Mar 30, 2013

Long Live Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 30

[Continued from Love in March 29: Fine Dining with Black Dog Deluxe]
While packing my things on the next day morning, I wondered about the supreme quality of Black Dog Scotch Whisky, one of the finest scotch whiskies in the world. It was Black Dog Scotch, and a heated argument about the quality international brand, which connected me and Diane together. We became friends, and even more than that.

We started our friendship by talking about Black Dog Scotch Whisky, its varieties, qualities, taste and aroma, and gradually we got attracted together, became more than friends. Hats off to the international brand, for its ability to keep people glued to each other, especially in the backdrop of a very luxurious settings.

I heard a knock at the door, when I opened it, Diane smiled at me with her bag in her hand.

“Diane, what is the plan?” I asked.

“Same as your plan”, she said and continued, “I am going with you. I will follow you, wherever you are going.”

I was really happy. Living a life with Diane was like a dream-come-true.

The hotel had arranged a car to drop at the air port. While on the car, she said,

“I am leaving this beautiful place with lot of memories. The moments I spent with you in the evenings, sipping a Black Dog Scotch, can never be forgotten. I am going to associate your memories with the aroma and taste of Black Dog Scotch.”

“That’s wonderful Diane”, I said. “Even I have your memories when I sip a glassful of Black dog Scotch. The aroma of Black Dog Scotch is so invigorating and soothing, and I feel your presence when I see a bottle of it.”

She unzipped her bag, and pulled out a pack of four of the Black Dog variants. One bottle of Black Dog Quintessence, Black Dog Reserve, Black Dog Deluxe, and Black Dog Centenary each are neatly arranged in it.

“I am bringing it with us in order to keep our beautiful memories alive forever”, she said.

We saw the airport approaching a few yards away in front of us. 

(The End)

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Mar 29, 2013

Fine Dining with Black Dog Deluxe | Love in March 29

[Continued from Love in March 28: In the Chocolaty Company of BlackDog Scotch] 
After spending the last day of our holidays in the scenic surroundings, plush interiors, rich settings of the five star hotel, Diane and I felt very tired.

“Last day! I need an excellent dinner today evening”, Diane said.

“Let’s go to the Senses, the fine dine restaurant of this hotel”, I suggested.

While sitting in the luxurious, brightly lit The Senses Fine Dine restaurant, we were flabbergasted seeing the varieties of dishes that the menu offered. It had dishes from all the continents of the world. Being non-vegetarians, both of us found it as very difficult to pick choices.

“But, without a supplement of Black Dog Scotch, nothing will be complete”, Diane said smiling.

“I want a Black Dog Deluxe”, I said.

So, that was fixed. We ordered Pinto Bean Casserole, Tortilla Lasagna, and Oven-Fried Chicken with Cranberry Sauce, with two glasses of Black Dog deluxe.

It was purely sensual, having these mix, in the sophisticated and rich ambiance of the fine dine restaurant. Black Dog Deluxe for 12 yo, invigorated both of our physique, mind and the soul. Since we were completely tired of the day’s affairs, we both had a pure unwinding and relaxing experience. Our holiday appeared as a great experience to both of us, meeting new people, visiting new places, and getting to know about the varieties and specialties of Black Dog Scotch Whisky. Meeting a person like Diane was one of the great things ever happened in my life. Her presence helped me to keep myself calm, and it was through her, I came to know about the history and manufacturing process of one of the finest scotch whiskeys in the world, Black Dog.

When finished our first dishes, we ordered Biscuit-Topped Lemon Chicken, and Sausage-Topped Polenta. We also asked the waiter to fill our glasses for the second time, with the golden glossy Black Dog Deluxe.

We finished our dinner after few minutes, with a satisfaction of enjoying another beautiful Black Dog evening. 

(To be continued)

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Mar 28, 2013

In the Chocolaty Company of Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 28

[Continued from Love in March 27: Winning Black Dog Reserve as a Gift]

The next day, we were fully busy. We traveled around the surrounding areas, taking photographs while posing with the Black Dog reserve that we were gifted by Rob Schneider, and meeting other tourists and travelers from different parts of the world.

We also found a shelter in a tree house, located very close to the resort. It was netted by the Black Dog organizers so that people can come there and unwind and relax in the company of Black Dog Scotch whisky.

Diane and I climbed the steps to the tree house, and we found that it was not merely a tree house, but a very luxurious place for people who want to savour the heavenly mix of Black Dog and the world’s best brands in chocolate candies.

We decided to spend some time there on one of the seats. While I opted for Debauve & Gallais, she picked a bunch of Richard Donnelly. We opened the Black Dog Reserve that we got as the gift from Rob Schneider the last day.

We invited some of our new friends who were in the Chocolate house to share our joy and chocolates on our winning the title of the best clad couple. 

“For the health and long time togetherness of Diane and her handsome and talented partner”, saying this, the gentleman in blue dress, helped us to share the chocolates among the others. 

“How many days you both will be here?”, asked a lady in yellow stockings.

We exchanged glances, I said. “Our vacation end here tomorrow. We have booked our flight for tomorrow!”

“Oh yeah”, the lady smiled and sipped a peg of Black Dog Reserve.

The combination of chocolates and one of the finest Scotch Whisky in the world, Black Dog was terrific. The chocolate was melted in our mouth, while the soothing quality of the Black Dog, took over its control. 

(To be continued!)

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Mar 27, 2013

Winning Black Dog Reserve as a Gift | Love in March 27

We enjoyed Rob Schneider and the Black Dog Quintessence in the air conditioned interiors and the plush settings of the banquet hall of the five star hotel. Just like any other attendee who was attending the Black dog comedy evening with the stand-up comedy maestro Rob Schneider, we also found ourselves in a very cheerful atmosphere, filled with fun and joviality. 

Some men of repute saw me and introduced themselves at me, saying that they had read some of my stories that I wrote in the social media as well was in publication materials and appreciated me for the way I approached some delicate issues in the recent past. I was happy that I was being recognized, which made Diane also happy. She smiled at me, and sipping the Black Dog Quintessence with her delicate lips, she said,

“I knew that you were actually far beyond than how you appear to everyone”, and I found it as a compliment. I was happy that Diane could understand my true nature as a normal human being.

When we filled our glasses with the Black Dog Quintessence, for the second time, Rob Schneider was saying, by showing us all a handsome bottle of Black Dog Reserve,

“I want to gift this pretty Black Dog Scotch Bottle to the best clad couple among you all”; that was actually a part of his conclusion speech.

We all looked at each other, while Rob continued, “our Black Dog organizers were evaluating your appearance today, and they have unanimously chosen the couples…”

Pin drop silence.

“…the celebrated writer and his partner the beautiful Diane!!” Rob announced.

Everyone looked at us with admiration, and a cheerful clap followed the declaration.

Rob Schneider invited both of us to stage. He appreciated us for winning the award and gaining the admiration of the organizers and reputed audience of the function.

We spent some more time among the admirers, and when we returned to our room, we both were really happy about the new happenings.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 26, 2013

A Black Dog Evening with Rob Schneider | Love in March 26

[Continued from Love in March 24: Enjoying a Movie with Black Dog Scotch]

Diane explained to me how she became a criminal. Her husband, a brute sadist, used to torture her. Being a free minded personality, Diane disliked being tortured and humiliated by someone like that. One day, when he tried to dip her face in the bathtub, and choked her, she with much difficulty, got hold of a gun that was kept in her husband’s pockets, and shot him. The court rejected the case on the ground that the murder was taken place when the convict tried to defend her murder.

We spent the whole day in the hotel, sharing secrets and life history. When the evening approached, I reminded her of the Black Dog Comedy Evening, which is going to be happened at the same hotel.

“You thought I forgot it?” she said, “don’t you know I won’t forget anything if it is connected to Black Dog Scotch Whisky?”

“I want a Black dog Quintessence today”, I replied.
Rob Schneider Performing at the Black Dog Comedy Evening

By 6 PM, we both found ourselves in the same banquet hall of the 5-star hotel, where we attended the Black dog Easy Evening, one day before. 

“Diane, who is going to perform today at the Black Dog Comedy Evening?”  I asked her seeing a poster at the entrance of the banquet hall featuring Rob Schneider.

Diane said, “it’s Rob Schneider, a US film person, and a well known stand-up comedian. He is an actor, director and a screen writer.”

We sat on a different seat from the last day, but almost at the centre portion of the banquet hall.

We chose, a Black Dog Quintessence, for 21 yo, which was Diane’s choice.

Rob Schneider was great in all respects. He stole the heart of the luxury loving audience, assembled at the rich ambiance and sophisticated elegance of the banquet hall.

All the time the crowd cheered at each of the jokes cracked by Rob Schneider, Diane and I were laughing at it while sipping the delicate and soothing Black Dog Quintessence.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 25, 2013

Enjoying a Movie with Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 25

“Do you want to watch a movie?” while patting my hair reclining on the bed she asked.

“Which movie?”, I asked.

She removed the blanket from her body, and walked to the table where she had kept a collection of some of the romantic Hollywood movies. Standing naked, she showed me the covers of the films she had in her hand.

“Oh, you like the romance?” I asked here, while glancing at the covers of the DVDs.

She pulled out The Notebook, from the stack of DVDs, and gestured that it was what she wanted to see.

A promotional still from The Notebook
“Yeah, I liked the movie. Fabulous performance from Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. I will watch it one more time”, I said, “but with a peg of Black Dog Scotch.”

In few minutes, we both plunged in to the unusual love of Noah and Allie, with each of us having a glass full of deep golden and glossy colored Black Dog Reserve.

Watching our favorite romance, The Notebook, while savouring our favorite Black Dog Reserve, with the beloved one sitting close to each other was a refreshing experience. We both found it as a different watch. Especially the scenes, when Noah and Allie went to the theatre, and the night they both walked through the street, when he reclined on his back on the street in order to impress her, every scene had created a new and refreshing experience in our minds.

Watching a classic Hollywood movie, while relishing a peg of Black Dog Scotch, is truly a different experience. You will get to be identified more and more with characters, especially if you have someone with you, who is equally becharmed with the classic refreshing abilities of Black Dog scotch, who totally understands your likes and tastes.

When the movie was finished, we both decided to stay in her room. But, before that she said,

“I want to tell you one more thing!”

“And what’s that, Diane? ” I asked.

She laid close to me, hugging me, and said in my ear, “Honey, I am a sinner, I am a convict. I was trialed by a court for committing a crime.”

Alarmed, I looked her, and said, “Diane, you said you committed a crime? I can’t believe it.”

“Yes, I am a criminal. To be specific, I am a murderer!”

“Diane!” I shouted, “and who was that?”

“My husband”, she said.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 24, 2013

Unified in the Spirit of Black Dog Centenary | Love in March 24

The evening was beautiful, as Diane and I were just back after attending the Black Dog easy evening. The taste of the Black Dog centenary that we just consumed was invigorating and refreshing.

But Diane was weeping terribly. I consoled her, and I took her face in my hands. I assured her that I would be with her. When I patted on her shoulder affectionately, caressed her face and jaws, and kissed on her lips deeply, she was turned on, and I knew that she was asking for my love.

Though we were in an air conditioned room, we both were sweating while making love.  I loved her with my soul, heart and with my physique, and I did everything that I could do to make her understand the intensity of my love for her.
Singer Madonna Performing for Black Dog Evening

Her skin tone reminded me of the color of Black Dog centenary, amber with golden shade, but a lighter version. When I kissed on her lips, on her neck and naked stomach, and everywhere on her voluptuous and seductive body parts, she smelt very wild, like matured wood, with the mingling aroma of wild flowers symbolizing Black Dog Centenary. She tasted like honey, just like the taste of Black Dog, with the sweetness of butterscotch carefully put delicately on a sugary, delicious ice-cream.

The frail amber golden colored narrow hair on every inch of her body parts projected out from her hair follicles, and stood straight in total admiration of the zest and vigor I exhibited while loving her. The intensity of our love was so deep, so vigorous, that it made her sometimes moan out of pain, or out of extreme pleasure. 

She was so sweet, her body movements were very vigorous, she appeared like a rich malted blend of Black Dog Scotch, and sensed in my mouth like the pure blend of rich malted and oak and sherry sweetness. When I kissed her lips, and when our tongues fought for domination, the wetness in our mouth, spread everywhere in our minds, tickling our body parts, like blue ocean waves.

We finished it, both at the same time. The finish was balanced, long, intense and bright, just how the last drops of a Black Dog Centenary appears to a passionate lover.

In the end, we both rested on the bed, hugging each other, in a perfect mood of satisfaction, and unified in love for each other.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 23, 2013

Black Dog Scotch and Revelation of More Secretes | Love in March 23

[Continued from Love in March 22: Love Confession at the Black Dog Easy Evening]

Diane and I remained in the banquet hall for some hours, listening to the soulful music arranged by several international artistes on behalf of Black Dog easy evening. When the program was nearing its closure, Diane asked me to fill her glass with Black Dog centenary one last time.

Accordingly, I filled our glasses. The concluding music from Kenny G was something melancholic. It was a sad version picked from the early Blues style, but it went completely in harmony with the ending sensation brought to us by the Black Dog centenary.

The claps and appreciations were gradually sinking down, as it was melancholic.  But the involvement from the art loving, enthusiastic, luxury seeking audience was great, though it was subtle. Everyone completely submitted their hearts and ears, and even the rest of the senses to music, while tasting the delicacy of Black Dog Scotch.

When the music was stopped with an ending punch, everyone automatically moved from their seats in order to give the artistes who performed at the Black Dog Easy evening a standing ovation. The artistes in that customary manner, bowed in front of the audience.
“Let’s go up”, Diane suggested.

Leaving a beautiful Black Dog easy evening behind, we both caught the lift.

Reaching the fourth floor, Diane embraced me and said, “I loved this. Thank you for giving me a great company.”

I decided to take her to her room. She unlocked her door, and while she switched on the lights, I caught her from behind, and surprised her by giving a passionate kiss on her neck. When she tried to escape from my grasp, I lifted her from the ground and carried her to the bed. 

“Don’t spoil such a Beautiful black Dog evening, so mercilessly”, she pleaded me. 

“No Diane, I need you”, I said.

I caressed her from top to bottom, patted affectionately on her seductive legs, and pulled up her knee length skirt upwards, and I saw as expected, some dark marks tarnishing the beauty of her thighs.

She didn't expect that. Initially she was disturbed. But when I insisted, she replied,

“These are the marks of my dark past. The reminiscences of my two year long cursed marital life. These marks are the results of wounds gifted by my sadist husband. The wounds are cured. But, still there are wounds in my heart, uncured.”

I understood the cruelty that fate made to an innocent girl. I wanted to console her with everything I have.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 22, 2013

Love Confession at the Black Dog Easy Evening | Love in March 22

I filled my tumbler with one more crystal golden Black Dog Scotch Whisky, and also helped Diane fill her second. The Black Dog Centenary 8 years, has a special aroma that usually ends with a fragrance resembling that of a full blossomed flower. After sensing its aroma, Diane also had commented the same thing regarding the smell of Black Dog centenary.

“By the way, you didn't answer my question”, she reminded me, “how much do you like me?”

I looked at the Black Dog Centenary Bottle that was carefully placed in between us on the lavishly set table in a luxurious manner, and after shifting my eyes to her face, I said,
Kenny G Performing at Black Dog Easy Evening

“Diane, you ask me, how much I love the special feeling that I get when we both share a beautiful romantic evening in the company of a virgin bottle of Black Dog Scotch Whisky! I will answer that I like that feeling as much as I like you. But, you still call it a like? Why don’t you call it love?”

“Are we in love?” Lifting the Black Dog Scotch glass and closing it to her lips, she asked while winking impishly at me.

“I am also hesitant Diane. But what I understood from the way we treat each other is that I am seriously in love with you”, I said frankly.

Diane blushed. Blood gushed to her cheeks giving them a light red colour, partially reminding me of the shade of an untouched Black Dog scotch bottle. A pretty smile germinated at her lips, attributing a special look on her face.

She raised her eyes and smiled at me in agreement of what I said.

The Black Dog Easy Evening was in full form. Some famous singers including the famous American contemporary musician Kenny G was also performing at the event. His performance made the event a wonderful and remarkable one, especially since we both were savoring the luxury and romance brought to us by the Black Dog Scotch Centenary.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 21, 2013

Relaxing in a Black Dog Easy Evening | Love in March 21

A few minutes later, we found ourselves back to our freshened up spirits, in new appearances. I was in my Canali suite, decorated with little bit informalities, and she was in her Prada knee length skirt and top. Seeing each other, we both smiled out of mutual admiration.

Down at the first floor, the banquet hall was full with luxury loving people, who all were in merrymaking moods, attending the Black Dog easy evening organized by the star hoteliers. 

Black Dog easy evenings are, as I heard, really fun filled. Unwind and relax with Black Dog easy evenings! Some talented persons presented themselves followed by the huge applause of audience including us. Diane and I sat at a table, at the middle portion of the banquet hall. 
We were served with a Black Dog Centenary, which made us happy. 

“I had tried the taste of all except the Black dog centenary,” she said.

I kept on looking at her, while music was played by the Black dog easy evening artistes. 

“It’s really beautiful Diane”, I remarked.

“What?” She asked.

“Seeing your pretty face in the faded light, with a Black Dog Scotch is placed close to your face, while music is played on”, I said.

“Only my face and Black Dog? Not anything else? ” playfully she asked.

That question created a stir in my heart. I suddenly thought about the black, discolored signs of lesions, which I happened to notice when her skirt was lifted up by the wind at the yacht. Her fleshy thighs had something like burn marks, tarnishing her pulchritude. Though she had denied having any such marks on her body, I was sure that I had seen something like that beneath the dark knickers that she wore under her skirt.
Kenny G Performing at Black Dog Easy Evening

Sipping the Black Scotch Whisky, she asked me,

“Honey, how much do you like me?”

I looked deep inside her eyes. I was trying to silently tell her that I had an immeasurable quantum of love towards her.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 20, 2013

Why Celebrities Prefer Black Dog Scotch? | Love in March 20

While driving back to the hotel by our Audi, Diane reminded me about her aunt and their friends whom we met at the island. When she asked me about my opinion about her aunt, I said,

“They are nice people, your aunt and the actress, and the other business people. Did you say that your aunt had won an international award for her innovations in cooking?”

“Yes”, Diane said, “she is now a correspondent of an International tourism magazine. And you know? She had done a story on some of our celebrities and their interests. Majority of the celebrities had picked Black Dog as their favorite Scotch Whisky.”

“Well, the actress Subhadra Devi also was full of praise for Black Dog. I wonder what charisma is there in a Black Dog Scotch bottle, to make every famous people crave for it,” I wondered. “Diane? Subhadra Devi and you were acquaintances, right?” 

She said, “yes, in fact I had learned classical western dance in her academy. At that time, she was at the peak of her fame. But, I didn't imagine that she would be remembering me, after all these years! I remember, she used to attend the business get-togethers and Black Dog Comedy evenings those were organized as part of my dad’s business meets. That time also, I heard she praising the quality and international appeal of Black Dog Scotch Whisky varieties.” 

“But Diane, before leaving your aunt and the actress, your aunt said something like your marriage with a business man, and you stopped her. It was at that time, your aunt mentioned the availability of Black Dog centenary and Black Dog deluxe images in the net. Well, what was it that you both tried to keep very secret?” I asked her after a pause.
Our car was entered the patio of the hotel. After parking our car, when we stepped outside, she said, “I didn’t want to let you know that I was once married, and later divorced.”

“Sorry for asking Diane, Was there any reason for your separation?” I asked.

“Oh, those were all tragedies. I will tell you later. Now, let us go up and get fresh. The Black Dog Easy evening is going to start soon”, she said.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 19, 2013

The Classic Smoky Taste of Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 19

While our yacht moved rapidly through water to reach the other shore, Diane was explaining me the recipe and preparation method of one of world’s finest Scotch whiskey, Black Dog. The journey with the most luxurious scotch in India, Black dog Scotch in mind was one which helped us to unwind and relax a lot.

The yacht reached the shore, and when we walked to the parking space where our Audi was parked, she continued her long story of Black Dog scotch, “While letting the sugar-rich mixture cool down, yeast is added to it. The yeast will change it into alcohol. This process is called fermentation.”

“Oh, I heard about it. But never thought Scotch was made through these sophisticated procedures”, I said.

She continued, “And now is distilling process. The alcohol is kept for several days till the fermentation process completed. And, now the most important part. The alcohol is put in wooden barrels, specifically barrels made of oak. ”

“Oak?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Yes! Oak”, she said, “and the barrel is sealed and kept undisturbed for a particular period of time. Can you guess the average period of time the alcohol is kept in oak barrel? ” She raised a question. 

“Two weeks, three weeks, may be some months,” I said hesitantly.

Laughing away my answer, she said, “it is years honey. Minimum three years it should be kept like that.”

I was wondering at the wisdom and knowledge she possessed. I wanted to test that one more time.

“Diane, but how there is a smoky taste in Black Dog Scotch? Do you have any idea?”

She said, “I said about peat no? The fuel used to dry out the soaked barley grain. This peat is what gives Scotch its classic smoky taste.”

We saw our Audi parked at front. 

“Let’s be fast”, she said, “or else we will be late for Black Dog Easy evening.”

(To be continued!)

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Mar 18, 2013

Lesson on Black Dog Scotch Recipe | Love in March 18

At the end of some passion-filled moments, in which we both explored each other’s lips, there was a total calmness. Our lips separated, and I could see her lips were again desiring for and more such passionate kisses. 

Some hours after spending life in the calmness of the island, we found ourselves back on the yacht, all set for our return trip.

It was afternoon already. She said, “Let’s go fast, we can unwind and relax with Black Dog Easy evenings today at the hotel.” 

I agreed and replied, “And tomorrow also there is something connected with Black Dog. I think it is something funny. If so, tomorrow also we can unwind and relax with Black Dog Comedy evenings. By the way, Diane, you stopped in midway when we were talking about the recipe and preparation method of Black Dog Scotch. Why don’t you tell me it fully?”

“Yes”, lying on my lap, she looked at the sky and continued, “so we stopped at the beginning of drying the sprouted barley. Hot air from a kiln is actually employed to dry the seeds. This process actually stops the growth of germination at the beginning. And you know, the fuel used to dry the grain for making Scotch is peat, which is a smooth thing formed when plants and grasses are decomposed in water, and it is carbon rich.”

“Oh so it seems that you are an encyclopedia of Black Dog Scotch”, I commented.

She loved that comparison. Bust simply laughing at it, she continued her description, “Now, the barley is taken for grinding. The ground barley is soaked with hot boiling water, and the mixture produces a liquid which is sugar-rich, and is called, wort! ”

“Wort?”, I exclaimed.

“Yeah, and the mixture needs to be cooled down before proceeding to the next step of preparing Black Dog Scotch”, she said.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 17, 2013

How Black Dog Scotch is Prepared? | Love in March 17

Before the story goes forward, let me add a note on how one of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky, the Black Dog Scotch is prepared. The primary ingredient is the supreme quality barley grains, the purest of the whole lot. The greater quality barley is treated with special care in the world’s best Black Dog distilleries, with utmost care and protection, under the guidance of the learned and scholarly master blenders. 

Black Dog Scotch is prepared in a very natural way, using the best of amenities available in the Black Dog distilleries.  The soaked and naturally treated barley is put in shallow metal cooking trays, for weeks. The process called, malting, occurs during this period. After two to three weeks, the barley will start sprouting, small green colored growth will start appearing. This is the germination process, and in this time, the barley undergoes several chemical processes, the starch in it will get converted into sugar. So, then starts the next phase of the celebrated preparation of Black Dog Scotch whisky.

The malted barley can be collected after draining the water from it. For the next step, it needs to be drained. 

Coming back to the story, after some long passion filled minutes, when I was freed from Diane’s clutches, I asked here with shivering voice, why are you testing me Diane? You are tied to some other one. Your these actions are giving me pain and ache in my heart,

She listened to my emotional voice. But with a playful mood, she asked, how long have we been kissing, ah?

I don’t remember, I said, but you didn't answer my question. You are trying to cheat on your husband?

She was silent. After some moments of calmness, she faced me. Her femininity, with all its charm and appeal, stood against my worried posture, treating me as a child. Her inviting look, the passion in her eyes, love for life lingered on her lips, her beautifully curved breasts, which were moving rapidly according to the rhythm of her breaths, all made me weaker and weaker.

I don’t cheat on my husband, breaking the silence, she spoke in calm manner! I don’t have a husband. I had one. But, now no one is there to claim that position.

She again pulled me towards her, holding my hair forcibly. Her sudden revelation came as a relief to me. She is a free woman. I can’t underestimate her.

This time our kiss lasted longer than the last time, lustfully.

(To be continued!)

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Mar 16, 2013

Some Passionate Moments with Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 16

“I always wanted to set up a mini bar at my home”, while walking through the sands after leaving Diane’s aunt and friends, she said. “This is my ambition to have a separate collection of Black Dog Scotches, because I am in love with it”, she added.

“I will be happy to help you”, I said. “We need to have all the variants of Black Dog Scotch, all should be labeled, Black Dog Quintessence for BD 21 years, Black Dog Deluxe for BD 18 years, Black Dog Reserve for BD 12 years, and Black Dog Centenary for Black Dog 8 years, etc.”

“Yes, and I am planning a six feet long bar, it will have all the equipment starting from ice bins, coolers, liquor wells, hygiene supplies, paper towel dispenser, glass racks, wine racks and dry storage, etc.”, she said dreaming.

“Apart from Black Dog Scotch, what else you would prefer”, I asked.

“Of course the perfect wines in the world. Initially I planned it as a collection of best Scotches in the world, but now I plan to add a few more top notch drinks, starting from Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Brandy and Wines”, she said.

“No beer?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes, sure! Because most of my friends prefer beer but only after Black Dog Scotch Whisky, the finest scotch available in India,” she said, “but without a beautiful bottle of Scotch in India, that is Black Dog, I don’t design anything like a mini bar at my home”, she continued, “and you know…”

Suddenly we saw a beautiful castle in front. We have been walking all the while sharing her black dog Scotch ambitions, and we might have trodden, perhaps more than a few kilometers. We haven’t noticed that sands had given way to meadows with one or more trees dotted here and there. Now we were in the middle of perfect scenic place, covered by green below, roofed by a blue blue sky, with a Gothic style castle standing majestically at a distance, inviting all our attention.

I felt that the Black Dog that I just consumed, was slowly livening me up.

“Diane, look!” pointing my finger to the castle, I said, “how beautiful!”

Suddenly, I felt her palm on my shoulder, a very soft, genuine touch, with all her womanly characteristics.

Surprised, I turned to look at her. I saw her passionate eyes staring wildly at my eyes, requesting silently my care and attention. When I was about to ask her about the sudden change in her manners, I felt her cold arms covering my nape and pulling towards her crazily. Her lips parted - the red hot rosy lips - that reminded me of the rose petals in the morning, all wet in the mist, and rain drops. They came closer to me, closer and closer; and then the next moment, her parted delicate lips touched my lips by creating a sensitive noise. I felt my lips becoming wet and friction-less in the captivity of her mouth. I felt the aroma of Black Dog Scotch in my mouth, and in her half closed eyes, I saw vaguely, the frothing golden amber colour, which is the specialty of Black dog centenary. Her lips were demanding my soul through my mouth more and more. I closed my eyes, and in the peak of the extreme enjoyment, I forgot my surroundings, and myself, for some seconds.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

Mar 15, 2013

Relishing Black Dog Scotch on a Beach | Love in March 15

Diane’s aunt took us to her business friends. Their gang was a cluster of 6 to 7 persons including a European couple. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Meet my little niece, my pretty Diane, and her friend,” she announced to her friends.

“Oh it’s our dancing girl, how are you dear?”, an elegant woman, who was sitting amidst the group said.

I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the yesteryear actress, who was known by the screen name Subhadra Devi. She was holding a Black Dog Scotch glass, just like everyone in the group.

“I am fine Subhadra auntie, how are you?” Diane replied. “You look the same since I met you last time, four years back.”

“This is a coincidence, Madame”, I said addressing the actress, “that a celebrity like you are all here to unwind and relax in the company of a beautiful bottle of Scotch in India. I and Diane from today morning were talking about the luxury and relief that it gives us.”

“Black Dog Scotch, is surely the most luxurious Scotch in India, and is one of the world’s finest Scotch whisky”, taking gently a sip from the bubbling amber light Black Dog Scotch glass, the actress said.

“Here a peg for you to relish”, offering one glass of Scotch for me and Diane each, Subhadra Devi said, with a smile of elegance, that we used to see on the screen.


The actress continued, “you called me a celebrity. You know what? The Black Dog Centenary is known as the Celebrities Scotch, at least among a circle of my friends.”

I looked Diane, we both took the first sip. I felt its aroma, a mixed fragrance of matured wood, toasted malt, and mild honey sweetness. It’s refreshing capacity, re-energizing smoothness, and the invigorating aroma; it all stirred my emotions and stimulated my thoughts.

Diane was also savoring the Black Dog Scotch, very softly, passing brief glances at me, and gifting me beautiful smiles occasionally.

(To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

Mar 14, 2013

When Secrets Get Unfurled with Black Dog Scotch | Love in March 14

[Continued from Love in March 13: About Angling and Black Dog Fishing Fly]
Two hours long sailing through the water brought us finally to the other bank of the lake. While the yacht slowly approached the coastline that appeared almost like an ocean bank, we both saw several tourists basking in the sunlight under different beach umbrellas. 

I first stepped on the beach when the yacht set ashore. I offered my hand to her in order to help her to climb down. When she found it difficult to descend, I offered my both hands. But, she tried to clutch on my shoulder, while stepping down, and since it was an unexpected move from her, my feet tipped, and I was knocked down on the ground on my back, making her fall on my body. 

I laid down flat for some moments carrying her pleasurable weight on top of me. Her soft and fleshy curves rubbed on my chest, when she tried to get up from such an embarrassing plight. 

“Are you okay?” Sheepishly she asked, while taking care of her bag containing the Black Dog Reserve Bottle.

“Diane!” We heard someone calling her name from among the tourists.

A lady wearing a sun glass and beach dresses waved at us. 

“Hey auntie”, Diane greeted her back. She introduced me with her. “By the way, what you were doing here?”

“I was with some of my business friends, spending the summer here, with a bottle of Black Dog”, showing us a glass with amber coloured Scotch in her glass, her aunt said.

“Black Dog? That was exactly what we both were talking all these time”, Diane said cheerfully.

“Yeah, it is the perfect choice to unwind and relax, being the finest Scotch available in India”, her aunt agreed.

“This glass with Black Dog Scotch looks picture perfect, a snap of this glass would make a great memento of our trip”, I said.

“Well, you are creative person, I guessed it right when I saw you first with Diane”, her aunt told me smilingly. Diane and I exchanged glances at this mention. Her aunt continued in a sorrowful tone, “Diane was good with the company of artists; I knew it well. It was her parents’ decision to send her with a business person, and ….”

Diane suddenly stopped her, “Auntie please, let’s change the topic.”

“Okay, by the way”, her aunt said turning to me, “you can find lot of Black Dog centenary and Black Dog deluxe images in the net.”

Diane smiled, cheerfully.

 (To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

Mar 13, 2013

About Angling and Black Dog Fishing Fly | Love in March 13

The strong wind slowly settled down. After some moments of sail through the tranquil, blue lake, she pulled out an angling tool from the deck of the boat. After attaching bait with hook, she threw it in the water. 

“Angling is like Horse racing, you know”, turned to my side she said. “Because, we rode on a horse, and fishes make us carry a rod”, she meant the pun in words.

“And it’s also like Golf. Because, we use rods in both”, I said joining the laughter.

When the sun reached a higher position, she came and sat with me. I was resting below the shades of the mast, and she took the freedom to put her head on my shoulder. My shoulder has become the most preferred head rest for her. 

“Do you remember our talk on angling and Black Dog?”, throwing the line to the water after attaching bait, she asked. “He might be a luxury lover, Walter Millard, otherwise he wouldn't have got connected with angling.” Recollecting the famous story behind the naming of Black Dog, she said.  “You remember it right?”

“Yes, I do remember, that’s how Black Dog got its name”, I said.

“A perfect angler, a luxury lover, an adventurous one, and the discoverer of the curious blend called the Black Dog Scotch, through which he contributed to the 130 years of long history of unwind and relax; Walter Millard was a true man. His interest in angling, and attachment to his favorite Black Dog fishing fly, are the reasons for one of the world’s finest Scotch whisky to get such a unique brand name”, she was eloquent when talking about Black Dog.

“Diane, I noticed today something. I know I will be labeled as naughty and will be called an uncultured one, if I ask you a question”, I said.

“What’s that?” she asked out of curiosity.

“Today the wind played some joke on you, and your skirt was so obedient to the wind that it got lifted up along with the wind. Then I saw something”, I said with courage.

“Oh! Really? You saw something right? Was that a good sight?” She asked fully giggling, while putting her head on my shoulder with more trust.

“Yeah, that was a gorgeous view. But, I saw some discolored black wound marks on your skin, just some inches above your knee. My heart is still aching on the thoughts of that. Did you go through any accident, or?” I asked.

“You might have imagined something, there are no such marks on my body”, with no changes in her tone, she said. I couldn't have seen her face to check if she was telling lie or truth.

 (To be continued!)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

Mar 12, 2013

Beauty with Black Dog on a Yacht | Love in March 12

[Continued from Love in March 11: A Drive Through the Black Dog Destination]
A sailing boat was meant for us alone. The climate was very clean, with a bright light spread all across the lake. There was a lightest version of the mist clouded over the surface of the water. At length, we could see silver rich mountains posing very majestically making gigantic reflections on the blue water. The indigo of the deep lake looked ferociously beautiful in the morning.

Our yacht slowly moved through water. In such a wonderful event, I wished if I had carried one bottle of the luxury rich Black Dog Quintessence, just to add to the charm of our adventurous journey. When I mentioned this to Diane, she said, she already had this thing in her mind, but her preference was BD Reserve, as it was known for its smooth, yet long finish.

When I wondered about it, she just pulled out a Black Dog Reserve from her backpack, and smiled at me in a child like manner. Seeing the Black Dog, my eyes shined, I never thought she would have brought one bottle of the most luxurious Scotch in India.

Diane was very excited at the water trip. She took snaps with her Leica camera. Handing over me the camera, she asked me to click snaps while she was holding the Black Dog reserve. I loved the idea. She looked very photogenic through the lens and appeared a perfect mach to  the Black Dog Reserve's golden sparkling shade. Her fair skin appeared elegant that shined above her white AllenSolly shirt. 

The light wind patted us, creating scattered patterns with her hair all over on her face. When the wind tried to pull up her skirt, she tried to protect her nudity from being exposed in that old Marilyn Monroe’s style. When she knelt down to cover her voluptuous sculptured thighs from getting revealed more, her open neck of the shirt moved from its place slightly. Her platinum necklace suspended on air, adorning the rich sight of her cleavage, visible through the front portion of her shirt which was left unbuttoned. That moment, I wanted her very madly. I wished if she would agree to be mine, I would have taken her in my arms, and kissed everywhere on her face.

When the wind struck one more time, her skirt moved little more from its comfort zone. This time, I saw some dark shades below her tights on her thighs. They looked like long scratches formed as part of previous wounds. 

Shocked, when I was staring at the dark spots that tarnished her beauty, holding the Black Dog Reserve bottle firmly, Diane smiled at me shyly begging me to stop taking snaps.

(To be continued)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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Mar 11, 2013

A Drive Through the Black Dog Destination | Love in March 11

[Continued from Love in March 10: A Luxurious Morning with Black Dog Beauty]

We had an Audi booked prior to joining the resort, foreseeing our upcoming sightseeing trips. It was a customized one, without the roof, so that we could have traveled freely enjoying the beauty of the sights around. We avoided the service of a driver, as we both felt very comfortable with driving, and the problems regarding the routes could have been solved by the GPS system.

I took the control of the car at first, while Diane sat on the passenger seat. We traveled through some flat-lands seeing the destinations; it was a great place to spend vacations together, misty, scenic, and having a very pleasant climate. 

We saw flowers, and trees on both sides of the path through which we rode. It was a straight path, just like the one we see in Western films. The path was all solitary, except some pedestrian tourists, and some occasional passing of tourist vehicles. 
It was a perfect trip, through the heart of a typical Black Dog Quintessence destination. As we both felt, it was the perfect destination to live with a beautiful bottle of Scotch in India, of course, the reference here is the Black Dog Quintessence or the Black Dog Reserve. Because, best things in the world are to be enjoyed in the ambiance of the best destinations. Considering the heavenly climate and the beauty of the surroundings, the only match there would have been Black Dog scotch. A perfect place to unwind and relax. 

Diane wanted to test her skill in driving. I asked her to come to the driving seat. Initially she had little trouble in handling the steering. On her request, I helped her by controlling the steering with her for some time. Sitting close to her, I could feel the fragrance of her perfume, Euphoria by Calvin Klein!

Hey, you are making me drive wrongly, she shouted. I startled. Her fragrance had made me hallucinated for a while. So, I forgot to control the vehicle, I apologized.

After driving nearly fifteen kilometers, we finally reached a beautiful blue lake. Yachts had been prepared by the travel organizers for us already.

(To be continued)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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Mar 10, 2013

A Luxurious Morning with Black Dog Beauty | Love in March 10

The shriek from the unknown bird in the silence of the night woke me up from my thoughts. I was standing on the balcony of the 5-star hotel looking outside. A cold winter suddenly came into the suite, and when it covered me fully, I missed Diane very badly. I wished if she was with me at that beautiful moment. But, she is already tied to someone; that thought came into my mind injecting a piercing agony into my heart.

On the next morning, I was woken by a calling bell, and when I opened the door, scratching my eyes, I saw Diane standing there, clad in a very different dress, perfectly stunning as ever. In her morning’s avatar, she looked like an embodiment of luxury. Her perfect white, linen mixed, AllenSolly shirt; Green, and black mixed, knee-length Amanda Chelsea Ponte skirt; Aiva footwears; Rolex watch; and FastTrack red tinted black sun glass, that embroidered her silky hair, all of which said about her luxurious choice in apparels. 

With a good morning note, she entered my room. I became very uncomfortable, being caught by a woman of my dreams in such a completely unprepared situation. She sat on the sofa, and asked me about our plan,

“We had planned for a sightseeing trip today, right? I am all set for that!”

“You look very beautiful Diane, in these completely mesmerizing costumes”, I praised her lavishly. Seeing her smile at my harmless comment, I added, “You could have carried one vanity bag with a Black Dog Reserve 18 years in hand. Because, Black Dog Scotch would only be a perfect match for your appearance today!”

She laughed heartily hearing my mention on Black Dog. “I know you are right. I just had a thought on posing in this costume for a photograph with Black Dog Quintessence in hand. Won’t that be a good modeling photograph?” Crossing her legs, she said laughingly.

I laughed at her question, sitting on the sofa opposite her. My eyes accidentally caught the grace of her shaped long legs; fair and flawless, adorned by the soft Aiva.

She suddenly reminded me, “Get ready babe! We need to unwind and relax with Black Dog Easy evenings today at this hotel, right?”

(To be continued)

Part of a series prepared for Ginger Claps Blogging experience.

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