Jan 30, 2012

Paranormal Theories and a Movie on Fort Cochin

Today we had a conversation regarding ghosts. Not everyone believes in ghosts. Some believe they exist and are afraid of them especially in the dark. Some don’t believe in ghosts but still they have this particular fear of ghosts. I don’t know how many of such people would enter a huge desolated and isolated mansion with intermingling and hallucinating labyrinths and all, if it is said to be haunted at least as per the local beliefs. The morbid fear for ghosts is known as Phasmophobia according to the particular branch of Psychology that deals with phobias.

In my distant relationship, there was a Priest who was specialized in the studies regarding the connection of body, spirit and soul. With his knowledge and research in the field of paranormal activities and spirits, he initiated a healing method called ‘Psycho Religious Therapy’ to treat people with mental illness. Because of his ability to cure people, who were supposed to be possessed by ghosts and spirits, he used to be referred to by the nickname, ‘the Ghost Hunting Priest’. Though I hadn’t seen him when he was alive, the image that I got of him from photographs and from my relatives’ references is that of a very old priest with long silky beard and thick black framed spectacles, clad in a white long priestly rob. 

If you along with your friends happened to live in a building which has the reputation of that of a haunted place, how many of you would dare to live there? Suppose, someone had a mysterious and tragic death in one of the rooms of the building, and you and your friends are going to sleep in the same room (of course you are unaware of the bad reputation of the building), would anyone be alive when the next morning breaks out? According to the studies made by the ‘Ghost Hunter’, it is not necessary that any of you have a ghost sighting. Only if the emotional wavelength (I don’t know if my usage of the technical words here are correct. My apologies! But I feel you will get what I am trying to communicate) of the person who died in the room matches with someone who sleeps in that room, some paranormal experiences may happen, only to that person. That means, your friend might experience something queer in the night while you and others having a sound sleep. These all are rumours that I heard; I don’t know to what extend these studies are accurate. According to one of my previous colleague’s description, her friend woke up in the morning in a different room, though they both went to sleep last night in the same room. Yes, sleepwalking is a possible theory that would justify the queer affair in the night, but the next day, they both got scared happening to hear that the building that they slept in during the last night was of a haunted nature.

In Pictures:

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall: Most famous photograph of a ghost clicked by Captain Hubert C provand in 1936. 

My Movie about Fort Cochin

I invite your attention to the fact that this blog was started first in order to flaunt a video which I had created years back about a beach in Thiruvananthapuram. I wonder if I had told you about a wonderful destination located in the suburb of the Cochin city close to the sea. Yes, Fort Cochin! With my new still camera which provides HD video recording facilities, I visited the place during the weekend, and finally edited the visuals into a single video. This has been uploaded in YouTube. You may please watch it and tell me your comments – pluses and minuses. Instead of simply merging the video clippings into one video, I have tried some editing effects and animations, so that it would sync with the background music well. Apart from the usual sights like beaches, and buildings, you can see local boats, Chinese fishing nets, natives and foreign tourists in the video.

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