Jun 21, 2011

One Day in Heaven

God was taking a rest in heaven. Seeing him unusually despondent, his assistant asked him,

“You look very depressed today; what is it that makes you so much sorrowful and tired?”

With a sigh, God said, “Nothing particular buddy, you know, it was me who created the human beings. But, now they say, I don’t exist!” 

Thoughtfully the assistant replied, “That’s true, many people are nowadays becoming atheists. You created many religions to make the human beings turn towards you. But, what we see is them fighting for religions.”

“I’m totally depressed buddy, now I feel that my decision to create the mankind was wrong,” disheartened the God said.

“Sir, if you sit here without any action, you will be plunged more into sadness. Aren’t you visiting the Earth for your routine rounds?” the assistant queried.

“I’m going. Actually I’m waiting for that young man, who is travelling on his ‘sincere bike’, to pass that traffic block,” pointing to the earth the God said.

Leaning and looking carefully at where the God was pointing, the assistant suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, him? Isn’t him the author of Vanity Moments?”

“You know him? Do you read really the stuff that he writes in the internet?”

“What is this God? I’m his regular follower. It seems that you also read his posts”, the assistant replied.

The God said, “No, Actually I don’t wait for him to publish the posts. I usually read his articles before he writes them”.

“Now, what is with him?” the assistant inquired.

“Nothing! He is basically good. In the beginning, he was attached to me very much. But, now he is slightly becoming an Agnostic. He is doubtful about my existence,” the God said.

“So, what are you going to do today?”  

“His bike is running on reserve, and for the last four days, I made him forget about filling his petrol tank. When he reaches in front of that empty building, his bike will stop. You know, the nearest petrol pump is three kilometers away. He won’t get any auto rickshaw there. Or at least I will not let any taxi pass that way,” the God said with determination.

“Are you going to punish him sir?” sympathetically his assistant asked.

“No, I’m going to help him so that he will never question my existence. Meanwhile, please look after the affairs of the next worlds,” saying so the God disappeared.

Once landed on the earth, he entered the new building of the Deccan Chronicle and waited at the underground parking area with a bike. Before going inside, he did not forget to drop an empty bottle of Sprite at the door step.

As the God had predicted, I reached there with my stalling bike. Cursing my forgetfulness, I tried several times to start the bike and finally got disheartened without even finding a rickshaw to go to the nearest petrol bunk. 

Finding this as the right time, the God in an inadvertent manner, came out from the parking area driving his bike.

“This could be someone who is in charge of the construction works,” I thought and waved at him signaling to stop. He stopped.

“Do you know where the nearest petrol pump is? I’m left with an empty tank. What direction should I take to go to the petrol pump?” I asked him.

He said, “I think you have to travel at least three kilometers.”

I explained to him what happened and in the end I said, “Alright, thank you. I will manage it myself.”

He said, “Do you have a bottle? I could have given you some petrol from my bike’s reserve.”

“No, thank you, don’t worry. I don’t have a bottle,” I said.

He asked the security if he would get a bottle. Meanwhile I made a quick search through the vicinities and found the disfigured Sprite bottle.

I picked it up and called him. He collected some petrol from his tank and helped me to pour it into my bike’s petrol tank.

 In the end I thanked him. When offered him some money as the price of the petrol, he refused it.

I said, “I don’t know if God exists. But in every such critical situation, someone used to appear to help me”.

Smilingly he drove away. While travelling to the nearest petrol station, I thought, “Still I am not sure about the existence of God. God may exist or may not exist. Perhaps, what happened today could be a mere case of coincidences. It may be the curious case of Randomness,”

Back in the heaven, the God was questioned by his assistant.

“Sir, you helped him a lot. But still it seems that he does not care about you. Look what he is thinking!”

The God said, “To tell the truth buddy, I never had a thought even in my wildest dreams to change his mentality”

“What do you mean?” The assistant exclaimed.

“Do you often hear him complaining about the lack of proper subjects to write upon in his blog?” God asked.

“Yeah, so what? He calls it the Blogger’s Block”, the assistant replied.

Smilingly the God said, “Buddy, my aim was to give him a spark for a better blog post, so that he would stop writing his usual craps and start writing some quality posts”.

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