Sep 6, 2010

The Little Plagiarist

With my photographic memory, which I am really boastful of, I still remember the days I went to the elementary classes, so many years ago, with fresh spirit and juvenile enthusiasm. It was my fourth grade, where I was really enjoying the status of one of the smart students in terms of academic performance. I remember that the experience of writing my first story happened there.

That particular day, as I entered the class room, my main competitor (well...friend of course) received me with a surprising information. Showing me a folded single lined paper torn from the notebook, he revealed that he had written a story. A story? I wondered! When asked, he opened the paper and said me to read. 

Here my memory defeats me; I don’t remember much of his narrative. However, the story was about a boy of our age, written following the same style of the popular children’s books. The boy, as per the story went, received some good punishment as a result of disobedience. If my memory is correct, my friend had given a title like, ‘Arrogance is Unwise’ to beautify his story.

I remember the excitement I showed off on reaching my home that day. As soon as reached home, I announced that I was going to write a story. Without even changing the dress, I started writing on a piece of paper. Giving a special care in following the same narrative pattern of my friend, I attempted to write down his exact story. On completion, after giving his same title, ‘Arrogance is Unwise’, despite of some minor changes in the word order and usage, the story was exactly a copy of the one written by my friend.

I now remember, how intelligent I was, for I carefully concealed from my parents the source of my inspiration. My parents read the story carefully, and my first story received with a huge amount of criticism from its first readers. Starting from its unsuitable title, my poor handwriting and my unnecessary usage of certain words also became subject of controversy. According to mother, the suitable title to the story was ‘Disobedience’.

Though my first attempt in story writing went fruitless, after one or two years, I started to scribble on my old notebooks some children’s stories. Since I had a certain kind of hatred towards human beings, my stories had animals as its characters. Sometimes the subject line was how the animals overcame the atrocities of humans. It is to be mentioned that none was meant for publishing, but was written just for the writing pleasure. 

During this period, I understood that, the abovementioned first story writing experience was an instance of plagiarism. Probably, I could be the youngest plagiarist.

I don’t exactly remember at what period of my growth, I stopped writing animal stories, which was a mode of creative pleasure. However, when I noticed my lost interest in writing such stories, I shockingly realised that I was no more a child. 


  1. Looks like only children love animals!
    Instead of plagiarist, I would say you were inspired by your friend's story:)

  2. even i wanted to be a writer when i was a kid

  3. During my school days, "exam hall" was the only place where i got unique ideas to write :) i know its strange but true:)

  4. @renu

    Thank You for ur comment..
    No..not only children, but also adults love animal stories..
    But I said i was a plagiarist because, I exactly copied my friend's story and concealed this fact from my readers (that means parents. But since they criticised me I escaped from the forthcoming humiliations and possible nick names which might meant 'fraud'.


    But I know u are prize winning essayist..:)
    Thank You


    Thats a very different information. If you had got unique ideas while writing your exams, that means u can become an advertisement copywriter. Because, copywriters perform better when they are tensed..

    Thank you

    I hope I can read ur writings in the coming days as blog posts

  5. Even adults have a certain amount of plagiarism.So your misdemeanour's as a child need not be offensive and a crime.

  6. Very nice post. In my childhood days I used to write about different topics and often used to think that I will become a writer. Though I have not become a writer but the passion of writing still exists.
    You are welcome at my new posts -

  7. anilkurup is right...thanks buddy:)

  8. Dear, I dont understand what you really intented to say...
    A below average post among your great posts- I would say...

  9. I guess we will get to see a lot of more beautiful stories coming from you, in future :) well at least give it a try

    not sure about you being the youngest plagiarist..
    but even grown ups can talk about animals I love them and i can talk for ages :)

    so do give it a try then

  10. @anilkurup

    It may not be crime. But looking back, I feel that some how I escaped from humiliation (only because my parents criticised it)


    I believe, not your talent in certain job, but the passion for it makes you a proficient in it..
    Thanks for letting know that u published ur blogs..I love reading them..


    Thank you very much...anil is right..


    Thank you very much buddy...not for criticising me, but for being sincere to reveal what u feel abt my posts..


    As I said Bikram, actually whatever I write, it all will have a strong support of reality..

    But, till another youngest plagiarist comes up, I can retain that title at least within our fraternity..

    and of course everyone like animals..but I hated to write human stories..when I was a child...

    Thank you

  11. that you realized it, you better start again. Better late than never :-)

    And plagiarism...common who doesnt do it. Its called 'getting inspired'. So what are you waiting for? Start writing again.

    PS : I am very glad I found someone having a common characteristic as me - the photographic memory. I remember everything and anything with details. Its a pain!

  12. I think the best part is that you tried to write stories. It may not have been your vocation. But how do you unless you try it out? :)

  13. Uh- h Tomz, don't let that child die in you. The moment you cease to wonder, creativity takes a backseat. Write again:)

  14. @insignia.
    I don't know..I don't think that I can be a child once again.

    Yeah, I took inspiration from his story. But the sad part is that I had copied his story exactly the way he wrote it..

    Yeah, photographic memory sometimes cause pain. Coz, we can remember the wetness of a rain or the hotness of a burn..

    anyway happy to know that we have certain things in common..:)


    Nowadays, I have started to at least tell stories..The girl on crutches was such an attempt..:)

    @The Holy Lama

    So, u r right..Curiosity is the mother of creativity. Well, it seems that we have got yet another quotation for the future generation..:)

  15. As soon as reached home, I announced that I was going to write a story. Without even changing the dress, I started writing on a piece of paper.

    I liked this line as well as it shows the enthusiasm of writing. :)

  16. Hello:)

    Very interesting but most children do write stories.At a young age our imagination and creativity is at the very best.There is no limit to imagination.As we grow older we become engrossed with so many other activites of daily living that we lose the wonderful creativity of the child.

    In the end you have very correctly said that you were shocked to realise that you were no more a child.

    I remember writing a story when I was young with the title ONE DAY IN THE MOON.It was read out to the whole class and the teacher took my story to her house and read it to her family.I was so thrilled.

    It was only many years after that man actually landed on the moon.

    Now you know I can't write a story for nuts.My imagination has become dull:)

    I enjoyed reading this interesting post.

    Best wishes:)

  17. Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to you and your family. Hope Lord Ganesha brings happiness and peace in your life.

  18. I guess we all learn from mistakes. Plagiarism is definitely unacceptable. But the good thing is you realized it at the right time and age and hopefully haven't repeated it!

    True, as kids we were more creative, enthusiastic and energetic with a fertile imagination that allowed us to write stories beyond everyday life (animals, non-existent species, aliens, UFOs and what not!). If we can keep the child in us alive, sure we can continue to fire up our imagination and write such splendid stories.

  19. Well its a huge realization that I am no more a child. Congrats! For some people never grow up their entire life.

  20. @chandrika Shubham

    Well..perhaps these lines may reflect the spirit f the childhood also


    thats very interesting information joseph. u wrote a story fantacising on moon when man has not landed on moon. a child's creativity cannot be bigger than that i feel

    And of course my favorite part of this post was the end line which you pointed out cleverly


    wishing u the same. i will read ur blogs soon and will comment as i love to read them


    I had not realised..But now I also come to think that children are more creative than anyone else..


    Welcome to my blog..

    As you identified, my favorite line of this post was the endline..As u said it was a disturbing realisation that I was no more a child..

  21. This is excellent. The thrill of shaping up a story for the first time.
    Reminds me of what I did in fifth std. I should say that was my first "blog" as the story revolved around a cartoon by Mario Miranda that appeared in the Illustrated Weekly of India.

  22. Nice post. I think as a child, you just craved appreciation, and hence hid the fact that it was actually your friend's story. The fact that you realized what you did was wrong is wonderful. And, you must continue to write stories. Plagiarism is bad but inspiration prevails.

  23. @Ramesh


    @ Haddock

    mmm..your story about a cartoon by Mario Miranda? That will be an interesting read if u tell us


    Let me read them also


    Welcome to my blog..what you wrote could be its psychological point f explanation. Thank you

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  25. When people cheat their way all through adulthood, a child's attempts at "fraud" can be overlooked...besides the point u learned (I hope) nothing beats our own nonsense any day...loved your "littlelyrics" blog...pity you don't pen often...I liked "Isolation"...that She was most likely Me... ;D


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