Jul 15, 2014

Chat with Shetall Ramsinghani

I happened to meet Shetall Ramsinghani a few months back through social media. Shetall is a Delhi based blogger and a writer, who has published two books, “Love beyond Veils”, and “The Golden Hour”.

Shetall’s writings appear to me as ‘a soothing, and silent celebration of solitude’!

It’s surprising to see her thoughts mix melancholy with romance; and sometimes with an additional tinge of fantasy. On certain writings, I found her thoughts courting with the nature. Her writings very unexpectedly take us from present to past in a very swift shift through the memory lane.

Here she is talking about her latest work, “The Golden Hour”.

VM: Who is the author “behind” the book?

Shetall: Hi, I am Shetall Ramsinghani born and bought up in New Delhi and presently working for a Diplomatic Mission i.e. for a foreign government for their office in India. I have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University. My first book Love beyond Veils was a book of poems which was created with my thoughts and with the guidance of my higher self.
Shetall Ramsinghani

Later on I started participating in various competitions also and won U.K pet poetry competition in 2013.

VM: Do you have any particular literary influences that have helped you develop in your genre, subject and style?

Shetall: No, I write my heart out 

VM: Please briefly describe your book. 

Shetall: The Golden Hour is my second book which was released on 06th June, 2014 by Partridge India publication. It has short imaginary stories of what I have seen and observed in my daily life. The Golden Hour is a varied and exciting collection of short stories with situations we face in our daily lives in cities. Some have the irony of life and some give you the strength and positive energy to move ahead no matter how life treats you. I have dedicated this book to my late grandfather Shri Gopal Das Ramsinghani, who passed away in August, 2013. The one who taught me how to live life with morals.

VM: What inspired you to write your book and how long did it take you to finish it? 

Shetall: My grandfather was very fond of reading short stories and he enjoyed reciting them to me every evening after I returned home from work. After I lost him in August 2013, I recalled how he used to divert my mind from daily humdrum with the stories he used to read during the day after retirement. It  took me an year to finish this book as I am a working woman and when priorities gets mixed with passion it does take time.

VM: What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your book?

Shetall: Logic can take you from A to B but imaginations can take you anywhere and everywhere. Come join my imaginations while reading my stories and for a while live in your own world. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

VM: Are you working on a sequel to your book? 

The Golden Hour
The Golden Hour Cover
Shetall: No, I would be working on a different project now. It would be a totally different experience for me and of course a new era with learning for me and the readers

VM: Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

Shetall: I have been promoting my book through social media and recently got my book reviewed by a journalist also. Please find the link here.

VM: What advice would you give to aspiring authors? 

Shetall: Live your passion, you have only one life 

Thank you Shetall for the time spent with Vanity Moments.


  1. Cool... short stories do make an interesting read..
    And writer looks really sweet :)

  2. Nice work Tom and Shetall. All the Best.

  3. Totally agree with the reply .. Live your passion you only live once

    thanks for sharing

    and how are you doing :)



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