Apr 10, 2008

A Memorable Birthday Wish

(Written on 7-4-2005 and mailed to many friends across the world)
As a ‘self-centered’ person, I am very much concerned about my birthday and such personal events. This narration is about the most memorable birthday wish that I ever received in my life. Today is my birthday, and no one knows in my class of Journalism this fact. Of course, I am very thankful to those who have sent me some B’ day SMS's to my cell phone and I know some of their Birthdays, for example, Georgekutty on this 13, Shan on August, Mahesh and Sony on a particular day that they don’t like to reveal.

Well…today we – I mean, my classmates and myself – were lectured by a true professional of Journalism, Mr. Joe A. Scaria, who is the Special Correspondent of Economic Times of Kerala region in India. His brother is very familiar to all, Mr. Hormis Tharakan, the former chief of RAW. Also, Mr. Joe belongs to my nativity, somewhere near Edamattom or Changanacherry in Kottayam district.

All right, as explaining several things Mr. Joe asked “Imagine a group of 25 persons, can you tell me the possibility of at least two persons’ BIRTH DAYS fall on the same day?”

As a Mathematics graduate, I at once stood up on my toes and said it is 2 divided by 365, though I was sure about the mistake that I have committed while calculating the probability. Some one answered it is 100%, and I do not know the motive behind his answer or how on earth he is going to prove his claim. (In every friendly group that I belong to, I have a competitor).

Mr. Joe’s reply made me happy “I would like to join the first group of 2 divided by 365 and I am sure that there does not exist even that much possibility. Because, it is almost impossible for two persons in a group of 25 to have same birthday, though there is a chance.”

He continued, “...but experts found that the possibility for two persons of a group of 25 to have the same birthday is 50%. Though, it seems incredible, I have been checking and verifying this fact by asking birthdays of students of journalism for the past 16 years. And amazingly from 14 out of the last 16 batches I got at least one pair of persons having the same birthday”

I made a ridiculous comment at that time which turned everyone into roaring out of laughing, “Sir, the reason is that in Kerala most marriages are happening in the same season”. Mr. Joe embarrassed and flashed a shy smile.

He said, “Well, let us examine this fact in this same batch, Ok, here are 8 students and please raise your hands if you celebrate your birthday in January”, no one raised hand.

“February…” two pupils raised…and Joe asked both of their B’ days to find both were different.

He asked “March”, only one raised.

“April” I raised. He just ignored, because I was the only one of the April category and asked the next month “May”. Before getting the answer he came back and asked me “On which date is your Birthday?”

The moment that I expected...and I answered with a slight excitement “Today”


“Sir... Today”

Mr. Joe sighed and shook my hand saying “Happy Birthday Mr. Tom”...The most unforgettable birthday wish (because of its unexpectedness and charm) and I replied with Thanks a million. My classmates also began to say happy birthday to me.

Well my dear friends… That is the story of the memorable birthday wish, which I ever received.


Photo: Joe in Class
Courtesy: http://joeourteacher.blogspot.com/


  1. :-)

    nice foto..the one in the heading of ur blog ... i loved it

  2. Very interesting!
    But could he find out a pair with B days falling on the same day?

  3. Geethageethikal

    Unfortunately..he couldn't :D

  4. That was very interesting! And sweet too.

  5. That was very interesting! And sweet too.

  6. Hi Tomz, it is quite surprising to see that ur birthday falls in April ! I also belong to April :) April 10th. :) Even belated, happy birthday wishes to TOMZ!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  7. Intresting writing with lots of substences

  8. @d

    Thank u so much

    Thnx fr visiting me n fr ur belated wishes

    Belated wishes to u too..

    Thnx fr visitng me n dropping ur valuable comments..

  9. Hi Tomz,
    HApppy Happy Birthday! Surprises are the most pleasant! :P

    New here, but loved ur blog! Will keep visiting regularly!

    BTW, do pay a visit to my abode if u get time :P

  10. Thnx
    Meghna..u promised ur regular visit..but not seen after dat

  11. Good post, your prose is realy gud, :-) Maria

  12. Good post, your prose is realy gud, :-) Maria

  13. Thank you Maria..thnx fr visiting n dropping ur valuable comment

  14. Dear Tom

    Yes, of course, I remember you.
    A pleasant surprise hearing from you.
    Happy to hear your personal story behind that particular class.
    I would think that these are the little instances that brighten up the memories of our student days.

    Your mail today has another coincidence: I had just bought a birthday cake for my daughter Betty, who celebrates her birthday tomorrow (8/8/09), got into the office and opened my mailbox when I saw your birthday-related mail! Life is all about improbable surprises.

    Hope you are doing well.
    My regards to you and family.

    Joe A Scaria

  15. Interestingly written... As I read, I thought Mr Joe already knew that it was ur Bday n he was purposefully asking it cos he shares his birthday with you (which again was my assumption). Would have been a Birthday memorable for a lifetime then...isnt it?


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