Feb 28, 2011

Garden of Literature

One week back, one of my friends in Thiruvananthapuram called and asked me to just go through an article written by him, which was published in a Delhi based magazine titled Public Agenda. Since the magazine was not active online, he sent me a copy of his neatly written article in word format to my e-mail. But, unfortunately, some problem occurred to my Operating System and so I was not able to check the internet in my laptop.

Today morning, I just tried to download it and though with much effort and minutes and minutes long wait, I could open it and read it. The article, which was titled ‘A Garden for Trees from Literary World’, was about a person in northern part of Kerala, who, though a businessman by profession, motivated by his love for trees and literature, has been maintaining a botanical garden expecting neither popularity nor profit.

My friend Dileep, who was mentioned in My Inception Experience as a movie encyclopedia, interviewed this nature and literature lover and collected interesting details. His garden has more than 1000 trees, belonging to as much as 300 species. Besides, the presence of birds, harmless animals like mongooses, squirrels and rabbits make it a perfect ecosystem.

Like stamp collection to someone and numismatics to some other one, maintaining a botanical garden with trees, which got special mention in literature, is like a hobby to this special person, named Maliekal Mohammad. He got his love for Chestnut tree from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ and thus collected a sapling from somewhere in the globe. Mangostein tree, which appears in the works of coveted Malayalai writer Vaikom Muhammad Basheer and Pomgranate Tree (Neermathalam in Malayalam), which was a favourite of renowned authoress Kamala Das, also adorn this beautiful Botanical garden.

Besides, the Sababul Tree from Kahlil Gibran verses, legendary trees like Kadamba, Palasa and Simsipa from of Hindu puranas, Cedar trees of the Sacred Bible and Olive from Holy Koran also are part of this exotic garden. I think, my friend has done a great job in spotting this man and introducing him to the public. 

I hope, you wonderful writers of the Bloggosphere also have love for certain trees. Though not a wonderful writer, with nostalgia, I still remember a Guava tree which stood at the side area of my home, which was demolished some years before. 


  1. I would love to see this garden someday or at least pictures of it. Perhaps your friend can be persuaded to provide them? The connection of the trees with literature is superb in my mind, as you probably guessed it would be.

  2. A great way to show the love for trees and literature.. truly unique

  3. like "walk2write" even i would love to have a glimpse of it...
    if possible get some pics of it...

  4. felt as if I was in that garden...great read.

  5. will be great if we get to see the pics of garden.

  6. I love trees and have a huge Christmas tree outside my house. Good to know that you care so much about trees.

  7. Very nice blog, Tomz...

    Thanks to my clumsy connection, I am not even able to post my comments.

    I enjoyed reading it, and it is nice to know about this special interest. Truly unique.

    Let's call it an eco-lingo-friendly hobby. :)

  8. Oh yes I love trees , in india my home we have two trees each of mangoe,leeche, guava , cheeku and a few others in the back yard and on the side and come fruit time .. nothing beats then having the fruit from ur own garden..

    Sadly when i bought my house here in uk I had to chop all the trees since the old owner did not look after them and they had grown way too big and consumed all the light...


  9. Oh yes, you and your friend have touched a sensitive chord in me-love for trees.

    very good writing. keep on writing.

  10. Nice post...and great to read about a tree lover...I was lucky that we lived in a green area in Mumbai...and have shade in the shade of some lovely tress in my time...

  11. Thanks for writing on it. I hope I get a chance to visit this garden.

  12. Don't know much about the different trees, but love to just sit under them and enjoy the nature.
    Noticed that the Vanilla creeper in our graden has flowered after 3 years (just like the experts told that it would only after 3 years)
    Now I have to do the pollination bit so that it will yeild pods


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