Sep 5, 2012


Without any predetermined objectives having set, by occasionally putting smiles on its readers lips, by making them sad or angry sometimes, by giving a spark of inspiration that usually starts from their spines at times, and most often killing them with boring topics, Vanity Moments today manages to give birth to its hundredth post finally, helping its author breathe out a long restrained sigh of relief.

As the author, this post is very special to me regardless of the plain subject that it deals with. I took a long time to climb up this high, roughly a little more than five years, but at the same time I know so many fellow bloggers who reached this magical number and beyond that in a very short span of time. What I have in mind towards them is sheer admiration for their prolificness and the ability to write flawlessly and fluently.  

Most often I tried to do justice to my policy to write based on actual incidents, and not fiction. This queer writing policy is not because of hatred for fiction, but owing to the inability to use imagination in a productive manner. This inability had obviously prompted me most often to absorb elements for my posts from what I see, what I hear and what I experience in my surroundings. And many times I have been criticized by my close ones for approaching everything with a Blogger’s hawk’s eye that is thirsty of plots. 

Thankfully I remember some fellow bloggers who have been with me in the process of maturing. I remember everyone from the initial stage of my blogging who took the pain of reading my posts and comment what they felt about it. Priyanka, who used to poke me with her posts periodically through mails, had given me the initial idea of blogging. But I came here not with the aim to become a blogger. My real purpose was to find a platform to promote a short documentary which I made featuring a Beach in Kerala. So, on 2007 July 24, my first post was published with the video, but without a write up (the write up was added later). 

I have to specially thank NRI Girl for encouraging me and for having the patience to listen to what I said as part of an interview series she conducted. Walk2Write, the awesome nature blogger from Florida here needs a special mention of gratitude for helping me to reach this far with her encouraging words. She courageously calls me her favorite Indian Blogger, and that is something I consider as a recognition. 

I thankfully remember my fellow bloggers for their continuing support especially Ramesh for waking me up during periods of inaction, Britta for her whole hearted way of appreciations, Bikram for his witty remarks, Rekha for being a model blogger, Meera for her kind concerns, Rachna and Jzt4Me for pointing out even the minor factors, Ankita for being very friendly, Jyothi and Joe for their occasional but continuing visits, Joms for his sincerity, Poornima and Sayuj for becoming my characters, Irfan, Harish, and Petty Witter for  their support and encouragement, and so on. Being very close to my heart in my real life, X-N-Tric and Sony remained very loyal to my writings. Thank you guys, I am proud to have you both in my posts as characters. I also thank Stephen, for motivating me to come up with better posts even though he is very new to my network. 

I know there are a lot more bloggers and readers who deserve unfathomable gratitude from me. You have the freedom to slap on my face, knock on my head, and hit on my back, if you did not find your name among this list. I have many silent readers as well who read my posts and say frankly what they feel in personal. But I think, to mention them all, I need to keep a separate post. 

Thanking you all once again.  Seeking your support further. 
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