomz,
    I am very thankful to you for the "Observation" that - I deserves a better girl. (Even she told me the same sugar, while kicking my ass).

    You told the reason for your comment is, you know by last few years... Exactly by 12 years.
    But, without knowing that girl, how can you say 'I deserves better' or 'Bitter'.

    She is wonderful, and that guy is really lucky, dear Tomz...

    I told this not only because she is so beautiful, but also very down to earth, funny, intelligent, smart, Engineering graduate, with a positive attitude, good job and a healthy body.

    I will miss her ... Anyway, I am sure I will get what I deserved... That's all... I am positive...

  4. The story touches your heart as real thing which happened-- Will also make one hold on to your seat if this was the climax of a film. But as story written, it was a bit confusing. You did try to mix it up well, but still I was to read twice a few occasions to knw who is actually speaking! But yes, I think you just visualised it as a climax scene of a film, and if that was your aim you did well mate...

    And Mr X-n-tric... I know how it feels! The positive side is that, Time still has a suspence in store for you...!!!
    Keep guessing :)

  5. sad maybe, but it sure did open a whole new horizon for both of them. they could stop clinging on to the past and move on with some nice nd pleasant memories :)

    such is life, hits hard on the face!
    u've narrated it very well :)

  6. This is the reality of life. Learn from the experience and move on! good to hear the tale as it unfolded.

  7. @Nona
    It was almost like that

    Thank You



    Thanks for the comment. Urs is the most analytical comment that I every time expect for..




    Thank You

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. awwwwwwwwwwww

    i'm sorry that it ended like this

    but it's great that they are still friends & as they say "there's always a hope"

  10. yep..such is life..sad and bad and happy and merry...all in a bundle...waht say buddy? thanks boss..

  11. Wow that was quite a twist to the ending that we wr expecting..way to go Tomz. keep it up.

  12. nice post Tom :) i really liked the way you mix those two incidents :)

  13. dark then light and dark circle of happiness and sadness comes and goes.
    nice story

  14. @Vandy..

    I think..everything is for good



    Thank You budhha


    Thanks a lot. at least u found that technique


    story? no story..its real..real :O :X :D


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