Apr 29, 2012

Stuck on a Tricky Level

Nothing! Actually nothing was coming on my mind these days to scribble. I was wondering that how little experienced I am to not able to share something here which could have boosted the spirit of my readers. I have been writing for some years, but still I feel I have actually nothing to write here, but about useless puppy romances. When I wanted to write something, I often had to look back to my past days to find something entertaining. The present tense, as often felt by most members of the human species, is not a good time to live. I don’t know how many of my readers would agree to me at this point. But I think if most people have been thinking otherwise, that is, if they consider living in the present as pleasure, the phrases coined by several great ones advising the people to ‘live in the present’ would not have been spoken. They said so because they found that most people wanted to live in the past or dream about the future.

I feel embarrassed now; because I think, I have said some philosophical thoughts. Well, keeping philosophy in my mind is like a dog having an unhusked coconut; (it is a Malayalam proverb, by the way, directly translated to English). So I think what is appropriate to me is to look back to my college days. 

College days were not very much entertaining, from my point of view at least. But of course peeping into the lives and activities of my friends was enjoyable in a way. I had this friend at that time, who is mentioned in this blog as ‘Eccentric’ in several chapters. Though we were close friends, I was ignorant like many other classmates that he was in love with a girl with whom he was often seen in friendly chat sessions, which were mostly in the pretext of exchanging a note book or a poem that was written by one of them.

Being progressed in the middle of a strictly conservative society, which was about to break its moral sense any time, they both found it as a challenging task to create premises for their love nurturing sessions. However, they communicated through poems and secret diary scribbles and letters hidden in text books.

Let them love for some more time uninterrupted. I invite your valuable attention to my life and friends of that time. I had a local friend, whom you can find in this blog itself, if you browse back through its chapters, under the title of the young hypnotist. He was the one who had made me informed about the importance of being a hypnotist. Though not in my college, he was studying somewhere else, while continuing the pursuit of finding more clients for his hypnotism lessons. 

One day this fellow happened to see a girl, fair and lovely, elegant and beautiful; and yes, it was the same girl who was in a secret affair with my college mate. At the very moment he saw her, he felt that universal mysterious twitch in his heart. He wanted to express his love to her at any cost. Being slightly love shy, he took the resort of another friend to work as his messenger. It is to be mentioned that I was also approached by him to do the job of a messenger by telling his love to a different girl. But I was not ready; and the funny thing is that, seeing me with him for some days, that girl had begun to show signals of interest towards me.  

But in this case, lured by some offers by him, his friend prepared to exchange that love message. This guy one day met that girl, and pointing to my friend who was standing at a distance, he said her that the one who was standing there loved her. Her reply came in the next moment with some gestures of anger, 

“Rob, you don’t need to tell me this anymore!”, now we know clearly the reason for her quick rejection. Her ongoing affair with Eccentric surely could have been her reason for disgust. 

But the next day my local buddy happily greeted me and told what happened when his friend exchanged his love message. 

“What she meant was that she did not want to hear it from Rob. She might have wanted to hear it from me”.

Smilingly I nodded, wishing if I had half of the optimism that he had. 

So, now to the point that was mentioned in the beginning. Funny or interesting experiences might be happening around me now also when I write this. But, since I mostly want to retrospect like many others, the present day happenings might become a subject of my writings perhaps in the future. And I silently wish if none of you would ask me what happened to the triangular love story which I just have narrated. The rest of the story is better untold; and don’t even think that there happened something unhappy. Life always will give you surprises and pleasures in discolored bundles. Nowadays I am playing a lot of Angry Birds, and many of you now understand what inspired me to give such an unsuitable title to this tale.


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  2. Ok! Don't tell us what the outcome of the love triangle was! Thank you so much! As it is nobody likes love triangles anymore! I am guessing its more in the likes of Pentagons now! :)

    1. haha Jyothi..I liked that..thats true nowadays..

  3. Thought I was following the story but now it looks I am lost - who loved whom, who said what etc.

    Anyone else feel that way or is it just me?!

  4. Hello NRI girl,
    that must be my problem. I often have so many characters, mostly men. English has only one pronoun to describe them all, he. Sometimes to avoid the confusion, I name them, sometimes i use phrases such as this guy, that fellow etc..hmmm

  5. Dear Tomz,
    interesting story! Did the one become a hypnotist? Does it work? (The sister of a friend of mine was working as a nurse in USA, learned the trade and now works all around the world, so it must work - though I would prefer narcosis).
    To live in the present: very, very difficult - monkeymind always interfering. Trying to get a good ratio between past/present and future would do fine!

    1. Hello Britta,
      you said about making a good ratio of all the tenses. and that is very proper for a good life.
      talking about that hypnotist friend, he was not a hypnotist, but a fraud i guess, he bought some books on that art, but never succeded in becoming a successful one..

  6. We rarely value our present so immersed are we in thinking of the future. Only when the future becomes the present do we realize what we had when we think of the current present that has come past!! Confusing isn't it? College is probably the nicest part of one's life but when we are in college we do not realize it! By the way I am now curious- what happened to that love triangle? When you ask me not to ask a question I am always tempted to ask it :) Have a nice day!

  7. hello meera,

    yeah it was a bit confusing. about the love triangle. actually nothing happened. anyone of the love triangle became a part of later life of no one in d same triangle.

  8. I do believe you're right about the wise ones advising us to live in the present. If it were so easy, why then the advice? Anyway, it's okay to write about mundane things. It's how they're described that can make them interesting. As in: "Life always will give you surprises and pleasures in discolored bundles." Such an elegant word-picture those words paint! If I were an artist, I would draw it for you.

    1. Hello W2W,

      Yes you are right. We need advises only in matters which are difficult to follow. Thanks for your nice words, and also for pointing out one sentence which you liked in my post..

  9. haha nri girl..sure u have found back yr way..lol..tomzbhai..super job..


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