Mar 9, 2011


Have you ever been teased by your mates? At least for the sake of fun? Well, in my case, teasing was a usual practice wherever I studied, wherever I worked and wherever I stayed. Proudly, I will say that I was the one with maximum number of nicknames among my friends during my school days. I won’t criticize my friends, for, I know, I also have certain shortcomings, which will motivate anyone to tease me.

But what is the need of these late reminiscences? Well, the reason is that, I am being teased by my mates at workplace. Well, you already have met them in the ridiculous story of the Slow Learner. The gang of the culprits includes the dynamic Creative Guy, the energetic Full Moon Girl, the thoughtful Workaholic and the fun-loving Practicing Clairvoyant. 

Let us scan through some of the funny conservations in which I was the victim. 

An eye test organized by Lawrence & Mayo is being held at the conference hall. Everybody is being called one by one to pass through the test. It is my turn now. I go upstairs, undertake the test, get it passed, come back happily with an ‘absolutely normal’ verdict. 

To the guys there, I announce out of excitement, 

“The lady Ophthalmologist said I am completely normal”.

It is the turn of the Creative Guy. He says,

“Did she really say like that? Hmmm…most possibly she might have meant only the case of your eyes!”

It took a few seconds to me to understand completely what he meant.

* * * * * * * * * * *

One of our colleagues in the team of the Talkative Techie moves to another wing of the company. So, we plan to have lunch from outside. But, at the time everybody is busy with some other things. The Creative Guy and Clairvoyant have other appointments. I have to go to the laptop service centre to get its complaints fixed (well, now you know the reason, why I was not reading your posts and commenting!)The full moon girl is in a tightened situation trying to manage everyone to get for the lunch. 

Finally, the Creative Guy, myself and the Workaholic agree to attend the lunch. The Full moon girl is happy and she calls the Talkative Techie pressing the extension numbers.

“Hi Talkative, somehow I managed everyone except the Clairvoyant for the lunch…”

She stops and asks the Creative Guy,

“Creative, do you have any special preference for today’s lunch?”

Creative thinks for some moments, and says, “hmm, I want something vegetarian!”

The full-moon girl conveys the same thing to Talkative over the phone; she now asks the Workaholic his preference and communicates over the phone what he likes.

She turns to the Clairvoyant and tells her,

“Clairvoyant…Clairvoyant…don’t worry! We will bring something for you after the lunch. What do you want?”

The Clairvoyant loved Black Forest.

Finally, the Full moon Girl turns to me and asks me,

“What do you want today?’

“Nothing heavy. I want something light,” I said.

The full moon girl said seriously to Talkative,

“And the Blogger guy also is coming. He wants nothing heavy. He prefers something light only. Can we offer him a tube light?”

* * * * * * * * * * *

I was continuously mocked for my awkward laughing style. One day, hearing me laughing like that, creating an innocent expression, the Practicing Clairvoyant loudly asked me, inviting everybody’s attention,

“Did you laugh the same from your childhood days also?”

My face turns red. Quickly I dart a blazing glance towards the Clairvoyant. She is terrified and says, “Well...I mean…nothing...err...hmm...just that…”

The terrified Practicing Clairvoyant later agreed to design a logo for my blog, which you can see on the header and in the Logo page.

* * * * * * * * * * *

And to know how the Workaholic teased me, follow my next posts. 
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