Jun 8, 2011

Shameless Spying

This narrative is not about any well-known person or celebrity. The hero in this tale is just a Blogger or a reader like me or you, who prefers to be an anonymous Blogger, though he maintains a good readable blog with witty and humorous posts, each of which draws not less than fifty comments the first day itself. In Facebook, he had opened a special account to accommodate all the friend requests from his blog readers, and I also was his dedicated friend there following his posts with servitude. According to his Facebook profile information, his real profile has been active with no connection with the blogger’s profile, since he prefers to be an anonymous blogger.
In this narrative, I call him a hero, but if so, the villain of the story is myself. On the contrary, if he is the villain, I am the hero.  But in this case, the best suitable term to describe him will be ‘the prey’, and I’m the hunter. OK, for the sake of this narrative, let the name of the blog be ‘Candid Truth’.

While following the posts of Candid Truth, from the comment of someone among his innumerous fans, who might know the Blogger personally, I found his real name. Let’s call him Saurav. I also noted someone calling him with the letter ‘S’ in her comment, as if she has been insisted by him to not publicize his real name. Anyway, one day in Facebook, I commented to his status message, mentioning his name. Within minutes, he messaged me requesting me to not mention his name, because he prefers to be anonymous. I asked him about his real profile. He replied,

“This is just as real as the other”, and when I visited back his profile, the message which I posted mentioning his name was gone.

So, I decided to hunt his real self. And you know, there are thousands of Saurav’s in Facebook itself. Anyway within half an hour I sorted out the author of the Candid Truth from the thousands of results given by the single search in Facebook using the word Saurav, and friend requested. Within hours, he replied from the profile of Candid Truth, 

“How on earth did you get to my profile?”.

That was actually simple. I made it with the help of his friends. What I did was going to the first-ever post written by him. There I saw his first post itself had collected close to fifty comments. I was almost sure that among those who commented to his first post, a majority would be the ones who knew the blogger personally. 

I searched among the persons who commented him to his first post. Some names with their surnames usually make very unique combination. After collecting a few of such unique names, I searched Facebook with those coinages. It was easy to find out Candid Truth’s exact friends from the results because of those unique names. In some searches, only one person came up, and that was the one whom I was searching for. 

Now you know how did I find the profile of the blogger. I searched their friend lists shamelessly for the name Saurav. All those profiles had a common friend Saurav with his surname. I added him to my network. 

When he asked me how did I got to his profile, I messaged him,

“You know, every criminal leaves a trace. So it wasn’t that much difficult to trace you”


  1. Was it an idle pasttime for you or did you stumble upon something sinister?

  2. I better not be on your wrong side :)
    lots of idle time you had ..

    Was this person somehow by the name Saurav Pandey :) he he he he jsut curious
    and why were you wanting to need to know about this person .. :)


  3. Tomz,
    I dont really understand why you had to go through all this trouble.If someone wants to remain anonymous,that is his right.But I never communicate with those kind of people.
    I am sorry to say,but I dont think it was a bright idea,unless you had a valid reason.

  4. Well written.. Who doesn't like spying a spier's blog? :)

  5. Tomzzzz... You have a lot of free time! :)

  6. @Harish

    Yeah, I prefer to be one


    Spying is good sometimes..


    An ideal pasttime motivated by my inquisitive mindset..


    Not that much idle time..
    and what if he is Saurav Pandey?hehe lol :D

  7. @Doc

    Sorry. It is really interesting to spy someone who hide his real self.I agree, its not bright idea, and there are no valid reasons..We used to communicate a lot..so we became a sort of friends..thats why I had a tendency to find his real self..And you know? I have an inquisitive mindset...If u ever find any of my posts as sort of suspnse or mystery, thats because of this..and finally You must try at least once to feel the pleasure of a healthy spying..:)

  8. @Poornima

    So u also want to try spying?..


    pls dont say that..I've hell lot of works..

  9. Dear Tomzs,
    so you put a lot of ingenious energy into finding him as he did in trying to cover up :-)
    Some people might have a reason for wanting to keep their privacy (but then it is absurd to go to Facebook) - I know a person who lost the job through blogging. I am writing under my real name - though I wouldn't advise that to a young person looking for a job: the bosses look your profiles etc up (though it is forbidden in Germany - but of course they do)

  10. Tomz you should seriously think of taking up a career of a private detective ( that is if you are not one already). As Dr. Antony says I do not like people who do not want to reveal their identity- seems rather sinister. Also the fact that this person tries to keep his real self out shows that he is a rather strange character - best avoided!!!

  11. because he has been in news quiet a bit for some frauds and all :)

  12. @Britta

    not a lot of energy was needed..it was easy to find him..u r making me terrified by citing the example of ur friend who lost job through blogging..


    exactly that was my teenage day ambition, to become a private eye


    my friend is not that one..rmbr, everything in this post is changed fr the sake f privacy, including names..

  13. first time here ,thou I had read your comments on several blogger friends..so jus wanted to see ...
    nice blog..seems like you have lot of time..So lucky and rich you are ;)
    but it gave me an idea too to find the anonymous person ..but then time..is what I need..
    nice post .

  14. Creepy. Curiosity killed the cat :D The concerned person was amused or annoyed by your persistent effort to trace him?

  15. @Hello Harman

    Thanks fr ur visit..I think I also have seen u in some other places..

    If u think u have enuf time, u will have enuf time..

    and if u think u dont have enuf time, that will aslo be true..


    It wasn't a persistent effort. It jus happened instantaneously..

  16. interesting effort by you....
    but its something not every one would perhaps like to do bcoz of so much time being consumed into it.....

  17. First time here...totally loved the way this post is written :)

  18. I think that once you start being active on internet, if people really want they can find out about you - a small information gets you more information - some educated guesses and so on, finally you nail the person. The observation about people comming on first post is good idea! Congrats.

  19. Playing the sleuth. Just be wary of becoming the man who knew too much:)

  20. @Irfan

    It didnt take much time..It happened instantaneously..


    Thank you..hope u like this space..

    @Sunil Deepak

    Thank you..yes..that's one of the biggest disadvantages of internet and social networking sites.No-one would like to read the writings of an anonymous person..thanks fr dropping here..

    @The Holy Lama.

    hanks I am very careful..btw, where have u been all the time?

  21. Ha! Find my real profile, I dare you! ; D

    (P.S. thanks for the constructive feedback. I generally look down if my pictures are taken in the morning, and I don't want to deal with my puffy sleepy eyes. But am making an effort to get over that!)

  22. Gosh, You Villain...

    Why on earth would you want to do all that effort...think, if u had taken that hard effort, u might have been the CEO of your office today..hahah!!! Kidding...

    I too am an anonymous blogger...but then, I doubt, if you could ever find me...lol!!! Not over confidence...But bcoz u told me ur tricks now na...and I haven't left any such loopholes in mine...lol!!!

    And, by the by, if u r planning to spy on me...please do it...and let me know your findings..ONLY ME, ok?? lol!!!Cool na, somebody trying to find ur identity...behind U...

  23. Very well written. I must say you have done a fabulous job with lot of efforts and devoting your precious time.
    You are welcome at my new post-

  24. haha liked what harish said..villain bro:)

  25. @Emily

    Happy to know that u took my comments in the positive sense..and if you challenge me to find ur profile, I might get defeated..who knows if you have even an account in facebook..You r an open kind of person, to the best of my understanding, so u wud have provided a link to the facebook page in ur blog, if you ever had an account in FB..


    You r very confident, that I can't find u, so why should i put my effort in vain?..I cud have done some thing constructive as all of the persons who commented above you wanted me to do..


    Thank you..

    and wait..jus a second, I'm coming to ur blogs..


    I'm a villain's friend..:)

  26. Wonder what motivated u to sleuth around...sorry i am late...haven't really gone around other blogs this week...FB and anonymity is kind of scary...Blog sites, twitter and Fb gives u the option of privacy and limited friends,,,,so me thinks something wrong with him...
    curiosity never killed the cat...it has nine lives remember, :P

  27. well a lot of hard work, see how much it's true - hard work obviously pays ;). But what was the motivation? curiosity?


  28. Tomz the detective, I have an award for you on my blog. It is called The Sunshine Award. Come and claim it. You have to pass it on to two other bloggers. All the best and hope to see more interesting posts like this one!!!

  29. @Rek

    Our friendship motivated me to trace him..I don think he has some problems..actually there are so many bloggers keeping their anonymity..

    So, now I have to trace nine more anonymous bloggers?


    no no hardwork..nothing like that..it was just an effort of hardly half an hour..

    motivation wasn't curiosity, jus friendship..just fun..


    Thank you very much for that wonderful award..I hope I can give u more intriguing posts..


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